ACCORDING TO TRUMP: His Cult Followers are Deadheads Who Flock to See Him Repeat the Same Crap

From the day that Donald Trump descended from the “heaven’s” of his 5th Avenue tower on a golden escalator, his appeal to the dimwit demographic was apparent. His popularity relies on the same tactics employed to mesmerize the glassy-eyed disciples of a religious cult leader.

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Donald Trump, Fox News, QAnon

Trump has fully embraced the mantle of a messiah who demands unflinching loyalty and reverence as the only source of truth. It’s why he maligns the media as “the enemy of the people,” and condemns anyone who is insufficiently worshipful in the harshest terms. And it’s why he portrays himself as infallible, all-powerful, and the lone Earthly source of salvation.

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However, Trump sees himself as more than merely the world’s savior. He is also its most beloved pop culture character. He frequently refers to himself devoutly in the third person as “your favorite president, me.” Never mind that he is buried at the bottom of most polls ranking presidential favorability. In a recent survey by Axios/Harris, his Trump Crime Organization was rated the “most hated brand in America.”

On Friday Trump affirmed his adulatory impression of his holiness in an interview. Addressing why so many people attend his cult rallies despite his tedious repetition of the same things at every one, Trump described the lure of his lackeys as being akin to the obsessive compulsions of over-zealous fans…

“You have people that follow the rock bands and they listen to the same songs over and over and over, You have people that go to the Mona Lisa. They love the Mona Lisa and they’ll see it hundreds and hundreds of times, and it gets better every time.” […]

“You’re talking about the border, you’re talking about the military, you’re talking about low taxes, you’re talking about certain things. I can’t just make new things up because I wanna make a speech. I can tell them in different ways and I do sometimes do that, a lot of times. But they just want to hear it again and again.”

Of course. Trump is just like the Mona Lisa. You can hardly tell them apart. And his fans are the same as “Deadheads” (which works on so many levels). Trump believes that his relentless harping on problems that he utterly failed to resolve improves with every telling. But for most Americans his assertion that his lie-riddled rants “get better every time,” is more reminiscent of Beetlejuice, who bragged that “I’ve seen the Exorcist about 167 times, and it keeps getting funnier, every single time I see it”

Trump was also being too modest when he said that “I can’t just make new things up.” Sure he can. He does it all the time. But for some reason, Trump left out the matter that he most often whines about: The 2020 election that he decisively lost to President Biden. His presentations are little more than bitch sessions about how he is the world’s most tormented victim. If his followers fall for that, it really just tells you something about them. And if weren’t for the potential harm that he could cause, it would “keep getting funnier, every single time I see it.”

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What’s Troubling Trump Today? The Term ‘WOKE’ that He Has Repeatedly Used Himself

If there’s one thing that epitomizes the multitude of mental defects that Donald Trump displays, it’s that he is a perpetual outrage machine. Virtually every time he opens his mouth he is complaining about something or someone that has failed to supply the unflinching adoration that he demands. He is – in his own words – the most fabulous whiner.”

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Trump Fear

It doesn’t take much to set Trump off. Lately he has been obsessed with his rival for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, Florida Fuhrer Ron DeSantis. More of Trump’s posts on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, are attacks on DeSantis than on any other subject. His Fear of DeSantis transcends his feigned interests in immigration, Russia’s war crimes against Ukraine, the debt ceiling default, and even his imminent legal peril that has already produced 34 felony indictments, with more to come.

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On Thursday Trump was campaigning in Iowa where he unleashed yet another assault on “Ron DeSanctimonious,” as Trump calls him. This time it was a catty callout of DeSantis and his tedious rhetoric that certifies a diagnosis of acute “woke mind virus.” That affliction prompted Trump to disavow any association with “wokeism,” a disease that produces severe discombobulation, stupefaction, and dumbfoundery. Trump said that…

“I don’t like the term ‘woke.’ Because I hear the term ‘woke woke woke.’ It’s just a term they use. Half the people can’t define it. They don’t know what it is.”

As absurd as it sounds… Trump is right. Most people (including Trump) can’t define “woke.” And they surely don’t know that it originated in the Black community as a call to be conscious of oppression and discrimination, and to work to overcome the inequities of society. To the Trump/GOP cult it simply means anything that they don’t happen to approve of at a particular moment in time. But Congress will surely get to the bottom of it with their spanking new Anti-Woke Caucus that they claim will stop the “greatest domestic threat to America today.”

