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News Corpse is an Internet publisher of media analysis and criticism. In addition, we produce original artwork for online and print, as well as Flash movies, web sites, widgets (like this one), and more.

I created this widget as a contribution to the DailyKos community. When you place the widget on your Blog or social network page you will have a handy rotating display of headlines from DailyKos. So will all of your site’s visitors.

The widget is easy to install. Just click the “Get & Share” button at the bottom of the widget and select a service from those displayed. Or you can select “Embed” to get the code to paste onto your page. That’s it!

This widget is offered free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it. If you like this widget, or the News Corpse widget in the sidebar to your right, you can get one made custom for your own web site or blog. For that there is normally an exorbitant fee that will likely send you spiraling into bankruptcy and despair. But, if you act now, the exorbitant fee will be slashed to a much more reasonable amount that will allow me to enjoy a nutritious lunch and perhaps a decaf latte.

Widgets can be used for a wide variety of purposes – from advertising and promotion to information distribution and announcements to artistic projects and displays. Be creative!

For more information, send an email with your questions and/or ideas.

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