Fox Nation: Obama Has A Big Problem With White Women

Conservatives have lately been escalating their umbrage at being called racist. I keep telling them that the best way to get people to stop calling you racist is to stop being racists. But do they listen?

Today on Fox Nation there is a featured story with the headline: “Obama Has A Big Problem With White Women.” Could they have come up with a more racially charged banner with which to introduce a story on a public opinion poll? This framing deliberately recalls the worst of a hate-filled era characterized by irrational fears of marauding black predators stalking innocent and vulnerable Caucasian virgins.

Fox Nation

What makes this even worse is that the article to which the Fox Nationalists linked was an Associated Press report on presidential approval polling that cited numerous reasons for recent declines. Among those were that support from women declined about 9%. However, support from independents declined 19%. The AP’s headline had nothing to do with women, reading: “Economic worries pose new snags for Obama.” The main focus of the article pointed to issues like jobs, housing, and gas prices, as the the primary factors contributing to weakening poll numbers. So Fox had to purposefully stretch the story to fit their predetermined racist theme.

They could have borrowed the economic angle that the AP used in their headline. They could have noted that independents were leaving the Obama camp, which would have been more correct because more of them were leaving. They could even have broadened the angle to attribute the polling slump to women generally. But, no. The issue was white women. I’m just a little surprised that Fox didn’t go with this headline: “Obama Polling: Where Da White Women At?”

Fox Nation, in citing the AP, also conveniently left out that…

“…16 months before the November 2012 elections, Obama also is perceived favorably by 56 percent of respondents and 52 percent approve of his job performance overall. Despite the overwhelming sentiment that the national economy is in poor shape, more than three of five of those polled rated the financial situation of their own households as good. And, echoing previous findings, about three-quarters of the survey participants said it is unrealistic to expect noticeable results on the economy in one term.”

These numbers are not particularly bad. And that last statistic is pretty remarkable. That’s about 75% who say that Obama should not be regarded negatively for not having repaired, in a single term, the titanic destruction done to our nation by the previous administration and GOP policies. And since Republicans have been throwing up obstacles to everything the President has proposed from Inauguration Day on, we’re lucky to see the progress that we have.

In light of this, the Fox Nationalists deemed it necessary to twist the story into something that would harm the President and stir up vile, anachronistic fears. And their implementation of that spin could not be more offensive. This is not the way to get open-minded, tolerant people to stop calling you racist.

Stupor Bowl: Obama vs O’Reilly

This is what happens when you let a non-journalist attempt to conduct an interview with a national leader.

Bill O’Reilly opened the interview with Barack Obama by thanking him for saving the lives of a couple of Fox News reporters. That, in and of itself, is a perfectly appropriate comment. The problem is that O’Reilly is exploiting the harrowing experiences of Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig to promote the Fox News Channel. I have yet to see Fox report on the similar experiences of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NBC’s Richard Engle, or CBS’s Lara Logan, who was not only roughed up by thugs, but detained by Egyptian authorities. O’Reilly’s purpose was to portray Fox News as the sole network of a courageous free press.

Next O’Reilly asks Obama when Mubarak is leaving Egypt. Did he expect the President to give him a date? Then O’Reilly editorializes saying that “the longer he stays in, the more people are going to die.” Maybe so, but a real journalist wouldn’t inject his opinion into the discussion. What’s more, O’Reilly had better check with his Fox News colleagues who are clamoring for the President to support Mubarak, including their “expert” foreign policy analyst John Bolton.

O’Reilly then addresses the legal battle surrounding healthcare reform. He asked Obama about a recent Florida ruling against the bill, but ignored the fact that 12 other courts have ruled in Obama’s favor. He even ignored it after Obama pointed it out to him. To O’Reilly, the only ruling that matters is the one that serves his partisan interest.

The next question is one that tests the boundaries of satire. Somehow O’Reilly thinks it is “fair and balanced” to ask Obama to respond to a Wall Street Journal editorial that said he is “a determined man of the left whose goal is to redistribute much larger levels of income across society.” Fittingly, the President laughed at the question. The editorial was not about healthcare or taxes or the deficit. Its title is The GOP Opportunity, and it is an undisguised blueprint for Republican electoral success. And if you’re confused about the Journal’s stance on GOP victories, they clear it up in the second paragraph describing the “real source” of the Party’s “power and legitimacy” is the Tea Party. Asking Obama to respond to this is not much different than asking him to respond to Glenn Beck’s accusation that he’s a Marxist.

But O’Reilly doesn’t stop there. His next question is framed as if coming from the American people, but is really his own perspective being projected on them. He asks whether Obama is “a big government liberal who wants to intrude on their personal freedom.” Obama laughs and, quite correctly, points out that it is “a lot of folks who watch you [who] believe that.” Whereupon O’Reilly admits that “They think way worse than me.” That’s an admission that his viewers are utterly delusional and ill-informed. And apparently he doesn’t care to set them straight.

