Why is Trump Bragging that He Presided Over the Biggest ‘Election Hoax’ Ever?

Nearly a month after election day Donald Trump is still dodging reality as if it’s an Elm Street nightmare that threatens his mortal soul. He refuses to accept that he lost to Joe Biden by a decisive margin that has been validated by every state election official, Democratic or Republican. But his rage-drenched panic has suppressed any rationality that might have been hiding in the crevices of his diseased cranium.

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Trump’s psychotic behavior threatens to undermine the nation’s faith in democracy. It’s a form of sabotage that Trump is engaging in that would be described as treasonous were it done by an American agent of a hostile foreign power. It is profoundly disturbing for the President of the United States to repeatedly make baseless accusations of criminal election fraud against the FBI, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, governors, secretaries of state, poll workers, the media (including Fox News), and various Democrats and Republicans.

In a fit of desperation, Trump has resorted to his favorite attack strategy that consists solely of crying insolently that he is the victim of a “hoax.” He’s done this so often that it has become a laughable farce that no sane person takes seriously. Trump has recycled this lame complaint from use during the “Russia hoax,” the “impeachment hoax,” the “sexual harassment hoax,” the “Ukraine hoax,” the “tax returns hoax,” and most recently, the “coronavirus hoax.”

Which leads us to the “election hoax.” Trump has been pushing this for several months. It has taken many forms as he endeavors to plant these seeds of nefarious deeds into the pliable minds of his cult disciples. His Twitter feed is littered with examples like…

What Trump fails to notice about this Twitter tantrum is that everything he’s alleging occurred under his watch. If this is the biggest election scandal in history, then he’s responsible for permitting it to happen. There were plenty of opportunities to tighten up election security in the past four years, but he and his GOP confederates in Congress refused to take any action. Except, that is, to suppress voting in communities that were predominantly Democratic and people of color. So any complaints Trump has about the execution of this election should be addressed to himself.

Even worse, Trump also fails to notice that he is portraying himself as pathetically weak. He is whining petulantly about being beaten by a cabal of opponents that he routinely characterizes as frail, crazy, sleepy, or otherwise inferior to the Mighty Trump. His tormentors are mainly Democrats and administration underlings, many of whom are his own appointees. Add to that thousands of co-conspirators who are all exceptionally adept at keeping secrets. There’s no leaking, no mistakes, and no whistleblower disclosures of any evidence of this allegedly massive conspiracy of election fraud.

The U.S. president is commonly referred to as the leader of the free world. It’s a position of unparalleled global power. But Trump acts more like a helpless infant who can’t successfully fend off a rag-tag gang of elite politicos and nerdy journalists. And yet he wants people to respect and fear him as a Mussolini-esque strongman who can best any foe and produce so much winning that you’ll tire of it. Well, he surely has made people tired of his whining and excuses for failure. So maybe he can take some solace in that as he skulks off to sulk in his bunker.

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4 thoughts on “Why is Trump Bragging that He Presided Over the Biggest ‘Election Hoax’ Ever?

  1. The constant alleging of calling our elections fraudulent, a most very legal process if I may add, is in itself and treasonous act. This is undermining our Democracy and unlawfully casts doubt on the elections. The liar-in-chief needs to be held accountable now and even indicted for a treasonous act.

  2. Trump has presided over the biggest “election hoax” ever, but it’s just not the one he thinks it is. The real hoax is the notion that he actually won the 2020 vote.

  3. Not only all of the above but now the alleged ‘conspiracy theories are beginning to run riot in a monumental way. These idiots defy sanity itself. TrumpetArse has set out to destroy the nation’s faith in its own electoral process and his sheeple can’t even see that. There’s been a lot from him about the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society; one can find references to ‘Amistad Project’ AND the Thomas More Society but the only references joining the two are pro-Trump online rags. I found a mention of a Phill Kline who is the alleged director of this mysterious entity and on further investigation, found that his license to practice law was suspended in 2017! Is this desperation or is this desperation? Am posting this on Twitter as per usual.

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