Fox News Hires Herman Cain To Fill Network’s Wingnut, Philandering, Birther Role

In Keeping with their mission to elevate the most ignorant, delusional, dishonest, self-serving, partisan extremists of the far-right Tea-publican Party, Fox News has just announced that they have added former pizza chain magnate Herman Cain to their payroll.

You may remember that Cain boasted that he didn’t know the names of foreign leaders and dismissed inquiries about them to be “gotcha” questions about Uzbecki-becki-stan-stan. He declared that under ObamaCare he would be dead, despite the fact that it would not have altered the course of treatment for his cancer at all, but it does provide care for other cancer patients who would have no care without it. His 999 tax plan was widely ridiculed by economists. He was an avowed birther who insisted that Obama “should prove he was born in the United States of America.” And with serial philanderer Newt Gingrich absent from Fox, they needed to fill the void by hiring another misogynist. Cain fit the bill due to multiple allegations of sexual harassment that derailed his short-lived campaign for president.

And who could forget Cain’s astute foreign policy observations as represented by this analysis of the Libyan uprising:

No wonder Fox snapped him up. That’s the sort of wisdom that sets the Fox editors, programmers, and audience to drooling. It’s the reason why Fox has buttressed their roster since the election with dimwitted losers like Mark Levin, Erick Erickson, Karl Rove, and Scott Brown. With the addition of Cain they continue to demonstrate that they have no interest in either fairness or balance – or honesty or intelligence for that matter. Congratulations Fox. You are nothing if not consistent.