Trump is Covertly Recruiting More Violent Insurrectionists With Promises of Future Pardons

On January 6, 2021, deadly riots took place on Capitol Hill that were purposefully instigated by Donald Trump. They were intended to undermine democracy by obstructing Congress from carrying out its constitutional duty to certify Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. It was an unprecedented act of domestic terrorism that was fueled by a wannabe dictator who was unwilling to concede that he lost.

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Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

While Trump and his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) belittled the carnage, more than a 140 law enforcement officers were injured, and millions of dollars of damage was done by the StormTrumpers. This insurrection is currently being investigated by a bipartisan House Select Committee that is finding abundant evidence of criminality on the part of Trump and his seditious confederates.

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So what is a treasonous, twice-impeached, pathologically lying, former reality TV game show host to do when confronted by indisputable proof of his treachery? Well, for Trump it is to deliver yet another lie-riddled, self-exalting speech before an audience of glassy-eyed cult disciples. And that’s precisely what Trump did at the “Faith and Freedom” in Tennessee on Friday night.

Trump’s harangue was mostly consumed by the tedious repetition of his relentless and totally false whining that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen” him. It was a pathetic outpouring of self-pity that has only become more intense as the House Committee’s case of against him progresses, with the American people watching and learning of his depravity, by the millions.

In addition to his tiresome top hits, Trump added a new number to the set list on Friday. Referring to the thugs who assaulted Congress, Trump offered his sympathies, not for the people’s representatives who were terrorized or the officers who were attacked, but for fate of the traitors who were arrested for their flagrant and savage lawlessness. But he didn’t stop at sympathies:

“Even while January 6th defendants are having their lives totally destroyed, and being treated worse than terrorists and murderers, despite most being charged with parading through the Capitol, most people should not be treated the way they’re being treated. And if I become president, someday if I decide to do it, I will be looking at them very, very seriously for pardons. Very, very seriously. They’ve been treated very unfairly.”

First of all, if the lives of the January 6th defendants are being destroyed, it’s their own fault for joining Trump’s immoral and unlawful coup attempt. Secondly, many of them have been charged with seditious conspiracy, and other felonies, which Trump fails to mention.

However, the most foreboding part of Trump’s remarks is his promise to “very, very seriously” consider pardons for his shock troops if he were to reoccupy the White House. What should send shivers down the spines of patriots is not just his interest in allowing the traitors to get off scot free, but the effect of his promise going forward.

Trump is essentially telling anyone who is contemplating committing future acts of violence that they too would be pardoned. That is a thinly veiled recruitment campaign for new insurrectionists. Trump is telling them to go ahead and assault people and institutions without fear of consequences. He is also engaging in witness tampering because his promise would encourage people with pertinent information to withhold it on the expectation that they would be pardoned for their crimes and for defying the courts.

It is rhetoric like this that makes it all the more critical that Trump never be allowed anywhere near any position of power again, and that he be prosecuted for his past offenses. Hopefully the House Committee will continue to document his malfeasances and the Department of Justice will act accordingly.

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Fox News Openly Encourages Violence Against Democrats: ‘We Need These Lawmakers to Be Victims’

On January 6th, 2021, Donald Trump instigated a violent insurrection, sending his cult disciples to attack members of Congress in order to prevent them from carrying out their constitutional duty to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election. Many people were terrorized and injured, including more than 140 police officers, five of whom died.

Fox News, Terrorism

Apparently that wasn’t sufficient for Fox News, who justified and applauded that violence. In the months that have followed they affirmed their support for hostile actions aimed at imposing their ultra-rightist tyranny on America. Their thirst for blood is made shamelessly evident on a near nightly basis. It can be seen in recent surveys that show just how far the right has devolved:

“Polling indicates that 30 percent of Republicans, and 40 percent of people who ‘most trust’ far-right news sources, believe that ‘true patriots’ may have to resort to violence to ‘save’ the country — a statement that gets far less support among Democrats and independents.”