In closing, O’Reilly asked a series of questions that would have embarrassed a high school intern on Entertainment Tonight: What’s the worst part of your job? What’s the most surprising? How have you changed? Are you annoyed by people who hate you? And then there was the obligatory question on who would win the Superbowl. Even there O’Reilly could not behave professionally as he tried, unsuccessfully, to paint Obama as not knowing anything about football.

I was against the President agreeing to this interview from the moment it was announced. Not so much because I didn’t think he would comport himself well – he did. But because it gives credibility to a network that hasn’t earned any of its own. I also predicted that O’Reilly would be on his best behavior knowing that this would be an audience far larger than his measly cable news viewers. Perhaps fifty times larger. And despite his unprofessional demeanor, he didn’t do anything that could be described as scandalously controversial.

The real problem with doing an interview on Fox is that it will be sliced and diced after the fact. Fox anchors and analysts will feature every minuscule sound bite that they think they can twist into a gaffe. And they will pretend that his cogent and thoughtful responses don’t exist.

Therefore, expect the exchange regarding the Muslim Brotherhood to get marquee billing tomorrow. While Obama in no way expressed support for the group, he moderated his answer to be certain that he could not be accused of meddling in the internal affairs of the Egyptian people. His purpose was to stand up for democracy and demonstrate faith in its ability to produce a positive outcome. But the professional Obama bashers on Fox will declare that he was not sufficiently disdainful of the organization. And they will declare it over and over again.

Barack Obama on FoxIf you need any evidence of how Fox plans to report on this interview, just take a look at how Fox Nation is already framing it. Their “Pic of the Day” is a snapshot from the interview with a caption that says only “No Tie?” Apparently that’s the most important thing that the Fox Nationalists derived from the interview. O’Reilly must be so proud. And just to tie a bow around the vile community that Fox cultivates, here is what they are saying about him in the comments section:

coinguy1945: Wha a pathetic looser Omammy is an illegal nigger that need to be assaniated by a good patriot.

Bill O’Reilly is one of the biggest critics of hostile comments on blogs. He went so far as to say that Marcos Moulitsas (of DailyKos) and Arianna Huffington (of the Huffington Post) are as bad as Nazis because he found some objectionable comments on their sites. I don’t expect him to be similarly outraged by this cretin’s comment, which he was so proud of he made it twice.

Notice that the second time he even asked for “the orders” to do his dirty deed. I think he meant that for Glenn Beck.

Fox Nation’s Gorilla Story Stirs Racist Frenzy

Today on the Fox Nation web site, they posted a story on the popularity of some new videos of a gorilla walking upright like a man. That seems like it should be an innocuous little animal tale with a precocious jungle creature imitating human behavior. But this is Fox Nation we’re talking about.

This is the sort of item that Fox Nation posts fully aware of the dog-whistle effect it will have on its readers: a community of dimwits that is simply incapable of masking the open hostility and racism that is at the core of their putrid souls. Here is a sampling of the comments to be found attached to the article:

1preacher: Yea, I could see where this Gorilla evolved from obama’s family.

amveteran: This is a true knuckle dragger. Reminds me of Al Sharpton.

winterhawk: Just as I thought, that’s buckwheat’s daddy.

flyinjohn23: Not only that….He got himself one of those Hiawian Birth Certificates over the internet all on his own too.

1preacher: Because I said that this was obama’s mother, that is racist? Not following that one.

hawk1052: Shelia Jackson Lee, comes to mind.

armed: is the one in the background carrying a teleprompter and throwing tater tots at the other one.

And if that isn’t bad enough, there were at least 13 comments that the Fox Nationalists “flagged for review.” If the examples above made it past their decency filter, we can only imagine how disgusting were the comments that were removed. And in addition to the overt racism, there was also an abundance of derogatory and idiotic remarks regarding evolution and the intelligence of liberals.

These people are sick and beyond pathetic. And Fox News knows exactly what they are doing by throwing this chum in the tank. This isn’t the first time that Fox Nation’s readers behaved so atrociously. Last year they posted feverishly about how they wished the President were dead.

The bigots at Fox are surely comfortable with this sort of hatred. We learned last summer that only 1.38% of Fox’s audience is African American (compared to about 20% each for CNN and MSNBC). So they probably don’t think they have much to lose by being racist jerkwads. Just their humanity, and they don’t have much of that to begin with.

Fox Nation’s Racist Attacks On Michelle Obama

If there is still anyone who doubts that the GOP/Tea Party/Fox Nation of Beckerheads is overtly and proudly racist, here is yet another example to which you can direct them to try to set them straight.

