The Collected Hate Speech Of The Fox News Community

This page is a collection of the vile and contemptible expressions of hatred found on the Fox News community website, Fox Nation. It is a window into the dark soul of unrepentant bigots who proudly put their shameful ignorance on display. It also speaks to the character of Fox News that permits these comments to remain on their website that they claim is moderated to insure civil discourse.

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69 thoughts on “The Collected Hate Speech Of The Fox News Community

  1. Fox Nation’s good Christian viewers sure know how to spread hate, don’t they? I think it would be a good idea for the majority of them to take an English grammar and spelling class. Most of the time reading these comments makes my blood pressure hit dangerous levels but, as disgusting as it is, I think it’s good to know what these nut jobs are thinking.

    • You should read the vile things that are posted from the Progressive t r o l l that runs this web site, Poor Henri has some serious mental issues. He hates Fox Nation so much he spends 12 hrs a day 7 days a week there calling people every name you hypocrites say you dislike so much

      • Wow, you really think someone spends 12 hours a day to catch Fox spewing lies? Man, you surely are ignorant since it only takes 12 minutes of watching Fox to see 12 lies. Well, it is the ignorant such as you who are the base of the Fox viewership and they do most certainly appreciate, and exploit, your ignorance.

    • Not sure which “Fox News” you go to. The comments that I read everyday contain TONS of hateful comments from liberals wishing that this or that person or all conservatives) were dead. Some liberals in the comments threads attack conservatives by leaving comments that are blatantly anti-women or anti-gay. Liberals making gay slurs. Imagine that! Hypocrites. I also see comments from conservatives that CONDEMN comments coming from those who make racist remarks, etc. Life isn’t as black and white as you’d like it to be. Wouldn’t know that though based on the comments in THIS biased and hate-filled comments thread.

      • 1. Liberals don’t waste time reading Fox Propaganda News, and
        2. Liberals do not waste time hating others just because they disagree.
        Life’s too short and beautiful to waste time.

  2. The baseness and intellectual deficit on display in these posts is truly disheartening. The answer for Fox viewers, apparently, is “No” to the question, “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”

  3. If these people consider themselves Christians, I certainly don’t want to go to their church and praise their God. The God I was raised with is one of kindness, love and tolerance for all of those that he created. It’s 2014 and this type of intolerance is unacceptable. Perhaps if they tried to see how beautiful we all are regardless of race, religion, gender and so much more. This types of intolerance and racism shouldn’t exist. Not only do these post scream of racism , the grammar and spelling are deplorable. Perhaps if you would use your minds to see the clear picture of what’s really go on you wouldn’t make yourselves appear to be so ignorant. Learn the facts and if you think that FOX is telling you the truth you’re probably to far gone to have an intelligent thought. I watch FOX only for a few minutes and I laugh at the inane garbage spewing from their mouths. This isn’t a real News Chanel. It’s a Comedy Entertainment Chanel. It saddens me that our education system has failed you all so miserably.

    • That’s just it: they aren’t thinking. One can see the dearth of thinking in post after post. What does come through and proudly so, it seems is racist hatred.

      • I read this again as the first time through the words of these scabrous creatures didn’t quite cross the disbelief barrier. But this time? It should not only make us cringe, it should alert us all to the all to common racists who live amongst us. And we are supposed to be in a colorblind society now, free of overt, blind racial hatred. The dominant memes bandied about among these soulless people are as old as they are cliched. Racist sickness does in fact sicken me.

    • You complain about their spelling and grammar errors, yet you apparently don’t even know that it’s “these.” “too,” and “channel.” Oh, by the way, if you’re looking for a “news” channel that doesn’t provide facts, turn to MSNBC. Also, at least no conservative made a movie depicting Obama’s death. (And I’m not even a fan of either George Bush.) But I guess white, Christian, right-of-center males are fair game, right?

      • Are you saying that Fox provides real news gobbled up by the slimy people quoted above? And do you count yourself among them for watching “real” news. Why did you try to change the topic? Trying to obfuscate the impact of these asperous clowns?

      • Don’t defend this disgusting display of the pits of humanity and call yourself a Christian. That is not what Christianity is about. It’s about love and tolerance, not about hate. Spare me the hypocrisy.

        If a film was made about the death of Obama, that would be perfectly alright. Do you know why? Movies are not reality. Reality is the hate in the comment that a true patriot would murder the man. Reality is the fact these people believe black children are rats. Stop defending this hate and pretending it’s acceptable to do so since we all have different political beliefs. You want to be a racist? Man up, be honest about it, and deal with the fallout.