On Thursday Fox News provided additional proof that violence is not merely a tangential consequence of their dreams for a despotic dystopia. It is a fully integrated tactic they are deploying in pursuit of their maniacal mission. Fox host Griff Jenkins interviewed Joseph Imperatrice, the founder of Blue Lives Matter, in a segment about a shooting that threatened Democratic Rep. Cori Bush:

Jenkins: Now we see Cori Bush, liberal Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri, saying on Twitter that her car was hit with bullets. Her car was shot. No one was in it, fortunately. But will these lawmakers change their tune?
Imperatrice: The harsh truth is we need these lawmakers to be victims. We need them to understand when the worst situation possible hits them, and then they can turn around and say, ‘Wow, maybe it’s an issue. Maybe I need to wake up and do my job and change things for the better. I’m not praying any of these people get hurt or harmed, but they need to see firsthand how bad the streets really are.
Jenkins: Of course, we would never wish any harm whatsoever on any American, let alone a politician we disagreed with. But the instances we did see – two instances of carjacking, fortunately, everyone was OK – maybe it will change their minds. Who knows?

WHUT? Imperatrice’s disgusting assertion “we need these lawmakers to be victims” would not be tolerated by any decent TV network. Which explains why Fox News not only tolerated it, but agreed with it.

Both Imperatrice and Jenkins tried to water down their horrendous support for domestic terrorism by inserting a disingenuous disclaimer that they don’t wish any harm on anyone. However, saying that they don’t wish any harm but they need to see firsthand” violence, or but…maybe it will change their minds,” immediately contradicts the statement and serves as a justification for the harm they pretend to oppose, but overtly advocated.

Fox News isn’t going to be happy until we are in the midst of a full scale civil war. It is what they are promoting via their support for the insurrection and Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen.” It was explicitly articulated at the recent Turning Point USA conference (of which is Fox News is a sponsor), where an attendee asked “When do we get to use the guns? How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?”

Other blatant calls for violence include Jesse Watters urging his audience to go in with the kill shot if they see Dr. Anthony Fauci in public. Also, Laura Ingraham recently applauded, literally, the news that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, had tested positive for COVID.

These are not rare occurrences. Sadly, these sort of abhorrent remarks are all too common on Fox News. They are frequent and deliberate and no one should doubt that they mean what they say.

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Trump Throws Antifa Tantrum Over January 6th Insurrection on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Fluff Fest

Nearly ten months ago Donald Trump dispatched his psycho StormTrumpers to the Capitol in a doomed but deadly attempt to stage a violent coup. The January 6th insurrection revealed the chilling lengths that the Cult of Trump would go to in order to seize power for a tyrannical madman.

Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

In the months that followed, Trump has doggedly pursued his single-minded obsession with undermining democracy and exalting himself as America’s first dictator. Much of that objective involved justifying the brutality of the rioters that he incited. From the start he portrayed the rioters as “patriots” and told them that he “loved” them. Despite voluminous video evidence of violence against people and property, Trump told Laura Ingraham of Fox News that his neo-fascist fanatics posed “zero threat.”

Trump is still peddling those pernicious and self-serving lies. The latest episode occurred Tuesday evening on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Fluff Fest (video below) where Trump did what he does best: Whine! He ranted for the full hour about his delusional claims that he won the “rigged and stolen” presidential election, insisting that the real insurrection occurred on November 3, 2020 (election day), not January 6th. And he complained about Congress having the gall to investigate the worst assault on the U.S. seat of government since the Civil War. He blathered that…

“Our country focuses on so many of these fake investigations and we don’t focus on greatness any longer. Everything is an investigation. You look at what’s going on now when you have an ‘Unselect’ Committee – it’s an ‘Unselect.’ And the way they’re treating people. And yet Antifa, who are bad…BLM…You look at all of the horror shows and the death and destruction they cause. And they don’t go after them. But they go after people that in many cases – not in all cases – but in many, many cases are patriots. And you had some bad people – if you look at what happened at the Capitol – you had some bad people that were not patriots at all. And they came from other places including Antifa and including others, and they led a lot of people astray. They don’t want to cover that. They don’t want to cover the election results.”

