Toxic Trump’s Hateful 4th of July Message is – as Usual – All About Trump and Attacking His Foes

America’s annual observance of its independence is a day that is traditionally filled with gratitude and pride among friends and family. To be sure, there will be plenty of that. There will be food and festivities and fireworks in the nation’s homes, parks, and public squares. And hopefully everyone will enjoy themselves and appreciate their great good fortune.

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However, behind the celebratory surface, the nation is slogging through the muck of a presidential campaign that is tainted by the noxious presence of a convicted felon who despises much of what the country stands for. Donald Trump is not shy about disparaging the country that is, in his twisted view, a “failed nation” that is mired in corruption and led by “radicals” and “thugs” who are all determined to destroy the country, and more specifically, him.

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On this Fourth of July, Trump posted another one of his heartwarming messages in tribute to the nation he finds so deplorable on his floundering social media scam, Truth Social. It was a long, incoherent mess of hostility and narcissistic maliciousness. And true to form, Trump turned the holiday into an homage to himself and his own petty grievances. It’s too long and repulsive to post in full. But a few excerpts are sufficient to give the tone of his repugnant regards…

“Happy Fourth of July to all, including to our highly incapable ‘President,’ who uses Prosecutors to go after his Political Opponent.”

Of course, despite his incessant whining, President Biden had nothing to do with with Trump’s prosecutions. And he was found guilty unanimously of 34 felonies by a jury of his peers. As for his capability, Biden’s administration is the most productive in more than 50 years. But Trump wasn’t through kvetching…

“Also, respects to our potentially new Democrat Challenger, Laffin’ Kamala Harris.”

Trump loves to make up infantile nicknames for his enemies. That’s because his emotional maturity stalled at about seven years. It’s telling that the best he could do for Vice-President Harris is a name that notes her jovial nature. Which is something that he must envy considering his rancid personality. It’s also something that the Trump cult has latched onto…

And what Trump rant would be complete without a swipe at special counsel Jack Smith?

“Someone else that I have to compliment is a Deranged Biden Prosecutor named Jack Smith, who has become a Legend in his own mind.”

You have to wonder why Trump spends so much time and money trying to avoid Smith in court, by filing repeated motions to delay the trials. If he thinks that Smith is such a loser, why wouldn’t he be anxious to face him court and clear his name. Clearly Trump is afraid because he knows that he’s guilty and will be convicted of even more felonies.

Trump has once again demonstrated that he is more concerned about himself than his country. He can’t even celebrate Independence Day without turning it into a gripe session to assuage his vengeance-driven ego. It’s a psychosis that he has exhibited for years. And it’s only getting worse.


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