Jimmy Carter Gets Fox News

Appearing on the NBC Nightly News, former Pres. Jimmy Carter demonstrated that he still has keen insight into the state of modern media:

Brian Williams: How do you think it came to be that such high numbers of people believe that this American-born Christian President is either foreign born or a Muslim or both?

Pres. Carter: I think the number one factor is Fox News. It’s totally distorting everything possible concerning the facts. And I think their constant hammering away at these false premises about our incumbent President has a major impact on the consciousness of America. A lot of well-meaning people, including many of those in the Tea Party movement, believe what is said in this constant hammering away by Glenn Beck and by others who have no regards for the truth.

I have nothing to add.


15 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Gets Fox News

  1. Who’s distorting the truth? Hello, it’s the second worst president in history. And Brian Williams, shame on you for just providing a platform for propaganda. How about asking for a specific story or statement that distorts the truth and backs up Jimbo’s comments. Sorry that would mean we need a journalist on the job.

    • Try to pay attention, Poindexter. The distortion of the truth is referenced right in the question – the Tea Bagger idiocy that Obama is foreign born or a Muslim.

      Why does it still surprise me to get comments like this that are so totally absorbed in their talking points that they fail to comprehend the simplest subject?

      • Tom, do you even watch Fox News or read Foxnation.com? Have you seen the constant email forwards that are either racist (Obama watermelon trap; Michelle being compared to Cheeta the monkey) or completely full of shit (too many to detail)? Have you seen Hannity put Andrew Breitbart and his edited videos on his TV show? Have you seen Hannity’s own videos that show truncated and edited portions of Obama’s speeches to make it appear he’s said something he hasn’t? Have you seen the endless stream of comments by so-called family values conservatives on FoxNation calling for Obama to be lynched? Or are you too busy NOT checking to make sure their facts are straight (which they aren’t)?

  2. And by the way, how is it that Obama is the “second worst president in history” when he was handed a shit sandwich for an economy and promptly enacted policies that stopped the hemorrhaging? All while getting about 0.05% cooperation from the opposition party, no less. Look at the jobs lost during Bush’s last year in office and compare that to jobs lost (and even nominal gains) during Obama’s first 18 months.

    • Fox News doesn’t distort the truth. Carter is really out of touch with the American masses, if that’s what he really thinks. So is Brian Williams, for that matter. These media millionaires don’t know what it costs to buy a gallon of milk, a bar of soap, or how much most states pay in unemployment benefits. But Glenn Beck is beyond reproach, and I mean that sincerely. Who else in this nation could inspire half a million good and decent Americans to assemble in Washington DC on a muggy summer Saturday to hear the message Beck hammers home — take it back to God!? No one. Absolutely no one. To ignore that is Carter’s tragic flaw. Beck speaks for the masses today, and he speaks clearly. He doesn’t mince his words, and doesn’t pretend to be a leader. But he is. He has become the voice of the Tea Party throngs, the spokesman for the lower and middle classes. Carter? A good man, but way out of Beck’s league, baby.

      • “These media millionaires…” ???

        You mean like Beck? He’s richer than Carter and Williams combined. Yet you think he speaks for the lower and middle classes? Good Lord. Beck is a huckster and you’ve totally bought in.

        Also, he didn’t get half a million people, he got about 90K. And just wait until 10/2 and see how many people show up in DC (or 10/30 for that matter).

        Beck speaks for a tiny minority of right-wing, Christian extremists. His audience on his best day reaches about 1% of the country.

      • Fox News doesn’t distort the truth?? Oh, so Hannity doesn’t edit videos to change the perceived content of the speaker (usually Obama)? They haven’t run to Andrew Breitbart for “news” and run his highly edited videos that completely distort the truth?

        And the most liberal estimates, if you don’t count Beck’s count or Michelle Bachmann’s ludicrous “at least a million”, put the crowd at just over 100,000. Yes, that’s a decent turnout, but it’s not half a million. And those schmucks, if Beck gets his way, will end up paying more in taxes so Beck can have his multi-millions taxed less.

  3. OK, enough of this Bulls__t! I agree that Carter is out of touch with the American people and I agree that he was one of the worst presidents we had in my lifetime (I’m 80 years old). Jimmy Carter was one of the worst presidents because he was honest, naive, and a Southern Baptst. He is no longer a Southern Baptist and he is not as naive as he was when he was president. It is the American masses who are all screwed up. From where I sit, The U.S. has reached it’s apex sometime between 1990 and 2010, probably close to 2000. It´s on i´’s way downhill but look at it as a bell curve. The farther out we go, the faster we’ll go downhill.

  4. Fox doesn’t distort the news? you’ve got to be kidding me. They are all bunch of Idiots who do not even know that their Boss is Prince Al Waleed ! lol talk about pure idiocity. They get their salary from him and at same time they insult Arabs and Muslims.
    All those whpo watch Fox News guess what???? it is partially owned by Prince Al Waleed. No matter how you look at it, knowing that now you idiots, it is not going to be the same for you ! HAHAHA ! the joke is on you @!

  5. Beck is an Idiot who got kicked out of CNN for the non sense he says.
    Instead of making one step forward , we are making two steps backward.

  6. Last year, Jimmy Carter was telling audiences that Tea Partiers were holding signs that siad “Bury Obama with Kenedy.”

    Carter was lying. The signs actually said “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy”.

    You can argue that the signs were still rather tasteless, since they referenced the recent passing of Ted Kennedy, but Jimmy Carter took the sign and changed it into a death threat. Shame on him. Carter is as dishonest as Keith Olbermann.

  7. “…and just wait until 10/2 and see how many people show up in DC…”

    Less than half of what Glenn Beck drew.

    • And Stewart and Colbert had twice as many people as Beck. So what’s your point?

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