First of all, there wouldn’t be so many investigations if Trump and his confederates didn’t commit so many crimes. No president has had more administration and campaign associates indicted and convicted than Trump, who was impeached twice himself. And if he really wants to focus on greatness, he might consider the unprecedented success of the Biden administration that has accomplished more in ten months than Trump did in four years.

Trump also reaffirms his infantile temperament with his “Unselect” nickname, for the bipartisan House Select Committee, that would make an eight year old cringe. He further asserts that the criminals who stormed Congress are being treated poorly because they are being held accountable for their crimes.

What’s more, Trump’s complaint that the election results weren’t covered is really just his desperate yearning for his lies about nonexistent election fraud to be accepted, despite the utter absence of any evidence after nearly a year, more than sixty court cases, and the indefatigable efforts of the MyPillow crackpot, Mike Lindell, and Fox News.

However, where Trump really skids off the rails is with his defense of the rioters as “patriots” and his baseless assertion that the “bad people” were clandestine members of the fictional foils of the far right, Antifa. But while Trump and others of his ilk seek to falsely lay the blame for all civil unrest on Antifa, Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security concluded that it is right-wing extremists who pose the most risk of violence.

Trump’s ludicrous accusations against imaginary leftist agitators also contradicts much of what is claimed by his own supporters. Tucker Carlson, for instance, is convinced that it wasn’t Antifa but the FBI that orchestrated the January 6th insurrection. He even produced a lie-riddled, multipart crocumentary on the subject that he titled “Patriot Purge.” And Trump fanboy Alex Jones posted his own video confession that his orders for the insurrection came directly from Trump.

Given the rampant dishonesty and incoherent ramblings of Trump and his dimwitted disciples, it is impossible to take his latest spleen venting seriously. Not that that was ever considered by rational thinkers. But it is still unsettling to see him persisting with this line of asininity. And it is even more troubling to know that there are mental defectives like Carlson, Jones, and most of the Republican Party who continue to put their faith in Trump’s fever dreams.

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Breaking Down the Crocumentary By Tucker Carlson that Glorifies ‘False Flag’ Insurrection

Tucker Carlson and Fox News are at it again. Not satisfied with disseminating deadly disinformation about the coronavirus that has led to tens (hundreds?) of thousands of preventable deaths, or advancing the racist “white replacement theory” to malign immigrants, or undermining American democracy by aiding and abetting Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged,” Carlson and Company are now exalting domestic terrorists and white supremacists.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson, Dictator

Carlson is promoting a crock documentary that purports to tell “The True Story Behind 1/6” That, of course, is a lie. The title sequence is crammed with ludicrous talking point subtitles alluding to “The War on Terror 2.0,” and “The Plot Against the People,” and a “Patriot Purge” All of that wingnut sloganeering is deliberately inflammatory code intended to incite further violence. As are the opening frames of the trailer that includes video of the police shooting domestic terrorist Ashli Babbitt as she and her militant comrades are attacking law enforcement officers and smashing through the glass door entrance to the Capitol.

The video goes on to feature a quote by Darren Beattie, who left the Trump administration after he was caught at a white nationalist conference. In the video Beattie says that “The domestic war on terror is here. It’s coming after half of the country.” Which is nonsense because not only is there no “domestic war” on these rightist kooks, they don’t comprise anywhere near half the country.

That’s followed by Carlson fear mongering that American soldiers are preparing an assault on citizens here in the U.S. Carlson says that “The helicopters have left Afghanistan. Now they’ve landed here at home.” That in turn is followed by a disembodied voice warning that “The left is hunting the right. Sticking them in Guantanamo Bay, for American citizens, leaving them there to rot.” It goes without saying that that is flagrant fiction. No American is incarcerated at Gitmo. Nor has anyone been waterboarded as is implied by the visual in the video.

