Fox Nation: The Week The Democrat Media Industrial Complex Died

Classy as always, Fox Nation has posted a headline graphic of an ass with its head up its ass (and, no, it isn’t Bill O’Reilly, which would have made more sense). Remember, this is the online face of Fox News, an enterprise that wants to be viewed as a legitimate purveyor of journalism. I guess that this is the visualization of what journalism means to Fox News.

The accompanying text reads: The Week The Democrat Media Industrial Complex Died. OK then, that settles it. Since this is the week it died it is safe to assume that there will be no more assertions of Democratic control of the media; no more accusations of the press being dominated by liberals; no more whining about bias against conservatives. All of that died this week, so SHUT UP!

Of course, the illusion of the liberal media has always been a false claim by conservatives who can’t take honest criticism. The notion that a few multinational media corporations, run by billionaires, whose self-interests are squarely aligned with the right, are somehow advancing liberal ideas could only be believed by a mental patient with a fresh lobotomy.

The article that the Fox Nationalists linked to from their juvenile image was posted on a site ( named for a character in the movie Red Dawn, a favorite of rightist revolutionaries and Tea Baggers everywhere. Eckart was a militia-style dissident fighting a guerrilla war against Russian invaders. It is a mythology that appeals to right-wingers who pine for a new civil war.

The content of the article is just a short list of cliche conservative complaints. Only one even relates to the media. Obviously the Fox Nationalists just wanted to exploit the link for its headline which they must have found amusing.

Now that the fictional Democrat Media Industrial Complex has been declared dead, let’s get to work on the real Corporate/Media Complex that is perverting our press. Let’s break up the Big Media conglomerates that monopolize the industry. And let’s reveal the distortions and dishonesty of propagandists like Rupert Murdoch, Phillip Anschutz, and the Koch brothers. Addressing these real problems with a media that seeks to further its own power and profits will do far more to move us forward than the childish posturing we see on Fox Nation.


11 thoughts on “Fox Nation: The Week The Democrat Media Industrial Complex Died

  1. I’m no genius, but don’t they refer to all media as leftist?…..Aren’t they media? If they’re number one in everything, and they still lost huge last time (and will this time), how powerful could the number one narrative really be?

    dewd……wtf is reverse racism???? is it like white culture?

    • Stop trying to inject logic into this.

  2. Desdinova says:
    9/26/2010 at 4:55 pm
    “I’m no genius”

    You should’ve stopped there and saved yourself further embarrassment.

    • elaborate please, I feel no embarrassment.

      • Don’t bother. A comment like that says more about David than it does about you.

  3. I am a Catholic born of a wonderful Jewish mother. I did not convert to Catholicism until age 47, but until then I was a cultural Jew, having grown up in New York, attended Jewish summer camps for six years, and Stuyvesant High School, which at the time was 80% Jewish. I know Jews. I am – or was one. They still are my best friends, although some accuse me of having “gonne over to the enemy.” And I can say that the media is dominated by liberal Jews. And contrary to the leftwing mantra, that is not a lie. I did a demographic analysis of the top 32 positions at ABC/NBC/CBS News, Time and Newsweek. 23 of the 32 media moguls were Jewish.

    • If you are a Catholic you should be immediately excommunicated. It is a sin to bear false witness.

      You are a stinking liar and a hateful piece of garbage. Your fantasy analysis is 100% bullshit. I have worked in the media for 20 years. I know more about the people than you would if you even did your silly survey.

      Your pretense of being a friend to Jews is a thinly disguised deception for your disgusting stereotyping. Go back to your racist cave and rot in Hell. You do not fool me, or anyone else.

      • agreed mark, only a person filled with irrational hatred would make a comment/observation without a point as to why being Jewish matters in any way or thinking that the point IS being Jewish. FYI Joe-I am atheist (not that it matters). Stick to the stormfront forums you delusional bastard.

      • You did a “demographic analysis”? How did you determine the “Jewish” status? Was it on their Facebook profiles? Idiot.

  4. Fox Nation is the white trash Pravda. That is all anyone needs to know about it.

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