        Spelling is not the problem. Fox News’ blatant misrepresentation of facts while calling themselves a news channel is the problem. Don’t believe me? Ok, fine. Then think for yourself and do some research. Check the facts.

        Lastly – watch PBS for news.

    • What bothers me is not their spelling and grammar. It’s their lack of humanity and the hatred they exude to anyone with a different opinion than their’s that bothers me. The attitudes they express could have come out of Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy.

    • They aren’t Christian, they don’t go to church, they are barley literate… and therein lies the problem. Fox knows they need a simple storyline, not the complex, ever changing story of the world we actually live in. And for money, Fox will provide it for them, while encouraging us to cut public education in order to create even more of them.

      • They are Christian. Dont’ fall victim to the No True Scotsman fallacy.

  4. I Have no just makes me sick that ppl are this really hurts my heart for the ones on the other end of their hate..I cant imagine..

    • I have been on the other end of it. When I was young I thought the correct answer was giving hate for hate, thank god I grew up and realized how stupid and pointless that is! I can only say know that I feel pity for someone that goes through life with that blackness in their soul.

  5. Such charming people.

    They should be thankful they live in a country where they can say such things without fear of arrest or persecution. But then, they think people disagreeing with them is ‘persecution.’

  6. The GOP & Tea Party fools & frauds in this nation have proven themselves to be total fakes: fake Christians, fake patriots – they set the bar for integrity & decency so low, an amoeba would be hard-pressed to do the limbo beneath it.

    • Have you ever actually met anyone that is a Tea Party Member. The posts you have been showing are from a few fringe nuts. Funny how none of the vial things posted by the Progressive t r o l l s that infest Fox nation 24/7 appear on anywhere on this Fox Bashing site. Here is an idea for you if you don’t like Fox News turn the channel genius.

      • I think Fox News has gone beyond just the “turn the channel” stage. These people are harming this country. THEY (Fox) are responsible for inciting the millions that never leave their couches or their homes and begin to believe the crap and slant that this “news” channel lays on them. I am very curious as to what their motive truly is.

      • …and, yet, here you are, NOT ‘turning the channel.’ Look up hypocrisy.

        • I don’t blame fox or the viewers it is making money on people that live in that small thinking box but I do blame the network that think more about money then the health of this country sick

  7. Think about it….Fox only runs these stories because they know the types of responses they’ll get from they’re loyal followers. They are living proof that hatred and disrespect are incited by the media. When we continue to acknowledge their existence we help keep their doors open….but it is hard not to watch a train wreck!

  8. I am so disturbed by those comments. So much hate. So much prejudice and bigotry. So much lack of respect or humanity. And what can you possibly say to mitigate a person’s desire to see another person die just because he or she does not agree with their politics, or despises their race or religion? These people choose the anonymity of a website to spew their hatred. A fear of some form of public or personal condemnation probably prevents them from making statements like this in public. Fox Nation, by allowing this discourse, condones it. You can provide an opposing view without resorting to these types of comments. These “haters” feed off of each other, gain strength in their sick convictions and, I fear, become more intolerant. I was so proud that our nation had the strength to elect a man to be President who also happens to be of African American descent. I can now see how dark the underbelly of racial hatred still is in our country. This shows we still have a long way to go.

  9. “best looking primate I’ve ever seen.” Maybe someone should tel that fucking moron that ALL humans are primates. Just goes to show how ignorant and blatantly moronic racist are.

  10. We need to ship all these ignorant bastard to Texas, then let it secede. Then we build a huge wall to keep them in, and carry on with progress. What sad, sorry, stupid people.

  11. Unbelievable comments these people need to go away in a dark cell for many years. FAUX News condones this hate speech they are the ones that plant the seeds of hate and continue to fertilize these people with their own brand of hate and stupidity. To think that racism is gone, as some members of the Supreme Court think, is ludicrous.

  12. I am not young. I am not naive. I have lived long enough to see hatred and ignorance from other human beings. But this is beyond the pale. It is disturbing and repugnant to read these replies. I will NEVER understand how people can be SO filled with toxic hate and bitterness.

  13. I’m starting to think these extremist people that watch FOX have something genetically deficient about them. Not being sarcastic at all. I believe there is a genetic difference between average people and conservative extremists. There is some form of psychopathy that is in these people from birth.

