Fox News Covers For White Christian Terrorists

Remember the other day when a terrorist plot was uncovered in Minnesota and the white Christian suspect was apprehended? And remember how subsequent to the arrest Fox News aired wall-to-wall reports about how white Christians ought to be surveilled in their communities and churches; how they should be denied visas; how they should be profiled by law enforcement; and how their ties to right-wing extremists should be investigated?

Fox News

Yeah, neither do I. The truth is that Fox has given this story about Buford Rogers little attention. And worse, they have almost completely ignored the fact that this alleged terrorist is a white member of right-wing militia groups. Fox has even avoided using a picture of Rogers, which would have made his ethnicity apparent. And over at the Fox Nation Lie Factory there was a single posting, with no photo, that was linked to a right-wing blog rather than a news source.

Given how Fox News is so notoriously sensationalistic and inclined toward hyper-melodramatic presentations of crime and terror-related news items, it might seem curious that they have sought to downplay this story. However, if you know Fox, it would not be surprising that their editors would suppress this item. It does not further their agenda to stigmatize Muslims and other “foreign” types as the primary instigators of terrorism.

None of Fox’s primetime programs even mentioned this arrest. And don’t hold your breath waiting for Fox to report that a majority of domestic terror incidents since 1995 were committed by right-wing extremists. The “fair and balanced” network is only interested in demonizing dark-skinned infidels, not wholesome, white, Jesus-loving, patriots.


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  1. Not to be outdone, MSNBC did FOX one better. A check of MSNBC this morning for Buford Rogers yielded the following:

    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

    There was a story on written by Pete Williams and Daniel Arkin, also with no picture of the suspected terrorist ==> .

    Also nothing on its FB Page at all about the story. Not sure if Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O’Donnell mentioned it on their air.

    It doesn’t appear to have been a major story on any of the major news networks. Perhaps it is because it was a foiled attempt and not worthy of the “over the top” on scene, 24/7 coverage. In the case of FOX News, they seem to have covered it just like everybody else.

    • Once again, you still think that saying the other guys do it too is a legitimate defense. But it’s really just an admission that I’m right about Fox. Plus, there are huge differences. MSNBC did not sensationalize the “Muslims are terrorists” angle the way Fox does, so they have no reason to counter it.

      There were stories on MSNBC, with photos, but perhaps you are unaware that there is no They will be relaunching their web site soon, but for now it redirects to NBC News.

      • “…that I am right about Fox…”

        Wrong as usual. John destroyed you yet again.

        • ‘destroyed’? ummm… no, doesn’t seem to be the case. FOX does all the things mark says they do, and whatever MSNBC or NBC or other news outlets do or don’t do doesn’t negate that fact.

          • Mark has been debunked so many times, we lost count long ago.

            • That’s only because you can’t count to zero.

  2. No, Mark. This is not a case of “once again”. This is a case where apparently FOX handled the story pretty much like everybody else, and even then, you found a way to smack them upside the head.

    I tend to agree with you that FOX is much more focused on Islamic extremists and their terrorist inclinations. It tends to be over the top sometimes. But you really have to stop trying to find an evil motive behind every story from FOX News.

    • 🙂 I stopping trying years ago. Mainly because with Fox it doesn’t take any effort to find evil motives.

      • Why are you all complaining? If you don’t know better than to listen to or give credence to Main strem media by now than your as bad as any FUX News Fanatic.
        It won’t matter in 10 yrs or less as Rupert will own every Newspaper and syndicated TV News Channel on the Air. I foresee an attempt by the Right to limit or shut down any Media that disagrees with their Propaganda Czar’s ideology.

        • But the ‘don’t trust the mainstream media’ meme is driven by the same political ideology that uses Fox – it’s the quick ‘jab’ to the Fox ‘left hook,’ the fallback default to cloud any cricism in a miasma of ‘it’s all the same;’ the horns of the dilemma that is offered to all critics: either Fox is just as legitimate a news sources as real news organizations, or if that doesn’t work, than Fox is no worse than all the other bad news sources. But Fox is not really a news organiation – marketing operation that uses news as its branding tool for the product it sells, which is right wing populism. So while it is obvious that all news must be looked at with a critical eye, the fact that all reportage has implicit biases and much is lazy, or sensationalistic and pack mentality journalism NOT the same as saying all news is intentionally and ideologically motivated with a tacit end in mind. That is the Fox hallmark, well established by any objective viewing and reported repeatedly by whistleblowers who have left the organization, and is also demonstrable from repeated surveys of ‘information’ that people THINK they get from these sources: people who watch Fox are routinely, objectively, the worst informed ‘news’ consumers in America.

      • “…evil motives…”

        Which is what this website continuously exhibits.

  3. I hate FoxNews they are so hypocritical!!I spent two hours watching FoxNews NOT A SINGLE BROADCAST ABOUT FOXES!!(JUST A JOKE GUYS)

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