Next up is a clip of President Biden saying correctly that “Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to to the homeland. […] Not Al Qaeda. White supremacy.” This was an assessment made by the Department of Homeland Security in September of 2020, during the Trump administration. However, Carlson is mocking Biden as his words play over archive footage of a KKK parade.

Finally, the trailer concludes with a bizarre and baseless allegation by a disgraced former Army captain, Emily Rainey, who is being investigated for her participation in the insurrection. She says that “False flags have happened in this country, one of which may have been January 6.” Naturally, there is no evidence whatsoever to support this reckless accusation. But it is one that Carlson has made before, specifically charging the FBI with “orchestrating” the violence. The background visual for this quote is footage of the January 6th insurrection. That segues into a shot of helicopters ominously approaching the Capitol dome with the Battle Hymn of the Republic playing…“Glory, glory hallelujah. His truth is marching on.” What do you suppose that is implying?

The key question raised by Carlson’s propaganda pic is, how can the insurrectionists be both patriotic protesters fighting to MAGA, and false flag provocateurs conspiring against freedom? In order to follow his logic you would have to believe that the same mob that stormed the Capitol are simultaneously heroes and traitors. It’s a paradox that can only reside in the warped mind of a Trump cultist.

This abomination is not just the work of Tucker Carlson. The whole of the Fox News enterprise is responsible, including the network’s CEO Suzanne Scott, president Jay Wallace, and corporate masters Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch. Their culpability was acknowledged by the two Republican members of the House Select Committee Investigating the January 6th Insurrection:

Liz Cheney: “It appears that Fox News is giving Tucker Carlson a platform to spread the same type of lies that provoked violence on January 6. As Fox News knows, the election wasn’t stolen and January 6 was not a ‘false flag’ operation,”

Adam Kinzinger: “Anyone working for @FoxNews must speak out. This is disgusting. It appears @foxnews isn’t even pretending anymore.”

Don’t hold your breath. Fox News is not going to “speak out” or take any action against Carlson because they agree with him 100%. This program isn’t a rogue operation by Carlson. It is fully supported by, paid for, and proudly broadcast by Fox News, with the approval of its editors, executives, and owners. And they are as responsible for the harm it causes as Carlson. But there is something you can do about it: UnFox My Cable Box!

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Fox News Openly Defends the White Supremacy and Treason of Domestic Terrorists

On the solemn anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, four presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Biden) made dignified and respectful appearances to honor the victims, heroes, and families whose lives were changed forever. These statesmen demonstrated the compassion and decency to set aside their personal interests in order to remind the nation what it means to be the “United” States of America.

Fox News, KKK

The only holdout was, of course, Donald Trump, who had a more pressing engagement to enrich himself as a commentator at an exhibition fight in Hollywood, Florida. He did put out a video that was typically dominated by tributes to himself and bitter assaults on his political foes.

On Monday morning Fox News covered some of the weekend events from a thoroughly bizarre and repugnant perspective. The segment somehow veered off into territory that had nothing to do with 9/11 (video below). At one point, co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy felt compelled to say that…

“We had a stand down on white supremacy in the military, and I guess that I’m just not seeing that that’s worthy of a stand down.”

Really? So Campos-Duffy is in favor of the military permitting white supremacy in the ranks? While it isn’t particularly noteworthy that she and others on Fox News would hold that opinion (her co-host Brian Kilmeade agreed saying that “I share your frustration”), it isn’t often that they state it so explicitly on the air.

What triggered this outburst was a discussion about remarks by George W. Bush on Saturday. In a surprisingly thoughtful address, Bush drew parallels between foreign terrorists and the homegrown variety that have been inspired by Trump and Fox News. Bush said that…

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but from violence that gathers within. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit.”

Campos-Duffy complained that Bush’s comments took “the focus off of who we need to be focused on.” She elaborated saying that…

“I think that motivations matter. The Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans. They hate Western civilization. They hate America. They have lots of reason for that. Regardless of what you think about what happened on Jan. 6, the people there went in with the flags. They were not America haters.”