Michelle Obama Food DesertAn item on Fox Nation links to an article in the ultra-conservative CNSNews that reports on a program to address the scarcity of supermarkets in low-income communities. The program is being promoted by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, and is described in a video on the White House web site:

“As part of Lets Move!, the campaign to end childhood obesity, First Lady Michelle Obama is taking on food deserts. These are nutritional wastelands that exist across America in both urban and rural communities where parents and children simply do not have access to a supermarket. Some 23.5 million Americans – including 6.5 million children – currently live in food deserts.”

What the Fox Nationalists portray as a “scam” is actually a troubling reality for many Americans who have little or no access to affordable, healthy foods. Consequently they have to rely on fast food, junk food, and over-priced convenience stores.

The response to this problem by visitors to Fox Nation is blood-curdling bigotry aimed at the First Lady and the under-privileged consumers she is striving to help. Here is a short sampling of their repulsiveness (link to screen capture):

  • I see that her intelligence matches her looks.
    Do you think this commenter regards her as ugly because of her race?
  • And you know why these “Food Deserts” exist? Because of the high crime, shrinkage’ (shoplifting) and fraudulent, frivolous lawsuits brought against them in these ‘inner-city’ ghettos. Large supermarket chains aren’t willing to take the risks involved with opening a store in these ghettos. And, who can blame them?
    Once again, the ‘Sub-Primes’ bring their ‘hardship’ and ‘struggle’ upon themselves.

    See? All of those poor people are thieves. And “Sub-Prime” is a reference to sub-primate in racist circles.
  • Maybe we can get “meals on wheels” for the food stamp people so they can sit on their a– or run the streets all day selling drugs. Some schools service 3 MEALS a day already. Get off you a–, the walk to the store would do you good. My nearest store is 1 mile away but I have paid for my car myself.
    See? All of those poor people are also drug addicts.
  • She is one dumb skank.
    That one just speaks for itself.
  • Its all about evolution , If a person , group , or neighborhood , is so dumb as to demand fastfood over good food then I am all for natural selection removing these people from my planet ,. They are cluttering up the joint anyway.
    We certainly don’t want any of “those poeple” on “my planet.” Let them all die.

Fox Nation has stopped posting any comment I contribute. Despite the fact that I never use foul language or uncivil rhetoric. And despite the fact that their logo says “All Opinions Welcome.” Yet the disgusting comments above are permitted to be posted and receive praise from their racist brethren who populate the site. And that tells you more about this crowd than anything else I could add.

[Just Added:] I went back to Fox Nation to read some additional comments and found this gem:

  • Synonyms:
    Barack Obama = Bl ack President = Commander in Cheat = Liar
    Michelle Obama = First Lady = Fannie Mae = Blackie-O

And Fox Nation finds this acceptable discourse.

The Fox Nation Wants President Obama Dead

Fox Nation is at it again. Today they featured a story about President Obama’s determination to see health care reform implemented. But in their inimitable way, they twisted the message to reflect negatively on the President. Even worse, they aroused the natural inclinations of their readers to bask in a frenzy of assassination fantasies.

Fox Nation Wants Obama Dead

The Fox Nationalists ran with a headline that read: “Obama Invokes His Death in Health Care Talks.” Of course, Obama did no such thing. The article that Fox Nation linked to was an Associated Press piece on Yahoo! News. The sound bite that Fox latches onto was nothing more than a humorous aside:

“Obama joked that the political battle has contributed to the recent rise in his cholesterol…and the president noted how ironic it would be if health care drove him to his grave.”

So Obama did not “invoke” his death as a substantive part of the ongoing talks. But Fox Nation did. And the result was a rush of comments by Fox Nationalists who were only too happy to see the President dead.

“ironic it would be if health care drove him to his grave”.
This would be the best thing that could happen to the USA.

wow that’s something that we can only dream about


Promise?! Whatever it takes. I’m running out of pins for my nobama chia pet.

Many Americans wish we could grant you your wish

The progressives are so desperate to shove down our throats that which we DO NOT WANT.
They think they are so close, yet IF they pass it, it very well could be the literal de.ath of Obama, for TREASON.
He KNOWS there is NO Constitutional authority for this take-over of healthcare.
Go ahead, Obama, make America’s day.


So go ahead – do America a favor

Frankly I would call it irony if he went to his grave because of health care! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

So it is not Obama who invoked his own death, but Fox Nation and its clan. And it isn’t only the bloodthirsty, racist, hate mongering, denizens of Fox’s blogosphere who are expressing their opinions in terms that imply Obama’s demise, it is also members of Congress and rightist pundits:

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said the president and House Democratic leaders are asking their colleagues to “hold hands, jump off a cliff and hope Harry Reid catches them.”

In a post on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism website, Frank Ross wrote: “Mark Steyn is always right, whether he’s writing about Andrew Lloyd Webber or, in this case, the suicide-bomber-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Is it any wonder that the FBI has reported more threats against this president than any before him?

Flashback: May 2008:

Ha ha hah. That was a good laugh, wasn’t it?