However, Trump’s aversion to the term now represents a stark reversal of his prior position. He has frequently used the term when it suited him to do so. Only a week ago his campaign boasted that “When he is re-elected, Pres. Trump will END this woke insanity and restore honest, patriotic education to our classrooms. First, he will FIRE Biden’s woke educrats.” And his adoption of the word goes back nearly two years, when he declared triumphantly that “Everything woke turns to sh*t.” Hmmm… Does that include Fox News?

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What makes this “woke-phobia” all the more preposterous is that the war against woke isn’t even an effective political strategy. A recent poll by USA Today/Ipsos found that a majority of Americans have a positive impression of the term. According to the poll…

“Fifty-six percent of those surveyed say the term means ‘to be informed, educated on, and aware of social injustices.’ That includes not only three-fourths of Democrats but also more than a third of Republicans.”

So DeSantis is barking up the wrong trepidation. And Trump isn’t helping himself by playing both sides of the contrived “woke-roversy.” The whole subject is a farce that serves only to distract from the real problems that face Republicans. Namely that their leading candidate is a twice-impeached, serial sexual abuser, who has civil and criminal cases pending for crimes ranging from financial scams to election fraud to inciting an insurrection to espionage. And America is “woke” to that.

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Trump Proposes a Flagrantly Unconstitutional Executive Order to Revoke Birthright Citizenship

No one is ever going to mistake Donald Trump with anything resembling a constitutional scholar. He has likely never read it, and wouldn’t understand it if he did. Every attempt he has made to cite it is nearly comical, if it weren’t for the deadly serious consequences of his flaming ignorance.

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Donald Trump, Constitution

Even worse, to the extent that Trump pretends to grasp the meaning of the Constitution, he holds zero respect for it or the legal authority it has held for more than two centuries. He has complained about the First Amendment protection of freedom of the press by repeatedly maligning the media in Stalinist terms as “the enemy of the people.” He attempted a violent coup in order to cling to power. He even literally called for the termination of the Constitution…

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On Tuesday morning Trump took another swipe at America’s constitutional foundations. On his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social, he posted a video in which he promised to issue an executive order that he thinks would override constitutional law, if he were to be reelected…

“As part of my plan to secure the border on Day One of my new term in office, I will sign an executive order making clear to federal agencies that under the correct interpretation of the law, going forward the future children of illegal aliens will not receive automatic U.S. citizenship.”

There’s just one (at least) problem with that promise. It is a blatant violation of the Constitution’s 14th Amendment that says that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

No president, including aspiring authoritarians like Trump, can issue executive orders that violate the Constitution. Not that anyone really needs to worry about Trump keeping promises. After all, with regard to immigration, he previously promised that during his first term he would build a border wall and make Mexico pay for it.

Trump’s video was filled with ludicrous remarks, such as his assertion that Biden “launched an illegal foreign invasion of our country;” that refugees “come from mental institutions [and] jails;” that “many scholars [say] this current policy is based on a historical myth;” and that his policy will “end the unfair practice known as birth tourism [and] chain migration.” [NOTE: Melania Trump allegedly lied in order to reside in the U.S. and later brought in her family via chain migration]

None of that is even tangentially related to reality. And you’ll notice that Trump doesn’t bother to name any of the alleged “scholars” who hold that the actual language of the Constitution is a myth. However, Trump’s hysterical rant leaves out another part of the Constitution that holds a significant relevance. The 14th Amendment also says that…

No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.” [emphasis added]

So according to the Constitution, Donald Trump, as well as numerous Republicans in Congress, should not be permitted to serve due to their having engaged in an insurrection. But despite that prohibition, Trump remains singularly determined to impose his tyrannical dominance over the nation. He has even called for the 2020 election to be declared “irreparably compromised,” paving the way for him to be crowned the new King of America. That’s how sickly un-American he and his glassy-eyed cult disciples are.

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DeSantis Issues a Fascist Fatwa on Fox News to ‘Destroy Leftism’ – Meaning Millions of Americans

The race to the bottom in the 2024 Republican presidential primary continues apace now that Ron DeSantis is officially a candidate. Never mind that his announcement on Twitter was glitch-filled farce. And set aside that he is trailing Donald Trump by anywhere between 20 and 60 points.

