Moyers On Murdoch

Bill Moyers, perhaps our country’s finest journalist, expounds on the evils of Rupert Murdoch, the Media Mephistopheles.

“…Murdoch is no saint; he is to propriety what the Marquis de Sade was to chastity. When it comes to money and power he’s carnivorous: all appetite and no taste. He’ll eat anything in his path. Politicians become little clay pigeons to be picked off with flattering headlines, generous air time, a book contract or the old-fashioned black jack that never misses: campaign cash. He hires lobbyists the way Imelda Marcos bought shoes, and stacks them in his cavernous closet, along with his conscience…”

Damn, I wish I’d said that. Murdoch is actually well represented as Mephistopheles, the demon to whom Faust sold his soul for knowledge. Knowledge, in this respect, is the information that comprises the news. The role of Faust is currently being played by the Bancroft family as they contemplate selling Dow Jones, and their souls, to Murdoch.

Watch the whole essay from Bill Moyer’s Journal.


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One thought on “Moyers On Murdoch

  1. Let me first say that I stumbled upon this obviously rich addition to the “alternative” media fountains merely by supporting the exceptionally acid, candid and so very true profile of Murdoch, “media tycoon,” sketched by Bill Moyers on his 6/29 blog. There, going before my comments are words from News Corps Blog! It makes my day. Folks, Mark is right about Bill. I urge you to read Moyers Journal at PBS, then read the often vindictive, judgemental words posted by Americans cheerfully willing to consign Bill and the rest of us to deserved oblivion. O’Reilly, Rove et al only put a gnarly face on the plump, smug body of conservatism.

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