What distinction is she making here? The motives of the Trump insurrectionists were also that they wanted to kill Americans, including Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and other members of Congress. They hate Western civilization and America, as evident in their efforts to discard the Constitution and impose their own totalitarian dictatorship. Yes, they went there with flags, which they used as weapons against the police officers who were protecting the seat of American democracy. How were they not “America haters”? And Trump himself weighed in on Bush’s speech saying that…

“…he lectures us that terrorists on the ‘right’ are a bigger problem than those from foreign countries that hate America and that are pouring into our Country right now.”

Notice that Bush said nothing about the “right” or any other political ideology, but Trump recognized his own faction when he heard it described. And his assertion that foreign terrorists are “pouring into our Country right now” is just more of his delusional hyperbole. Just like his “Big Lie” about election fraud, there is no factual basis for his charges. Trump just wants to drench his cult followers in irrational fears.

Furthermore, Trump is whining (as usual) that Bush has no right to “lecture” anyone because he is responsible for thousands of deaths from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. That may be true. But there is a nauseating sort of irony in Trump saying it considering that he is responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths from his negligent and incompetent mismanagement of the COVID pandemic.

In the attempt by Fox News to distinguish the crimes of the January 6th insurrectionists, and other domestic terrorists, from foreign terrorists, they actually highlighted their similarities and common purpose. And even worse, they overtly expressed their not-so-veiled racism. This isn’t new for Fox, but it nevertheless needs to be exposed and disseminated widely to remind everyone what sort of vile propaganda network the Murdochs are operating.

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Trump Exploits the Terrorist Attack in Afghanistan to Whine About Losing the 2020 Election

In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack in Afghanistan, Republicans wasted no time engaging in rank politicization of the loss of life and wantonly blaming President Biden. This despite the overwhelming evidence that Donald Trump bears the most responsibility due to his having negotiated a “surrender agreement” with the Taliban (according to his own National Security Advisor), and his lethal failure to plan for the withdrawal.

Donald Trump, Snake Tongue

For his part, Trump is behaving predictably as he frantically absolves himself of any responsibility, baselessly castigates his critics, and incoherently rambles from subject to subject in an effort to land on something that he thinks casts him in a favorable light.

Trump’s most recent babbling in this regard took an especially rancid turn as he conflated the casualties in Afghanistan with his “Big Lie” rhetoric about the 2020 presidential election having been “stolen” from him. In a tweeted statement by his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), Trump ranted that…

“If the Democrats could fight wars as well as they execute Election Fraud, we would have obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World, and would have nothing to worry about!”

Really? First of all, Trump is sort of complimenting Democrats with his admission that they outsmarted him by decisively defeating him the 2020 election. Although outsmarting Trump isn’t a particularly high bar to get over. But worse, Trump is noxiously exploiting a human tragedy in order to continue propagating the same proven lies about election fraud that led to the deadly January 6th insurrection in Washington, D.C.

What’s more, Trump is accusing Biden and the Democrats of failing to “win” the war in Afghanistan after being in office for only seven months. If that’s a failure on Biden’s part, what does it mean that Trump had four years during which he could have “obliterated all of our many enemies throughout the World,” but failed to either achieve victory or to complete a withdrawal?

On at least three occasions in the past two days Trump has made made similarly repulsive remarks. He told radio right-winger Hugh Hewitt that Democrats “used COVID in order to cheat, cause they cheat fantastically. If they could fight wars like they cheat in election, we would have had that war won in one day.” And he released a pure propaganda video on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program wherein he exalted himself saying that “This tragedy should never have taken place. It should never have happened. and it would not have happened if I were your president.”

Trump’s assertions that the world would have been a peaceful utopia had the American people reelected him is an absurdity borne out by actual facts. Not only were 80 service members killed in Afghanistan on Trump’s watch (most of which he callously ignored), but there were multiple attacks on military bases in the United States, resulting in 12 fatalities. Trump has also conveniently forgotten the terrorist attack by ISIS in New York City that killed eight civilians.