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Ron DeSantis

Despite Trump’s lead among the MAGA cult that dominates the Republican Party, he is feverishly obsessed with the threat that DeSantis poses to his quest for the nomination. Trump posts more comments on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, about DeSantis than any other single subject. Yet he cheerfully welcomes all other GOP contenders into the fray. There’s a reason for that…

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Meanwhile, DeSantis is parading around on right-wing media, hoping to prove that he is more Trumpy than Trump. On virtually every issue DeSantis is running to Trump’s right. He’ll deport more immigrants than Trump. He’ll ban more books than Trump. He hates LGBTQ+ people more than Trump. He’ll suppress more votes than Trump.

Most of all, DeSantis pledges to wage a more hostile, censorious, and totalitarian war against “woke” (whatever that means) than Trump. Even if that means the political genocide of his ideological foes. On Monday morning DeSantis was on Fox News responding why he thinks this is the right time for his campaign…

“Everyone knows that if I’m the nominee that I will beat Biden. I will serve two terms. And I will be able to destroy leftism in this country, and leave ‘woke’ ideology on the dustbin of history.”

First of all, if virtually every recent poll is any indication, DeSantis has little hope of beating President Biden, much less serving two terms. But more disturbing is his promise to “destroy leftism.” Bearing in mind that what Republicans mean when they say anything about the “left” in American politics is every member of, and voter for, the Democratic Party. Republicans thinks that Joe Manchin is a leftist. Having a “D” after your name is a scarlet letter denoting a devotion to Marxism, according to the tunnel-blind cretins of the GOP.

Consequently, DeSantis is advocating the elimination of at least half of the American people. And he thinks that that will be an effective campaign strategy. While it might have some appeal to the glassy-eyed cultists who vote in GOP primaries, it would be disastrous in the general election.

DeSantis is just trying to prove his bona fides as an aspiring autocrat in the mold of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Donald Trump. He believes that diverse opinions and free thought must be stamped out in favor of a philosophy of single minded thought control, and punishment – even destruction – for any offenders. His election to any office is a threat to freedom. And it is a course of action he has already implemented in Florida. He must not be permitted to spread it nationwide.

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Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee Threatens the First Amendment Rights of American Businesses

The Republican Party has long sought to be the torch carriers for corporations, spearheading their interests by slashing taxes and regulations to the detriment of the American people who are forced to take up the slack. But then, it was the GOP justices on on the Supreme Court who decided that corporations are, in their warped view, people.

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Donald Trump, Boycott

Somehow, that pro-corp bias on the part of the right has been flipped as Republicans are now feverishly engaged in battle with the businesses and lobbyists that they previously catered to. It isn’t a coincidence that this transformation took place during the era of Donald Trump, who has turned “retribution” for any ideological divergence from his doctrine into a political mandate. It’s framed as a “War on Woke,” whatever the heck that means.

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This diseased philosophy is bad enough when it is espoused by individual politicians and pundits. But it is significantly worse, and more dangerous, when the official gears of governmet are grinding it out. Which is precisely what happened on late Wednesday night when Jim Jordan, the Republican chair of the House Judiciary Committee, tweeted this: “Bud Light. Disney. Target. Go WOKE. Go BROKE.”

First of all, if anything is “broke” it’s Jordan’s brain. The companies he is singling out are not remotely at risk for going broke. They are, in fact, among the most profitable businesses in the country/world.

More to the point, what Jordan is doing here is overtly threatening American companies with bankruptcy, or other financial vengeance dealt out by the government, for daring to exercise their constitutional rights under the First Amendment. In this case, the companies offended Republicans by expressing their support for their LGBTQ+ customers. Which is, of course, entirely legal, not that Jordan or the GOP care.

This is not merely an attack on American companies conducting business as they see fit. It is an attack on American workers who would be harmed if these companies suffered financially due to Jordan’s unlawful, autocratic bullying. It is also an attack on local economies that could suffer when businesses are forced to alter their growth plans. Just ask Ron DeSantis, whose feud with Disney resulted in the company canceling plans for an office – and 2,000 jobs – in Florida after he began retaliating against them for rejecting his bigotry.

These neo-fascist tactics by the Trumpian GOP are not new. Jordan recently threatened the anti-trust status of Major League Baseball. Not because that status may not be warranted as a matter of economic policy, but because the League scheduled a “Pride” night to honor their LGBTQ+ fans. And Trump himself has advocated for boycotts of dozens of American companies, including Apple, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Citigroup, Oreos, etc.

