FLYING KETCHUP ALERT: Peter Doocy of Fox News Reports New Poll that Shows Biden Beating Trump

The 2024 presidential election cycle is still at a pretty early stage with both candidates seeking their party’s nomination. Joe Biden, of course, is the incumbent Democratic candidate with no serious competition. Donald Trump, however, is in a near panic, despite the fact that he has faced relatively light opposition from Ron DeSantis, who has […]

WHOA! Peter Doocy of Fox News Reports that the GOP Failed to Find Any Evidence to Impeach Biden

It has been nearly a year since the Republican Party assumed their razor-thin (and shrinking) majority in the House of Representatives. In all of that time they have vigorously avoided and/or opposed any legislation that would actually have a positive effect on the lives of the American people. Click here to Tweet this article Instead, […]

Biden Deftly Dunks Fox News Hack Peter Doocy’s Dumbass Questions About Age and Polls

Although it’s still early in the 2024 election season, the candidates for president for both parties are presumed to be settled. The incumbent, President Joe Biden, doesn’t face any serious challengers. And the Republicans are all too glassy-eyed and devoted to their Dear Leader, Donald Trump, to consider anyone else. Never mind the handful of […]

Peter Doocy of Fox News is APPALLED that Biden is Working to Free American Hostages in Gaza

The war being waged in the Middle East between Hamas terrorists and Israel continues to produce horrific casualties for innocent civilians on both sides. The Biden administration has been staunchly supportive of the right of our allies in Israel to defend themselves, as well as the welfare of Palestinians in the line of fire and […]

Fox News Hack Peter Doocy Out Doocys Himself With a Week of Pitifully Puerile Questions

The abundance of significantly newsworthy events this week has challenged the media to properly cover them all. They have had to make time for a historic ousting of the Republican House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, the ongoing battle to fund the government and avoid a devastating shutdown, the trial of Donald Trump for financial fraud, the […]

Fox News White House Hack, Peter Doocy, Wants to Know Why Biden’s Staff ‘Treat Him Like a Baby’

The absolute dearth of spreadable pseudo-scandals is hitting Fox News especially hard these days. And President Biden’s near flawless presidency isn’t helping matters any for the propagandists at Fox. The success of the President’s agenda is forcing right-wing media to dig ever deeper into their bag of bullsh*t to find suitable slander. Click here to […]

Biden Slams Fox News’ Peter Doocy for Lying in Question About Talking Business with Hunter

These are eventful times for America with many critical issues involving politics, economics, culture, and more cluttering the news cycle. Donald Trump has three pending criminal indictments. Women’s and civil rights are being challenged. Russia continues to commit war crimes in Ukraine. And in the midst of all of this, Fox News has settled on […]

WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to Fox News’ Peter Doocy: That’s a Ridiculous Question

Fox News White House correspondent. Peter Doocy, has suffered innumerable humiliations due to his persistently shallow and starkly partisan questions. He spent two years being spanked by former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, and now the same thing is happening with current Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. Click here to Tweet this article There’s a […]

Hillary Clinton Was Right: Fox News Hack Peter Doocy Reanimates the Old ‘Deplorables’ Smear

Everything old is new again. Particularly on Fox News where each election cycle sees reprisals of their classic Democratic tropes: Migrant caravans, War On Christmas, rampant crime, white replacement, etc. ad nauseum. Click here to Tweet this article On Fox News Tuesday night their White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, trotted out a stale attack line […]

Peter Doocy of Fox News Flops Trying to ‘Gotcha’ White House Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre

The recent history of Donald Trump’s crusade to promulgate the “Big Lie” that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged” and “stolen” from him has been validated by numerous sources from across the political spectrum. Even members of Trump’s own administration declared the election legitimate and its results conclusive. Click here to Tweet this article That, […]