BIDEN: Trump is Riding Around in His Golf Cart at Mar-a-Lago Talking to His Wealthy Friends

Nearly two weeks ago, President Biden debated Donald Trump on CNN and unfortunately fell short of offering an accounting of himself that could have buried the convicted felon and adjudicated rapist before a national audience of millions. It was a missed opportunity to pull ahead of Trump and coast to victory in November.

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Donald Trump, Joe Biden

For the two weeks that have transpired since, the media has been doing a great disservice to the nation by obsessing over President Biden’s age, while ignoring his successes with the economy and foreign policy, as well as Trump’s pathological lies and incoherence bordering on insanity. And it’s not as if Trump’s debate performance was anything but an embarrassing excretion of flagrant falsehoods and infantile insults.

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Furthermore, Biden has spent the past two weeks doing rallies and interviews – 18 so far – in order to demonstrate his vigor and competence as a proven leader. And where has Trump been? Well, let’s let Biden tell us what he told Morning Joe on MSNBC this morning…

“Trump’s just a liar. And he hasn’t done a damn thing since the debate. He’s been riding around in his golf cart for 10 days down in Mar-a-Lago talking to his wealthy friends.”

Exactly!. Trump’s avoidance of the press and the public is typical of his cowardly campaign strategy throughout this election cycle. The only public appearances he makes are before rapidly shrinking crowds of his glassy-eyed cult disciples. And the only interviews he grants are with certified Trump-fluffers on devoted propaganda outlets. And even those are having a hard time living down to his demands for total capitulation to unflinching adoration.

Biden also told Joe Scarborough that he is adamant about his decision to stay in the race and beat Trump – again. The decision voters have to make now is historically unique. It isn’t just one candidate or the other. It’s a decent leader with integrity, or a criminal, wannabe dictator that half the country thinks should be in prison. Biden reiterated some of his reasons for running, saying that…

“I’m running because I never bought into the trickle-down economics theory. I never bought into the notion that we have to walk away from the rest of the world and cave to Putin or anybody else.” [and that] “I’m confidant that’s where the American people are…I don’t care what the millionaires think.”

Trump meanwhile, continues to boldly run away from his own positions and platforms, such as “Project 2025,” a handbook for fascism, that was authored by many of his closest associates. He likewise continues to spew utterly bizarre tales that bare no resemblance to reality (e.g. fantasy death by batteries or sharks, all Democrats favoring overturning of Roe v Wade, Biden orchestrating his 34 felony convictions, etc.).

Biden’s post-debate appearances have shown him to be alert and engaged and compassionate about advancing the interests of the American people. Trump, however, has burrowed himself into his Mar-a-Lago bunker among the wealthy guests who worship him. But his conspicuous absence from the campaign trail raises questions about his own fitness for office. Will the press interrupt their marathon Biden-bashing to explore any of those questions? To be determined…


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