FOR INSTANCE: Trump is “The King of Cancel Culture” who “Hypocritically Calls for Boycotts.”

Jordan is not alone in his mission to tear down American companies. He is joined by the GOP’s misnamed “Freedom Caucus” and by, of course, Fox News. Yet all of these fatuous phonies persist in pretending to be pro-business and free speech. But their lies are on display where everyone can see them. They hate American business. They hate American workers. They hate America.


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Fox News Finally Recognizes ‘The Biggest Problem for Donald Trump’ and it Isn’t Ron DeSantis

For the American people, Fox News has never been a reliable chronicler of what is going on in the country or the world. Their staunchly partisan, rightist slanting of current events – or history for that matter – was designed from its inception to deceive on behalf of the conservative agenda and the Republican Party.

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Donald Trump, Prison

As the 2024 presidential election cycle begins to unfold, Fox News continued its mission to advance the interests of the far right. Even after some of the most devastating blows to its already journalistically unscrupulous reputation as revealed by the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit that they recently settled for nearly a billion dollars.

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For much of the past seven years, Fox News has served as Donald Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, advancing his interests and defending him from any and all criticism. One of their most frequent methods of aiding and abetting Trump’s cultish MAGA movement has been to simply ignore any bad news. And that’s particularly true with regard to the multitude of civil and criminal cases for which he is the subject.

Which makes the remarks Wednesday morning by Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade all the more surprising:

“The biggest problem for Donald Trump might not be Ron DeSantis, might be the court cases. As you saw yesterday, he’s gotta be in court in March. Right in the middle of the primary season. As you see what happened yesterday. He’s sending his lawyers to send to a letter to Merrick Garland saying ‘I want to meet.’ Because it looks like an indictment is coming out of the Mar-a-Lago case. So his biggest threat is something that has nothing to do with this widening field.”

Indeed. Ron DeSantis is hardly a threat to Trump’s aspirations for the GOP nomination. Neither is Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, or Asa Hutchinson. The MAGA cult is all in for Trump and totally uninterested in his wannabes.

However, the looming legal perils that Trump faces are becoming more treacherous for Trump by the day. Kilmeade vaguely referred to a couple of them. The one for which Trump must appear in court next March involves his indictment on 34 felonies related to hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence prior to the 2016 election.

More ominous for Trump is the letter Kilmeade mentioned from Trump’s lawyers to Attorney General Merrick Garland. It was Trump’s pathetic cry for mercy as he acknowledges that more indictments are imminent with regard to his theft and hoarding of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, and his incitement of the January 6th insurrection.

Trump’s lawyers pleaded with Garland for an audience so that they could whine about how “unfairly” Trump thinks he is being treated. But their letter doesn’t bother to provide any details about what such a meeting would discuss or accomplish, other than to complain and rant irrelevantly about Hunter Biden…

“We represent Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, in the investigation currently being conducted by the Special Counsel’s Office. Unlike President Biden, his son Hunter, and the Biden family, President Trump is being treated unfairly. No President of the United States has ever, in the history of our country, been baselessly investigated in such an outrageous and unlawful fashion.

“We request a meeting at your earliest convenience to discuss the ongoing injustice that is being perpetrated by your Special Counsel and his prosecutors.”

For the record, there is nothing unfair or unlawful about the special counsel probe of Trump. It is based on barrels full of incriminating evidence and testimony, much of it from Trump associates. What’s more, the only reason that no president in history has been subjected to this sort of investigation is that no other president was so transparently craven and criminally corrupt.

Garland was right to decline the meeting with Trump’s attorneys. He has maintained an ethical distance from the Trump probe, just has he has from the Biden documents probe and the recently concluded Durham Nothingburger.

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The fact that Trump’s attorney’s can so casually be dispatched is proof of just how feeble Trump is in these waning days of his increasingly impotent political life. But expect him to become ever more outraged in response to his dwindling influence. Like a cornered rat he will bare his tiny teeth and squeal incessantly in the hopes of scaring off his foes and preserving whatever scraps of cheese he can.


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Fox News Hack Laura Ingraham Draws Trump’s Wrath for Showing a Poll that Affirms He’s a Loser

The 2024 primary for the Republican nomination for president is already in full swing with five declared candidates vying to upset the party’s entrenched cult messiah, Donald Trump. And that doesn’t even include undeclared, but probable, candidates Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence, and at least eight others.