  14. A whole of these Fox spewers look like they were left behind in that leave no child behind thing.

  15. This is the real people that Mike Huckabee talks about in his book, God Guns Grits and gravy! These are the real Americans that listen to fox news and all the good Christians that go to church every Sunday and pray before meals! Not the people who live on the coasts or in the big cities that are not real America those people live in a bubble and not the real America. Well people I guess I live in a bubble here in Michigan because I raised all my children to believe that ALL PEOPLE ARE CREATED EQUAL. IN THE EYES OF GOD OR IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS GREAT NATION.

  16. I’m going to guess that most of these comments were made by 12-year-olds. Or at least, mental 12-year-olds. Or, maybe 12-month-olds.

  17. Woman-hate and racism are the two major hates embraced by Americans. There are plenty of others, though.

    All my life, I’ve known we had lots of haters. But not even the KKK can compete with the unspeakable evil of the comments I have read here. WISHING people dead. Wanting to kill all blacks AND all liberals. And so much more.

    All these haters are inadequate personalities. That’s not hard to discern. But the sheer scale of their hate is worse than appalling. To have so many Americans who would gladly kill the people they hate is beyond comprehension. And these commenters are not Muslims, not even one is. I’d expect that kind of hate from Muslims, but not from rank and file Americans.

    Most comment areas would delete almost every one of these comments that Fox finds quite acceptable. I am sure that Republicans are engaged in brainwashing, so the likely purveyor of the brainwashing would find Fox an ideal medium. They should lose any and all licenses, and be taken off the air for good. Ditto for Limbaugh and any TV or radio host who pampers racism and woman-hatred.

    They are generating and supporting haters and fanatics blatantly. It’s time we were rid of the scourge of Fox News.

  18. The Sin of Sodom and the Cities of the Plain was callousness. Yes, traditionally this was taken to include homosexuality (by virtue of preventing some people from being born due to seed-wastage), but the majority of it was simple callousness, to the point that those sinners actually (if you can believe it) were unkind to strangers in their midst and believed that people too poor to afford food should die.

  19. The depth and breadth of the hatred and wanton desire to engage in violence against those who the haters on Fox Nation have expressed, is beyond stunning! One would think these ignorant, anti-social, intolerant, potentially psychopathic killers would have something better to do with their time? But, I guess not!

    How can anyone allow himself or herself to turn into such a depraved and craven lunatic? Are their minds so completely unable to absorb anything close to humanity that all they can be filled with is the nonsense and falsehoods that FOX spews out on a daily basis? From the comments above, the answer is an unequivocal “YES”!

  20. As a person of color who tries really, REALLY hard to believe that we’re evolving as a nation, these posts make me struggle against taking the easy path, and just hating all whites in general. Whenever I apply for work, I can’t help but wonder if the pimply faced kid fresh out of college holds these attitudes, or the group of whites conducting the many interviews I’ve sat through. They could be the same ones that talk amongst themselves about how “blacks (or n*****s, coons” or whatever other foul label pops up in their squirmy brain cases) don’t want to work”, or aren’t “a good fit for our organization” Or they could be good people, struggling with these issues, just like me. It’s hard work “Keeping the Faith”, but I’m trying.

    • I’m a white guy who married a woman of color almost 37 years ago when it definitely was not in vogue. Not until this occurred, did I realize how rampant racism was in America. However, I rarely, if ever; became the object of it.

      Interestingly, we lived in Columbia, South Carolina for about 3 years in the late 90’s. There was a considerable number of racially mixed couples there, primarily, because Ft. Jackson, that had a diverse mix of races on the base, was located in the city. Consequently, strong relationships were more easily developed between people of all colors, especially black and white.

      Also interestingly at that time was the fact that the SC Constitution said interracial marriage was illegal. Go figure! Almost 135 years after the emancipation of the slaves by Lincoln, the SC Constitution said that blacks and whites couldn’t marry.

      When this little know, nonsensical law came to light, an initiative was put on the ballot in 1998 to eliminate it. Of course, it passed unanimously and the law was eradicated.

      What’s almost as profound as this law having existed for who knows how long was the fact that even though an overwhelming majority of South Carolinians voted to have it trashed, 33% of them still believe it should remain in effect!!!

      If this same percentage of U. S. citizens 18 and over holds this same belief, which I seriously and hopefully doubt, that would mean about 80,000,000 Americans are profoundly racist! It is difficult to comprehend that this is possible, but who knows?