By using the deaths of American soldiers to regurgitate his election fraud conspiracy theories, Trump is affirming his unfitness for any office of public service. He is disqualifying himself from inclusion in civil society. And he is putting his well known narcissism, indecency, and inhumanity on public display. But then again, what else would you expect from Trump and his Republican Party?

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After Terrorist Attack, Peter Doocy of Fox News Asks Biden if He ‘Bears Any Responsibility’

As the U.S. involvement in the war in Afghanistan winds down, the risks that were anticipated are unfolding in tragic ways. On Thursday a terrorist suicide bomber killed scores of people assembled at the gates of the airport in Kabul. Twelve of them were American soldiers. It was the deadliest day for the U.S. military in Afghanistan in years.

Fox News, Peter Doocy

President Biden addressed the American people from the White House to pay tribute to the deceased heroes, to assure the terrorists that they will pay a steep price, and to comfort a grieving nation.

Biden then took questions from the press. Many of the questions were relevant and produced useful information. However, one question was brazenly slanted and intended only to assign blame at a time when the nation was more focused securing those in danger and apprehending the perpetrators. That question was asked by Peter Doocy of Fox News, of course:

Doocy: Mr. President, there had not been a U.S. service member killed in combat in Afghanistan since February of 2020. You set a deadline. You pulled troops out. You sent troops back in. And now twelve Marines are dead. You said the buck stops with you. Do you bear any responsibility for the way things have unfolded in the past two weeks?
Biden: I bear responsibility for fundamentally all that’s happened of late. But here’s the deal: You know – I wish you one day say these things – you know as well as I do that the former president made a deal with the Taliban that we would get all American forces out of Afghanistan by May 1. In return the commitment was made – that was the year before – in return he was given the commitment that the Taliban would continue to attack others, but would not attack any American forces. Remember that?

To his credit, Biden showed the integrity to accept full responsibility for the somber duties he performs as Commander in Chief. Doocy’s attempt to make this all about some facile form of guilt was intended to malign the President. It didn’t work.

To the contrary, Biden flipped the question back on Doocy, asking him to recall that it was Donald Trump who made the deal with the Taliban to remove all American forces by May 1st – four months sooner – in exchange for lifting all sanctions and freeing 5,000 of their imprisoned fighters. That’s a deal that Trump’s own National Security Advisor called a surrender agreement.”

Trump never had a plan to end the war or evacuate Americans and Afghan allies. That’s a failing that was pointed out on Wednesday in response to yet another ill-advised question by Doocy. And as tensions mount, Fox News seems to be having trouble fulfilling their mission to undermine Democrats in government service. They even had a reporter chastise Republicans for leaping in front of the terrorist bombing story for their own selfish political advantage.

Doocy’s efforts to politicize and trivialize the painful loss of life in Afghanistan is typical for Fox News. No story has any significance to them unless it can be exploited to hurt Democrats. Which is why Doocy and his handlers composed their question as a club with which to beat up on Biden. The only problem is that they are just so bad at it that it rarely, if ever, works.

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Watch Trump Bragging About His Taliban Deal That He Now Calls ‘Embarrassing’

Expecting Donald Trump to be honest about anything is guaranteed to lead to bitter disappointment. He is a pathological liar whose self-serving distortions of reality are his way of avoiding having to face the torrent of failures that define his existence. His malignant narcissism prevents him from seeing anything he does or says as anything but perfection.

American Afghanistan Taliban

In the wake of the tragic events in Afghanistan, Trump predictably embarked on a frantic crusade to absolve himself of any responsibility. And naturally he blamed it all on Joe Biden. It’s the same deranged defensiveness he had to the COVID pandemic that he so horrendously bitched, and the January 6th insurrection he deliberately incited.

