Fox Nation vs. Reality: Stimulating Unemployment

In yet another example of the intentionally deceptive news perverters at Fox News, the Fox Nation website has posted a headline article that deliberately misrepresents reality with this headline: WH Senior Advisor: Unemployment Stimulates the Economy. That would be a remarkably stupid comment if anyone had actually said it. What Valerie Jarrett actually said was […]

Has Chris Wallace Ever Watched Jon Stewart?

Consider this article the flip side of my November 2010 article titled: Has Jon Stewart Ever Watched Chris Wallace? At that time I criticized Stewart for praising Wallace as a credible journalist despite the evidence to the contrary, which I enumerated in the article. In this interview of Stewart on Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, Stewart […]

Sarah Palin’s Canceled Reality Show Gets Millions In Government Subsidies

Sarah Palin, the Alaskan governor most famous for sinking the GOP’s presidential campaign and quitting half way through her term, is in the midst of yet another controversy. This one pits her against Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller in a Fox News contributor’s cat fight. It seems that the company that produced “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was […]

Progressive Media In The Obama Era

With the election over, prognostications about the new administration of Barack Obama, and the fate of the losers, began in earnest. Almost simultaneously, speculation arose concerning the direction and prospects for the media in general, and the cable news networks in particular. The conventional wisdom (always conventional, rarely wise) is that Fox News will thrive […]

The Man Who Calls The Elections For Fox News

Tomorrow is election day, children. It is one of the most cherished privileges of being an American citizen, and one of the most solemn responsibilities as well. Many people take great pleasure from having the ability to help to choose who will lead our great nation, and they believe that by voting they are playing […]

Pundits Make Electoral College Vote Predictions

As the 2008 campaign winds to close, the pundit class is weighing with their electoral vote calls. It’s bad news for John McCain when everyone is predicting a Barack Obama win and the Republicans give Obama bigger victory margins than the Democrats. Below are the predicted Electoral College votes for Obama (270 needed to win). […]

Fox VP: Sen McCain’s Quest For The Presidency Is Over

A couple of days ago Ashley Todd, a John McCain campaign worker, reported to the police that she had been beaten and robbed by an African-American supporter of Barack Obama because of her political affiliation. The story was widely disseminated throughout the media with the help of the McCain communications team. There was just one […]

Fox News Wants War With Iran

If you wondered where Fox News personalities get license to peddle idiotic notions like “terrorist fist jabs” and jokes about assassinating Democratic presidential candidates, you need look no further than their boss, Fox News Executive VP John Moody. In an article written for his Fox Forum blog, titled “How to Defeat Iran… Without Firing a […]

Republican Spin? That’s What They’re There For

I love it when Fox News honchos confess to their biases. Like when Rupert Murdoch admitted that he tried to shape public opinion on the Iraq war. Now, Fox News senior vice president, John Moody, has stumbled into honesty. In discussing his hiring of Bush adviser Karl Rove, Moody said: “Are we getting a Republican […]

How To Handle Fox News

The Politico speculates that Fox News might retaliate against John Edwards for his principled stand against participating in debates sponsored by the network devoted to defeating Democrats. But it doesn’t require much imagination because Fox has already stooped to issuing veiled threats directed at independent minded politicians: “Any candidate for high office from either party […]