Bipartisan and Unity? Trump’s State of the Union Speech Was Neither, But It Was Filled With Lies

Donald Trump’s first (and hopefully last) State of the Union address was sold as an attempt to embrace bipartisanship and unity. That was just another promise that Trump failed to deliver on. The actual speech turned out to be more partisan than any SOTU in memory, and seemed to be utterly hostile to unity.

Donald Trump

You have to wonder what part of this address the Trump people thought was bipartisan. Was it Trump’s boasting about sabotaging ObamaCare by eliminating the individual mandate? Or was it his immigration rhetoric that focused more on gangs than Dreamers? Or was it the cheers he elicited from Republicans for directing his Secretary of Defense to keep Guantanamo Bay open? Or maybe it was when he ordered his cabinet secretaries to be his accomplices to obstruction of justice by firing anyone who gets in his way (i.e. Rosenstein, Mueller, etc.). It couldn’t have been his concession to cooperate with the special counsel’s probe of Russian interference in the election, because he never mentioned any of that.

What Trump did succeed in doing was to lie repeatedly about what state he imagined the union to be in. PolitiFact was live-tweeting the speech and posted these comments as they occurred:

That should do for a start. After all, no one really expected Trump to do anything but continue telling more of the same lies he’s been telling for the past couple of years. And that was one expectation that he was able to live up to.

If Trump thinks this speech is going to create a new era of political harmony, he’s sicker than his phony doctor let on. You know that he will shortly return to insulting Democrats and complaining that “Crying” Chuck Schumer is trying to block him from wasting billions of dollars on a wall that will solve nothing. He’ll be tweeting about how his opponents won’t agree to everything this wannabe dictator demands. He’ll be shaking his tiny fists at the “fake” news media that has the audacity to report what he actually does and says.

However, in the spirit of unity, I would like to take a moment to agree with something that Trump said. It’s an observation that is difficult for anyone to dispute. It just may not have been timed very well:

Well said, Donnie. Now that’s something that millions of Americans who have rejected your leadership can get behind. We do need new leadership fast. Having a president with historically low approval ratings, who majorities of citizens say is embarrassing and lacks the intelligence or character to do the job, is not going to make America great.

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2 thoughts on “Bipartisan and Unity? Trump’s State of the Union Speech Was Neither, But It Was Filled With Lies

  1. I finally understand infinity! That is the amount of disgust and disdain I have for this vile ignoramus and his supporters!

  2. But Hair Drumpfenfuhrer may have established a record: probably the most number of “Pants on Fire” or “False” designations for a single speech. Well done, Mein Fooey!

    [And Politifact crashed for several minutes during the speech, which may also be a record….]

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