Why Does Rush Limbaugh Hate Free Market Capitalism?

It never fails to surface that, whenever a conservative principle inures to a negative result for conservatives, they abandon their principles and whine like colicky babes.

Rush Limbaugh

This is the case now with Rush Limbaugh who is upset with one of his radio distributors and is threatening to jump ship. The CEO of Cumulus Media, whose stations carry Limbaugh in some of the nation’s biggest markets including New York, has publicly lamented the decline in revenue from Limbaugh’s program ever since he insulted student Sandra Fluke as a “slut.” The subsequent advertiser exodus was severe and sustained, costing Cumulus millions of dollars in lost ad sales.

According to Politico, Limbaugh is perturbed at Cumulus for correctly attributing the losses to Limbaugh’s fat mouth and boorish manner. The advertiser boycott that resulted is one of the most successful market protests in recent history.

Rather than conduct a clear-eyed self-examination and try to determine the root of the problem, Limbaugh has instead decided to lash out at his partners and, effectively, free market economics. He blithely spends hours on end delivering slobbering paeans to the virtues of capitalism, but when the market expresses its distaste for his rampant vulgar misogyny, he cowers in a defensive posture and hypocritically attacks the financial system he pretends to revere.

Should his threats prove to be more than a calculated tantrum to squeeze out a better contract, Limbaugh could find himself off the air in some major cities. He would likely find other stations to pick up the show, but he would also suffer from the transition. His show could go dark until new stations are found and they can unwind current contracts to make room for him. He would also create some heavyweight competition in what ever Cumulus puts on in his place.

In the end it’s fun to watch hypocrites flounder around when the tides turn against them and they have to make excuses for why the markets they swear by are rejecting them so fiercely.


10 thoughts on “Why Does Rush Limbaugh Hate Free Market Capitalism?

  1. The Big Fat Idiot has some problems. Most of which are mental…

  2. Rush Limbaugh is a national disgrace!

    • How many media types do you throw into the “National Disgrace” category? How exactly do you define that? You just used that description on another article for Glenn Beck – is that criteria #1 – they must be a right winger?

      • The criteria for that is someone that spreads disinformation to the masses, preys on fear and paranoia for financial gain and uses bigotry, racism, sexism or generally being full of disdain and malcontent for whatever other superficial reason you can think of. So yes, people that spread ludicrous lies with not a single shred of credible evidence, and use nothing but other paranoid loons as their proof… Would fall into the category of national dsigrace. Before you make that charge that liberals and conservatives are the same keep this mind.

        Republicans were against the big banks
        Republicans warned against nationalism
        Republicans warned of the corproate influence in politics
        Republicans were for protecting the environment
        Republicans freed the slaves

        Your party has changed, it’s not the democrats that have gone insane -_-

  3. Here in Portland OR, the real hatemongers were taken off the air back in November – people like Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, Ed Schultz, Bill Press. The station that was carrying these partisan windbags dropped the format and switched to sports-talk. The amount of hate floating through the airwaves dropped sharply after that happened.

  4. You Rush haters are blind, mind numb, and hopeless-

    Obama will destroy us, it would have happened long ago if not for Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity

    • Hahaha. Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity are America’s saviors from Obama the Destroyer. I haven’t read anything that funny all year. Thanks for the laugh.

      • Hey Mark- Liberalism is the scourge of the planet.

        • So what exactly did liberals do that was so bad?

          Was it for doing any of the following?

          Giving you the 40-hour work week?
          Giving you Weekends & paid Vacations?
          Giving women the right to vote?
          Giving you the right to take leave for medical reasons or family emergencies?
          The Clean water act?
          Social Security & Medicare?
          Child labor laws?
          Public Schools?
          The FDA?
          The ability to directly elect your senators instead of having the state do it?
          The internet?
          The national weather service?
          Public libraries?
          The FBI & CIA?
          Fire departments?
          Local & State police departments?

          Which of these things is evil? I could go on about a hundred things liberals pioneered, created & that you use every day. Please tell me how the basic means through which our society functions are evil -_-

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