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Laura Ingraham, Fox News

For his part, Trump has been waging a feeble campaign from the safety of his Mar-a-Lago bunker, where he frantically posts demented comments on his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social. Occasionally he will venture out to attend a cult rally or participate in a dreadful, so-called town hall on CNN.

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On Tuesday morning Trump excoriated his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, for failing to be unflinchingly worshipful. It’s a posture he has assumed frequently as of late. Earlier this week he complained about a segment that didn’t damn DeSantis to hell, saying that “He sucks, and so does Fox News.” But on this occasion, the target of Trump’s tantrum was one of his most devoted boosters on the network, Laura Ingraham. Trump bellowed that…

“Laura Ingraham on FoxNews just did a hit piece on me (there go her ratings!) showing some polls which indicate that Ron DeSanctimonious may do better against Biden than I would, when actually polls show that I do MUCH better against Biden than ‘Rob.’ The poll your looking at now, which has me doing far better against Crooked Joe, was just put out by FOX, I am sure unhappily. I’m also leading DeSanctus by over 40 points in Primary Voting. Watch Greg Kelly on Newsmax at 10:00 P.M.”

What triggered Trump was a segment on Ingraham’s show Monday night, wherein her conservative pundit guest blasphemed Trump’s divine infallibility saying that…

“Donald Trump, in almost all the polls that we’ve seen that have been done so far, granted it’s early, is behind Joe Biden. Now Joe Biden is running pretty badly against generic Republicans, maybe against a Tim Scott or against a Ron DeSantis type figure, but he’s consistently beating Donald Trump.”

Ingraham should know better than to ever say anything that isn’t utterly adoring of Trump. Doing so lands you a spot on his ever-growing enemies list. And to suggest that President Biden could defeat Trump – which he did decisively already – is unadulterated heresy.

Trump is doing his part to destroy Fox News, which may be the only thing he has ever done to benefit American society. However, his assault on Ingraham may be wasted considering that she is already rumored to have lost her primetime spot in the wake of the firing of Tucker Carlson. Fox has announced programming changes that would move wingnuts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld to primetime, which would mean Ingraham is pushed out.

Newsmax has been the beneficiary of the Carlson dumping as Fox News ratings have cratered since then, and some of that audience has migrated to Newsmax. Trump’s post exacerbates that exodus as he urges his cult followers to flip over to the ultra-rightist Newsmax during Ingraham’s 10:00pm time period.

As for the battle between Trump and DeSantis, there are several polls that show DeSantis doing better than Trump against Biden. But Trump is known for denying reality and/or deceiving his followers to insist that he is always winning whatever fight he’s in. Never mind that he has been singularly responsible for Republican losses in 2020 and 2022. And there’s no reason not to assume that he won’t have the same impact in 2024. Even without Fox News to prop him up.

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Trump Files Ludicrous Lawsuit Against the Washington Post for Defaming His Truth Social Scam

The only business activity that Donald Trump has ever demonstrated any commitment to is baseless and bitter litigation against other enterprises that he is unable to compete with honestly, or simply refuses to deal with fairly. His lawsuits are not much more than personal attacks on anyone he can’t bully into submission.

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Donald Trump

Among the targets of Trump’s pathological litigiousness are media outlets that he believes have blasphemed him or failed to appreciate his divine infallibility. More often than not, his efforts have led to legal humiliation as the cases are dismissed or dropped or lost outright. Which is the likely outcome of his latest loopy lawsuit.

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the parent company of his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, has just announced that it is suing the Washington Post for $3.7 billion dollars for defamation, a figure far in excess of what Trump’s anti-social media firm is actually worth.

Trump has no basis for this suit. For one thing, he is constantly claiming that his Pravda Social is a massive success, greatly eclipsing Twitter. Also, it’s hard to defame a business that began as a fraud and went downhill from there. Nevertheless, according to reports

“The lawsuit, filed by Trump Media & Technology Group Corp (TMTG) in Florida’s Sarasota County, claims that a 13 May article that alleged the company may have committed securities fraud was false and defamatory, and posed an ‘existential threat.’

“The article titled ‘Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social’ alleged that the company had concealed key details about a proposed merger from the Securities and Exchange Commission and shareholders, citing internal documents provided by a whistleblower.”

