Frightened Fox News Audience Tunes Out January 6th Hearings Even When They Air on Fox

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump has been providing increasingly incriminating evidence of Trump’s criminal culpability and that of his disreputable underlings. The latest hearing featuring Mark Meadows aide, Cassidy Hutchinson, may be the most devastating yet for the seditionist cabal.

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Hutchinson’s testimony included bombshell revelations about Trump’s fore knowledge and approval of the potential for violence at his Capitol rally. She disclosed Trump’s seething anger that erupted into food flinging tantrums. She told the Committee that White House lawyers were worried about criminal charges and that several members of Congress had sought pardons from Trump.

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Needless to say, this is not the sort of testimony that is welcomed on Fox News. In fact, it is usually either ignored or framed with knee-jerk rebuttals in order to intercept any potentially honest presentations from infecting their brainwashed viewers. However, it appears that Fox need not be so concerned about that happening, because their viewers are self-censoring the network. According to the Huffington Post

“Fox News Channel is airing the Jan. 6 committee hearings when they occur in daytime hours and a striking number of the network’s viewers have made clear they’d rather be doing something else. During two daytime hearings last week, Fox averaged 727,000 viewers, the Nielsen company said. That compares to the 3.09 million who watched the hearings on MSNBC and the 2.21 million tuned in to CNN.” […]

“Last Thursday, Fox had 1.33 million viewers for the 2 p.m. Eastern hour before the hearing started […] After the hearing started, Fox’s audience’s sank to 747,000.”

Following the hearings last Thursday, Fox’s ratings shot back up to 2.76 million for an episode of “The Five.” What this tells us is that Fox’s audience is so afraid of being exposed to any information that challenges their pre-programmed biases, that they will even tune out Fox News – the source of their pre-programmed biases. Then they file back in when Trump-fluffers like Sean Hannity resume their lying propaganda.

As a result of this “canceling” of candid accounts of events, as told mostly by Republican witnesses and Trump staffers, Fox fans effectively shield themselves from a reality that they are too fragile to deal with. They even missed Fox Newsers like anchor Bret Baier saying that…

“This testimony was very compelling from beginning to end. [Hutchinson] obviously had access to all of the players.” […]

“[Trump] says she’s lying. Cassidy Hutchinson is under oath, on Capitol Hill. The [former] president is on Truth Social.”

Baier added that he would have liked to hear some pushback from Republicans like Jim Jordan, but that “the testimony in and of itself was really, really powerful.” That commentary was followed by an embarrassingly long moment of dead air. What Baier doesn’t say is that the absence of Republicans is due to them boycotting the hearings and to Trump ordering his flunkies to refuse to testify.

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Consequently, Trump’s glassy-eyed disciples will remain blissfully ignorant of the facts regarding the January 6th insurrection, just as they are about the economy, the border, COVID, Ukraine, gun reform, reproductive health, and of course, election “fraud.”

Ignorance is, in fact, their natural, preferred state of being. And they prove it by deliberately avoiding any news that contradicts their preconceptions and their Dear Leader Trump. Even the relentlessly Trump-friendly Fox News.

UPDATE: On Tuesday, the ratings showed that Fox News still trends down during the hearings, with MSNBC beating Fox while the hearings were in progress. More proof that Fox News viewers remain too feeble to face reality.

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