OMFG: Mitt Romney’s New Black Leadership Council Chair: Allen West

Just when you think that politics has reached an epic high in absurdity, something happens that makes you realize that there is simply no limit to how monumentally deranged things can get.

Allen West

Last month an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll was released that showed Mitt Romney receiving 0% of the African-American vote. So what does Romney do to address that historic rejection? He chooses wackadoodle congressman Allen West of Florida to chair his Black Leadership Council. Yes, that’s Allen West who has said…

  • I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat Party who are members of the Communist Party.
  • If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party.
  • President Obama seems determined to punish and wipe out economic success in this country, leveling tax weapons of mass destruction on all taxpayers.
  • Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief.
  • [Obama] can take [his message] to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America.
  • You [Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz] are the most vile, unprofessional, and despicable member of the US House of Representatives.
  • Mainstream media’s is no longer reporting the news, they are propagandizing […] Goebbels is doing somersaults and back flips in his grave.

OK, so West is a paranoid, hateful, misogynist who is obsessed with Nazis and communists, but how does that affect his chairmanship of Romney’s Black Leadership Council? Well he is also a bitter opponent of the Congressional Black Caucus who he has disparaged as race-baiters. He diminishes the horrors of slavery by calling himself a runaway slave from the Democratic plantation. He has spoken out virulently against Muslims and immigrants and is hostile to multiculturalism.

The repugnant comments and behavior of West are not aberrations. They are representative of his malignant character. He was nearly drummed out of the Army for engaging in torture against innocent Iraqi civilians. And since all of the incidents noted above occurred prior to Romney appointing him to his Council, Romney now owns all of it. He surely vetted West before bringing him on board.

Allen West is about as welcome an ambassador to the American black population as David Duke. It is incomprehensible that Romney believes that someone as incendiary as West could advance Romney’s interests in the black community. Romney must be shooting for support from African-Americans that is below zero. Either that or he thinks there is a large, secret, self-hating black demographic that will propel him to victory.


9 thoughts on “OMFG: Mitt Romney’s New Black Leadership Council Chair: Allen West

  1. Romney must think we’re crazy if he thinks Allen West will get us to vote for him. No way. No how. We know that West represents the same things that Romney, Ryan, and the other GOPers do, and we know that it offers the nation and most of its citizens absolutely nothing. I don’t understand why republicans keep thinking that we vote on the basis of race. We don’t. We vote based on whether a candidate’s platform and vision for the nation is more closely aligned with ours–just as most Americans do. Republicans can keep claiming that a majority of Black Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because of his race, and they’ll continue to be wrong. This is a lazy, easy way for them to soothe their consciences and avoid facing the fact that it is their policies and supporters that cause us to reject their candidates. Why should we become members of a political party that demonizes, disparages, and scapegoats us every chance it gets? Why should we expect them to respect us any more than they’ve expected President Obama? Allen West is their “useful tool,” but most of us refuse to allow ourselves to be used by them. We’re no fools! They also don’t realize that it is an insult to us to make the claim that we voted for Obama because of his race. They are not known for being able to understand history and apply its lessons to the present. Also, they never consider the fact that a majority of us voted for Clinton and other white presidential candidates before Barack Obama ran for the office. I’ve voted for white presidential candidates since 1972, and until 2008, none of these GOP tools ever questioned why I voted for them. This tells me that their problem is not with my votes for white presidential candidates in the past, but with my vote for Barack Obama that led him to become the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. If the GOP wants to diversify its party, it will have to modify its platform, purge the haters from its ranks, and become more tolerant of people of color, American Muslims, LGBTQ Americans, and others. How the GOPers can expect a group of people, whose entire history in this country has been one of being oppressed by the haves, to support their candidates who condone and continue the same practices is something the GOPers need to think about.

    • anymore than they’ve *respected* President Obama.

    • Nicely said.

      And someone should ask whether the majority of white males who voted for McCain, and currently support Romney, are voting on the basis of race.

      • This is reminding me of that ’08 polling question, ‘Are you ready for a black president?’. It’s asking if you’re a racist, which is why it was clever. I wonder how many republican politicians said yes to that question, if any? Did anyone ever ask them?

  2. Look at it this way. If he hasn’t lost votes by being a pathological liar, then he’s lost the rest of them by being insensitive to racial issues.

    Either that, or Romney agrees with “Joe McCarthy’s heir apparent” in every one of his stupid comments.

    And like the weather in California, if you don’t like what Romney is currently doing, wait a few minutes.

  3. Vetted?

    I’m sure R-Money demanded a black man and his team grabbed the first one they found.

  4. The republicans think they can put any person of color out there, and regardless of their personal beliefs or history, that is going to convince them that they are concerned with any of their interests. Their cluelessness is mind boggling!

  5. You forgot one of my favorite Allen West claims:

    “I still retain a secret security clearance. And I tell you, if you look at the application for a security clearance, I have a clearance that even the president of the United States cannot obtain because of my background.”


    Stunningly, this claim was made when he was running for Congress for the first time. More stunningly, he won despite this claim (or probably because of it).

  6. This is the party that thought angry Hillary supporters would flock to their ignoramus VO candidate simply because she wears a skirt and has children too. And I thought Schmidt was out of the campaign this year? The person who replaced him is even more stupid (or do they want to lose this year too?)

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