Right off the bat, Trump’s lawsuit is invalid. He cannot claim defamation if the Post reported that TMTG, which is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), “may have committed securities fraud.” That’s an accurate presentation of facts. Furthermore, the Post is merely reporting what is happening as sourced to a whistleblower from within TMTG.

Among other things, the SEC is probing TMTG and Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC), the shell company that TMTG is using to get a place on the stock exchange, for possible insider trading and stock fraud. Trump’s operation is also the subject of a Grand Jury investigation in New York. What’s more, it was recently revealed that Truth Social may have violated money laundering statutes in connection with the acceptance of $8 million in Russian funds connected to Vladimir Putin.

The litany of lawsuits by Trump & Co. have not only named the Washington Post, but also the New York Times, CNN, and others. He has even sued the board of the Pulitzer Prize committee to demand that they revoke awards given to the Post and the Times for their accurate reporting on his unsavory associations with Russia and Putin’s assistance during his presidential campaigns. For a primer on Trump’s legal maneuvers, see the following…

Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Faces Legal and Financial Turmoil Amid Disclosures of Russian Funding
The report notes that the sources of the funding include the off-shore Paxum Bank, based in the Caribbean island nation, Dominica. It is notorious for “providing banking services for the pornography and sex worker industries, which makes it higher risk of engaging in money laundering and other illicit financing.”

Trump Sues the Pulitzer Prize Board for Honoring Accurate Stories of His Russian Collusion
The Pulitzer Board had an independent review conducted after receiving a demand from Trump to rescind the awards. That review found that “no passages or headlines, contentions or assertions in any of the winning submissions were discredited by facts that emerged subsequent to the conferral of the prizes.”

After Goofy Lawsuit Against CNN, Trump Threatens More Suits, Including the January 6th Committee
The crux of Trump’s complaint is that CNN’s use of labels describing him as a “racist,” “Russian lackey,” “insurrectionist,” and comparable to Hitler are defamatory. Apparently his lawyers have not advised him that the truth is a solid defense against allegations of defamation.

Trump Attorney Announces Laughable Lawsuit Against CNN for Accurately Calling Trump a Liar
Lindsey Halligan, one of a string of Trump’s incompetent attorneys, appeared this week on recently convicted Steve Bannon’s ‘War Room’ podcast to announce a threat to sue CNN. The complaint is typically preposterous and offers more opportunity for comedy than for anything of any legal importance.

LOCK HIM UP: Trump’s TRUTH Social Scam is Being Criminally Investigated By a Federal Grand Jury
Digital World Acquisition Corp., revealed in a securities filing Monday that it became aware on June 16 that each member of its board of directors received subpoenas from a federal grand jury in New York.

Trump’s Lawsuit Against His Niece Mary and the NY Times is a Confession that She’s Telling the Truth
Trump announced his latest legal misadventure wherein he is suing his niece, Mary Trump, and the New York Times for, as stated in the filing, “tortiously breaching and/or interfering with his contractual rights and otherwise maliciously conspiring against him.” Because paranoid delusions are another of his known psychoses.

So this latest lawsuit stunt is just another in the series of Trump’s ridiculous and malicious legal misadventures. There is no plausible path for success in these suits. But since Trump is spending the money that he has conned from his cult followers, what does he care about it? He’ll just whine that courts are all rigged after he loses again.

UPDATE: Trump elaborates on his whining with a another post saying “So Dominion gets almost a Billion Dollars and I, after years of Fake News, Hoaxes, Scams, and Investigations, am entitled to NOTHING? Is that really the way it’s supposed to work? I don’t think so!”

Actually, that is precisely the way it works. Dominion proved their case in court. Trump has failed repeatedly, because he has no evidence and no case.

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Wannabe Messiah Trump Claims that Only He Can ‘End the Bloodshed and Bring Peace to the World’

The raging Ego of Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump, is once again presenting himself in the terms of the Western hemisphere’s most divine savior of mankind. Trump has often taken on the mantle of holiness despite his conspicuous lack of spirituality and ignorance of the faith he pretends to follow.

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Donald Trump Messiah

Trump’s messiah complex has emerged previously when literally exalting himself the as “Chosen One” and the “Second Coming” of god. When he wasn’t claiming to be the incarnation of Jesus, Trump has outright asserted that he is “the most honest human being god ever created” Never mind that he is the same person who couldn’t cite a single bible verse as his favorite and has no idea what “Original Sin” means.

