Fox News Ratings Collapse On First Day Of The Democratic National Convention

The ratings for the cable news networks on day one of the Democratic National Convention are out and they reveal much about the nation’s political divisions.

First of all, MSNBC won the night. That may seem like a given, but in reality that was a steep hill to climb for a network that rarely enjoys a single program win. Last night, however, MSNBC not only beat its cable rivals, but also two of the broadcast networks. They came in second only to their sister network, NBC.

More significant is the fact that Fox News, the number one cable news network, saw a steep decline, coming in dead last. For Fox to lose to both MSNBC and CNN is a rare occurrence and gives us a fascinating look into the audience composition of the network

We know that Fox News is the channel of choice for Republicans and conservatives. Their devotion is almost cult-like. In multiple analyses of Fox’s ratings it is apparent that their audience is fiercely loyal. They are not inclined to switch channels, even to watch a GOP debate on another network. Their core audience is stuck on their channel regardless of what else is on.

During the recent Republican convention, Fox’s ratings were up only slightly from their normal programming. And the network was down only 2% from what they did during the 2008 GOP convention. That’s how consistent their audience is on a regular basis. However, for the first day of the Democratic convention they sunk about 66%. What could account for that uncharacteristic decline?

Obviously the FoxPods were faced with a dilemma. They had no intention of tuning in some other channel. But their pet channel was broadcasting {yuck} Democrats. So the Tea-publicans that make up Fox’s audience sucked it up and turned off Fox. We do not know where where these viewers went, but it’s a safe bet that they did not venture into Lamestream Media territory. Perhaps they had DVR’ed “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” But they weren’t watching Fox News.

Pray for Fox NewsThis means that the Fox News audience made a deliberate choice to avoid any exposure to the party they regard as their enemy. They refused to listen to views that Fox has convinced them are dangerous and representative of foreign, Muslim, communist, and godless pagans. They voluntarily separated themselves from the heresy that might have infected their pious souls.

That is behavior consistent with cults. They make a point of disassociating with apostates and blasphemers who might divert them from the true path. Even if those “threats” are close family members. The cult leaders demand strict loyalty. And that is precisely what Fox News gets from their disciples.


4 thoughts on “Fox News Ratings Collapse On First Day Of The Democratic National Convention

  1. It also shows people who care about real news and unbiased reporting did not go to fox, which is the case in general. I let others watch fox so I don’t have to and read about their inanities from objective sources. This story gives me hope because, I believe, it clearly shows fox’s audience are people who will never be swayed no matter what information they are presented and hopefully they will remain in a monority.

    • Yeah, it’s safe to say that fox probably doesn’t change many minds, it reinforces what’s already there and mainly just creates an army of passionate (blissful) ditto heads. You gotta wonder what state the GOP would be in if Fox News didn’t exist.

      • I can’t help but think if fox news didn’t exist, the GOP might be a lot more moderate and not so insane regardless of what the talk radio idiots contribute.

        And with that dynamic, I think this nation wouldn’t have witnessed the environment that caused this latest recession, health care for all would be in full swing and a non-issue, the wars wouldn’t have occurred, we wouldn’t have to fight for women’s rights all over again, gay citizens wouldn’t still be viewed as second class and for gods sake trickle down economics would be shown to be the farce that it is. Hell, without fox news becoming the propaganda voice of the current GOP, we’d be a lot closer to being like…….America.

        And you’re both right; fox just reinforces the views of the intellectually lazy citizens who watch it.

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