      All that to say this. I cannot put myself in your shoes. I have only had my black experience because of my amazing wife. Racial tolerance has changed, and is still changing, even though it is occurring at an excruciatingly slow pace. You just need to hang in there, persevere, and have faith in the One who can bring you through your trials.

    • Hey, Michael, please don’t give in. As bad as these comments are, they are mostly confined to “safe” spaces like Fox Nation where bigots roam free. There is surely still a problem with racism in America, but what you see on Fox is NOT representative of the rest of the nation. Seeing them all together like this makes it seem much worse than is.

    • Please don’t give up. Not all Americans are this degenerate.

      • Hello Blake, Mark, and Mary,
        I took basic at Ft. Jackson, and I’m glad that you mention how diverse it was (is), because it gives perspective. I grew up in an Air Force family, and spent most of my younger years on one base or another. It was, and still is, surprising how ignorant segments of our society can be. My sincere thanks to ALL of you for both sharing your thoughts, and for your encouragement. It’s people like you (us) that keep the spirit of “just being good people” alive. Have a wonderful holiday, may the New Year be a good one for you and yours…

  21. When you see comments like these, remember that the people leaving them are simple, sad, scared little troglodytes with not much going for them. Their racist way of life is slowly being crushed by the sane and empathetic majority and they are finding they have fewer and fewer ways of stopping it. Their only recourse is lashing out anonymously, since they’re always WAAAY to cowardly to do it in their actual name. They lack the courage of their convictions because they know somewhere deep inside that tiny little lizard brain, they’re completely wrong. They are to be pitied, but that doesn’t mean these tropes should go unchallenged. As infuriating as their ignorance can be, don’t stoop to their level, but certainly, and creatively, point out how hypocritical and uncouth they are being. Pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes is a personal favorite and considering the average SAT scores of that crowd, it’s almost guaranteed the post will be loaded with errors. Fear not, we are actually making progress even though it may not seem to be so. We must continue to VOTE! As the last election taught us, voting (or not voting in protest/indifference) has consequences. And when you vote, vote for REAL Progressives, like Bernie Sanders ( !!! I’m a gay man, and look what has happened for me in just the last two years!!! The arc of history is long and bends toward justice.

  22. Huh! I’ve never heard of Fox Nation until now. It looks like this must be where all the good Christians hang out.

  23. The highest powers in the land – the cabal who tells The US President what to do – love Fox News because Fox News dumbs-down the dumbable and keeps them dumb. Fox viewers never get enough of `Bring in the Clowns.

    Fox Anchors are far more gullible than the dumbed-down viewers!!

    But thats the lighter side…. Fox News is spreading hate, and therefore all those who regularly tune in to Fox News, and the Anchors and the Editor and Executives of Fox News could, should, and would be charged with spreading hate and hate crimes… could and should are easy, but the “would“ be would be except for the highest powers in the land protect them because HATE works well to divide a nation into us and them (us and them does not actuuallouy exiost,. we are all in this together.

  24. In 2009, while on a cross-country tour advocating for Single Payer-Improved Medicare For All In America, our re-conditioned Winnebago motor home needed some repair. The shop we hobbled into in western Ohio had outrageous hate comments and marks on photos of our President and Sen. Kennedy. After getting home, I wrote to our state’s FBI agent-in-charge to alert them to potential deadly, threatening persons operating this garage. Never received an acknowledgment of my message. Now I know why. They probably reacted, “What else is new?” How naive many of us are, and how sheltered from, and ignorant of, these hateful, mentally ill (paranoid, schizoid personality disordered), destructive people. I suspect conscious or subconscious concerns of being assassinated contributed to the President’s not having a more progressive legacy. Understandable, and sad. Now I worry about Bernie.

  25. If anyone doubts the impact of the hate speak that is spewed from the FOX folks almost daily, Donald Trump, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and others too numerous to mention, check out the hate crimes below against American Muslims since the San Bernardino shooting.

    There is absolutely no doubt that this vitriolic rhetoric is fanning the flames of hatred against Muslims in America and all over the world. as well as other ethnicities that the right wing zealots choose to target on a regular basis! They are reprehensible, scurrilous, vile, and despicable masses of humanity that need to pack up their things, and go live on another planet!

  26. OMG. I had no idea that the followers of fox were THIS bad. The comments about assassination and killing people they don’t agree with are rampant. Now I’m really scared. My only hope is that the these people are just venting and don’t bother to vote… or is that just another fantasy on my part?