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On this Sunday morning Trump is, as usual, abstaining from church so that he can post his own revelatory wisdom on his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social. And the sermon for today is about how Trump is the only person on the planet who can save humanity from World War III. No, really. He posted the following comment for his cult followers:

“Biden continues to bring the world ever closer to nuclear war. I alone am the candidate who can prevent World War 3. I will end the killing and bloodshed and bring peace to Europe and the World!”

Trump is responding to recent reports that President Biden is approving another $375 million dollars in aid to Ukraine, and authorizing F-16 flight training for Ukrainians. It’s affirmation of his commitment to help Ukraine in its battle for democracy for as long it takes.

Trump, on the other hand, is laser focused on helping Vladimir Putin continue to commit war crimes and slaughter Ukrainian civilians. More to the point, if Trump has a plan to end Russia’s war of aggression and avoid World War III, why has he been refusing to tell anyone? Does he want millions to die in a worldwide conflagration that he claims to be able to prevent? Because in a best case scenario from his perspective, he wouldn’t be president until January of 2025, and by then we would all be dead.

More likely, Trump’s “peace” plan is similar to is his infrastructure plan, or his healthcare plan, or his border wall, or any of the other phantom initiatives he claimed were two weeks away. And to the extent that it might exist, probably consists of cutting off aid to Ukraine and letting Putin get everything he wants.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has claimed to have a peace proposal that only he knows about, but would work within 24 hours. And it’s typical of his glorified vision of himself as the world’s sole salvation. But in reality, Trump may be the closest America has come to commencing Armageddon. And nothing affirms that more than his his own words…


Eric Trump Wonders Why Lying Cost Fox News Millions, but Truth-Telling Cost Other Media Nothing

Some members of the family of Donald Trump have been a major part of his public life. He has included them in his businesses, his television programs, and even his brief but agonizing occupation of the White House. He has relied on their support to avoid forming relationships with other more qualified people that he couldn’t trust or understand.

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Fox News, Bullshit Factory

Perhaps the least recognized of his spawn (excepting Tiffany) is his son Eric Trump, who frequently reaches out pitifully for unrequited affection. However, on Saturday morning Daddy honored ‘lil Eric with a reposting of a comment on his floundering Twitter scam, Truth Social. The subject of Eric’s post was triggered by his dismay that Fox News had to agree to a nearly billion dollar settlement as a result of their flagrant and malicious lies about Dominion Voting Systems.

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What troubled and confused Eric was that Fox News was held to account for deliberately lying, while other media paid no price at all for telling the truth. Eric wrote (and Papa reposted) that…

“Fox News was forced pay $787 Million to settle a lawsuit over ‘disinformation,’ yet there is zero apology or monetary penalty to the @NewYorkTimes, @WashingtonPost, @CNN, @MSNBC or others for the fake Trump-Russia hoax which maliciously slandered @realDonaldTrump (and his family) for over three years. The double standards of justice are glaring.”

Eric seems to believe that the media outlets he mentioned have done something similar to what Fox News did. Although, like his father, he doesn’t bother to provide any evidence for his wild accusations. His outrage stems from the recent report produced by “special” counsel John Durham that failed to uncover any shred of wrongdoing with regard to federal investigations of Donald Trump’s well documented unsavory associations with Russians trying to interfere with the U.S. election.

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Eric doesn’t appear to grasp that Fox News had to pay up because Dominion sued them and proved their case with actual evidence of malice on the part of Fox’s executives and hosts. No such evidence was produced by Trump or Durham that would warrant any monetary penalty. In fact, Durham concludes his own report saying that he “does not recommend any wholesale changes in the guidelines and policies that the Department and the FBI now have in place” In other words, he found nothing illegal or even improper.

If Eric really wants to punish the press the way Fox News was punished, perhaps he should have his father sue them like Dominion did.

Oh wait. Donald Trump actually has sued, or threatened to sue, media companies for defaming him and his “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen” from him. However, none of those lawsuits have produced any evidence to support Trump’s claims. Many of them have been dismissed as unfounded and frivolous.

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That’s why there haven’t been any of the apologies or monetary penalties that Eric hankers for. And it’s why the double standard that he alleges is a figment of his imagination. But don’t expect these realities to dissuade him and his father from continuing to gaslight their cult followers. It’s all they have done for decades and they aren’t about to change now.

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