However, Trump’s raging irrationality inevitably fouls up his attempts to exalt himself no matter what disaster he produces. On Monday morning he said that “Afghanistan is the most embarrassing military outcome in the history of the United States,” in a proxy tweet that his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, posted for him (a violation Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban). But Trump can be seen on video bragging profusely about the conditions for which he is now castigating President Biden. Here is Trump just one month ago at one of his cult rallies:

“I started the process. All the troops are coming back home. They couldn’t stop the process. Twenty-one years is enough, don’t we think? Twenty-one years. They couldn’t stop the process. They wanted to, but it was very tough to stop the process when other things were… Yeah, thank you.

It’s a shame. Twenty-one years by a government that wouldn’t last. The only way they last is if we’re there. What are we gonna say? We’ll stay for another twenty-one years, then we’ll stay for another fifty? The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Is this what Trump means by “embarrassing”? The “process” to which Trump is referring is the deal he made with the Taliban in March of 2020. At the time it was not exactly heralded as “the Art of the Deal.” To the contrary, it was widely repudiated by foreign policy and military experts as “disgraceful” and a total surrender to the Taliban.

One representative appraisal of Trump’s folly said that it “gives the Taliban a series of concrete, measurable gifts.” It began by promising an immediate drawdown from 100,000 troops to less than 3,000, and that “American and allied forces will leave within 14 months” (by last May). It also promised “the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners,” including their founder and leader, Abdul Ghani Baradar. The deal also committed “to the ‘goal’ of removing sanctions from members of the Taliban that include travel bans, asset freezes, and an arms embargo.” And it came “without any agreement by the Taliban to cease hostilities against our allies.”

Trump’s comments a month ago affirm his belief that exiting Afghanistan was a priority that superseded any other strategic considerations. He virtually confessed that he “started the process” as a means of boxing Biden into an untenable dilemma. He also admitted that the outcome we see today was inevitable because Afghanistan had “a government that wouldn’t last.” without U.S. support.

All of that failure was Trump’s own assessment of the consequences of the deal that he made with the Taliban. It was a deal that he excluded the Afghans from even participating in, which assured that they would have no stake in complying with it. But now Trump is accusing Biden of causing the calamity that he claims to have foreseen when he made the deal more than a year ago. Talk about embarrassing.

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Trump Dishonestly Blasts Biden in an Ego-Drenched Defense of His Own Afghan Failures

As the Taliban completes its brutal military takeover Afghanistan, Donald Trump is predictably seeking to absolve himself of any responsibility, while casting blame on others. This time, once again, it’s President Joe Biden, who repeatedly has had to finish the hard jobs that Trump either left undone or irreparably botched. Whether it’s the COVID pandemic or the nation’s infrastructure or the economic recovery, Biden has been forced to clean up Trump’s failures.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Afghanistan can now be added to the list of Trump’s fumbles. But even as the Taliban is advancing on Kabul, Trump is trying to pin his mistakes on Biden. In a statement that was on posted Twitter by his spokes-shill, Liz Harrington, (whose proxy Trump tweeting is violating Twitter’s rules against circumventing a ban), Trump displayed his penchant for slathering himself in undeserved praise that invariably ignores reality. He wrote that…

“Joe Biden gets it wrong every time on foreign policy, and many other issues. Everyone knew he couldn’t handle the pressure. Even Obama’s Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said as much. He ran out of Afghanistan instead of following the plan our Administration left for him—a plan that protected our people and our property, and ensured the Taliban would never dream of taking our Embassy or providing a base for new attacks against America. The withdrawal would be guided by facts on the ground.”

Setting aside Trump’s tiresome, knee-jerk insults, his claim that Biden disregarded his “plan” presumes incorrectly that he had a plan. Trump’s entire approach to Afghanistan was evolved from a meeting in Doha, Qatar in 2020, where he agreed to lift all sanctions on the Taliban and release 5,000 Taliban prisoners, in exchange for a three month cease fire. Trump expressed his misplaced trust in the Taliban terrorists saying that “I really believe the Taliban wants to do something to show we’re not all wasting time.” The Afghans were not even included in those negotiations.

