A Pictorial History Of Gas Prices As Presented By Fox News

For most of the first half of this year Fox News has relentlessly lambasted President Obama for rising gas prices. The narrative from Fox was that the increase was entirely the fault of the President, despite the fact that experts attributed the rise to lower international demand, political volatility in the Middle East, and other strictly market-based events.

Now that gas prices have fallen significantly, failing to reach the outrageous predictions of Fox News analysts, Fox has largely ignored the issue. So it seems like a good time to offer a quick pictorial reminder of how Fox frames their brazenly biased reporting.

Fox News Gas Prices

Dishonest as always, Fox News is feverishly striving to demonize Obama and canonize Romney. If Fox continues to act as a surrogate for the GOP they should lose their broadcast license. They are not a news enterprise, they are the the PR arm of the Republican Party.


2 thoughts on “A Pictorial History Of Gas Prices As Presented By Fox News

  1. Fox! Providing misinformation to low effort thinkers everywhere! Thanks for watching Propaganda Central so we don’t have to. I would bet that all those Faux Noise watchers and Rush low-effort thinking ditto-heads actually BELIEVE that gas prices were in the $8 range, despite the current pump price of around $3.50. There are none so blind…..

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