    • Hello, CatOut, and Happy New Year. Don’t be scared, be active! Vote your conscience, and stand up to the racists in any way that feels safe for you. Fox News isn’t making these bigots; they just needed a catalyst to bind them, and Fox has done a great job of that. But bigotry is part of the American fabric, and needs to be confronted whenever possible. Keep up the fight, and don’t sit on the sidelines! Have a great year, and stay strong

    • LOL. Ask yourself why CNN and MSDNC stopped comments on their sites years ago. It was because their liberal, man-bun wearing, asexual communists were vomiting comments that were 10 times worse than anything on Foxnews. Now all those communist LGBQRSTESPN are on Fox spewing their hatred and rage. Almost ALL of the vile comments are coming from liberals posting on Foxnews. They are not coming from conservatives. But you keep swallowing the liberal loads and for God’s sake don’t do any research on your own.

      • Geez, you have really chugged the Kool-Aid, haven’t you?

  27. The natural side of a Human that suggests that wars will always be…..

  28. Fox News viewers aren’t racists? Fox News is a blight on this country. For those who answer with, “What about the left MSM?” They don’t hold a candle to the ugly-spirited people who will split hell wide open for the evil in their hearts, yet who claim to be Christians. They take ugliness to a whole new level and are dangerous to the country. They are traitors for their total disrespect for the office of President which they’ve shown for the past eight years, and I feel the same as those on the left who now have no respect for the office and disparage Trump. Those on the right now say this is the time for the country to come together, and they damn those who show no respect to Trump and insist the rest of the country now show some respect while they showed no respect at all for the last eight years. But they call the left hypocrites. I’m not sure if they’re that stupid, that blind, or both.

  29. Whenever I want to read about relevant discussion surrounding an article, and thoughtful insights, I check the comments section of any other news site besides Fox.

    When I want to have nightmares, I pull up Fox news wall of hate on the newest political news story and watch in horror as hundreds and thousands of comments pour in and almost every single one is hateful, spiteful, spittle filled ranting towards Liberals, who they want to string up and set on fire.

    The fact that this News is the most popular news makes it ever worse.

    I don’t know what to say anymore, reading this and seeing where we are now… Wow, I just have no more faith. This hate is now the majority opinion… apparently. I’m just a dinosaur that thought people were better than that.

    Here’s hoping this comment section shows Fox has more humanity by 2020. But I won’t hold my breathe.

  30. Gordon Bennit, these posts makes me want to do the Nazi salute. I’m a Centrist politically so don’t get me wrong but These people are nothing but acting like 8 year old bullies, and they expect themselves to find a decent job? No wonder why there have been shootings going on O.O. I think Ghost from True Capitalist Radio is more of a peacemaker than Fox News so I’ll stick with Ghost any day and lean towards Capitalist Right. 🙂

  31. Pretty funny considering CNN and MSNBC won’t even allow comments because they both know that their audience is to stupid to debate. Lol

  32. Your party is doomed in November. It will break off in two with Progressives and Establishment dems. Remember how accurate polls were in 2016? In some they have Trump ahead of Biden, others Biden 10 points ahead. but you never use aggregate polling. Biden will not debate Trump or run against him with his middle of the road dementia which seems to worsen every day. I feel sorry for him, and blame his POS family. Dems will end up with Cuomo, my guess, as the one actually debating Trump. I know he wants a female VP so that could happen. Shame what they did to Tulsi, but no way in hell dems will let Biden go against Trump. You need a reality check and stop with the “orange man bad” because that’s backfired on you everytime.

  33. I don’t know how I came across this page but what a joke. I am an avid fox page commentator with countless posts and likes. Those of us who are regulars know who the fake conservative posters are making vile comments then apparently screen shot them to say “hey look over here. ” They can easily be identified by their low post or like count or anonymous profile. Very often they get reported and banned which is why they need to then create a new account. Their actions like this site is all smoke and mirrors. They just show you what they want you to see.

  34. The old false flag defense, pathetic. Just go to the the comment section of Fox News today and you’ll see the same kinda stuff in real time. Racist hateful garbage piling up the “likes.”

  35. What a bunch of pansies. CNN and MSNBC stopped comments years ago because liberal commenters were so disgusting. Now all those hate filled, liberal, communist, bun-wearing, asexual liberal men are on Fox vomiting their hate and rage every second of every day. To point out fox commenters is comical when 90% of the hate is coming from vile, liberals.

    • You are actually proving the whole point that it’s right-wing crackpots who are the vile, hate-filled ones, Thanks,

  36. Fox Nation and Fox News should be labeled they white nationalist organization

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