Trump went on to brag falsely that he “took out ISIS.” Then he closed with another ad hominin insult, projecting on Biden his own “weakness, incompetence, and total strategic incoherence.” Which is interesting considering his initial praise for Biden’s withdrawal as “a wonderful and positive thing to do.” Although he still criticized Biden saying that “we can and should get out earlier. Nineteen years is enough, in fact, far too much and way too long,”

For his part, Biden responded to Trump’s baseless criticisms in his announcement of the troop drawdown, saying that…

“Over our country’s 20 years at war in Afghanistan, America has sent its finest young men and women, invested nearly $1 trillion dollars, trained over 300,000 Afghan soldiers and police, equipped them with state-of-the-art military equipment, and maintained their air force as part of the longest war in US history, One more year, or five more years, of US military presence would not have made a difference if the Afghan military cannot or will not hold its own country.” […]

“When I came to office, I inherited a deal cut by my predecessor — which he invited the Taliban to discuss at Camp David on the eve of 9/11 of 2019 — that left the Taliban in the strongest position militarily since 2001 and imposed a May 1, 2021 deadline on U.S. Forces. Shortly before he left office, he also drew U.S. Forces down to a bare minimum of 2,500.”

That’s right, Trump actually wanted to leave Afghanistan months sooner. He proposed rewarding the Taliban terrorists with a visit to Camp David. And he left Biden with a skeleton deployment of 2,500 troops. Trump virtually handed Afghanistan to the Taliban. That’s the same Taliban who were in charge in 2001, and were harboring Osama Bin Laden as he was plotting the 9/11 attack.

However, now Trump thinks he should get credit for his “weakness, incompetence, and total strategic incoherence”? No thanks. The only thing Trump should get is a prison sentence for his innumerable crimes against America.

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The Crackpot Cult of Trump Believes the January 6th Rioters Were ‘Defending Freedom’

Six months ago hundreds of treasonous subversives incited by Donald Trump stormed the United States Congress in an attempt to undermine democracy and prevent the peaceful transfer of power according to the will of the American people. It was an event so despicable that it produced harsh condemnations, even from Republicans including Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Kevin McCarthy (although both have have since backtracked).

Donald Trump, QAnon, Dictator

That moment of bipartisan disgust and concern for the future of democracy was an encouraging sign that there was hope for unity where the fate of the nation hung in the balance. However, that moment was short lived. A new poll by CBS News has some disturbing findings and trends:

“A majority of Americans still specifically call what happened that day an ‘insurrection’ and an attempted overthrow of the government. This is where most Democrats and independents land. But roughly one-third of the country call it patriotism, or defending freedom”

While there is some comfort knowing that a majority of Americans recognize the horror of what took place January 6th, the number of those who see it as something positive is disconcerting. The most troubling finding in this poll is how Trump voters view the assault on America’s seat of government…

So a majority (55%) of Trump voters describe the riots on Capitol Hill as “Defending Freedom.” Likewise, a majority (51%) of Trump voters describe that event as “Patriotism.” Only 20% of them described it as “Insurrection.” Also worrisome is that 51% of Republicans strongly disapproved of the January 6th insurrection back in January, but now only 39% hold that position. That’s a 12 point swing toward insanity.

What this tells us is that today’s schizoid Republican Party has had some success in convincing their glassy-eyed followers that violent StormTrumpers who attacked police officers, vandalized property, and threatened to murder Vice-President Mike Pence and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, were actually guardians of virtue protecting the nation from some undefined, invisible foe bent on stealing Trump’s delusions of victory.

This also tells us that there is a lot of work to do if America is ever going to be restored as a model of democracy. How we will battle the kind of insanity that causes people to see unending videos of destruction and violence, but come away thinking it was, as Dear Leader Trump says, hugging and kissing, is a question that won’t be easy to answer. But if this poll is accurate, then it’s what we need to face, and we need to find to the solution sooner rather than later. Good luck to us all. We’re gonna need it.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.