Fox News Senior Legal Analyst on Trump: ‘The Remedy of Impeachment is Acutely Needed’

The impeachment of Donald Trump is finally being debated in the House of Representatives. The outcome is not expected to surprise anyone. Trump will be be impeached and will wear that mantle of disgrace for the rest of his life. Even if the Senate fails to remove him from office, the stain of impeachment is an indelible affirmation that Trump breached his constitutional duties and betrayed his country.

Donald Trump Walking the Plank

The partisan players in this battle are easily recognizable in most instances. Republicans and Fox News pundits are staunchly devoted to Trump regardless of what laws he has been shown to have broken. But every now and then someone steps out from behind the curtain of political prejudice to act as an advocate of truth and justice.

Now, as Trump’s impeachment looms, a lone voice from Fox News is standing up to the right-wing group-think that the network so rigidly enforces. Andrew Napolitano is Fox’s Senior Legal Adviser. And on Wednesday morning, as Congress was weighing Trump’s fate, Napolitano penned an op-ed with the headline: “Trump impeachment: Undisputed evidence that he abused his power.”

The article was published in the arch-conservative Washington times. For some reason, Fox News has been spiking Napolitano’s commentaries that support Trump’s impeachment. And this article had some blunt opinions on the matter. For instance…

“In Mr. Trump’s case, we have undisputed evidence that he abused his power by inviting a foreign government to interfere in the 2020 presidential election and then compounded this by directing subordinates to refrain from giving congressionally commanded evidence of his behavior.”

“It is undisputed that Mr. Trump withheld the delivery of the $391 million in military aid to Ukraine that Congress authorized and ordered and that Mr. Trump himself signed into law. He said he withheld that aid because he first wanted “a favor” from the president of Ukraine. The favor, requested by others on Mr. Trump’s behalf, was the announcement of a Ukrainian government criminal investigation of Mr. Trump’s potential political adversary, former Vice President Joe Biden.

“In the language of the streets, this is a shakedown; it sought to enhance Mr. Trump’s personal political needs and bears no relationship to American foreign policy.

Napolitano went on to describe the criminal violations Trump committed. They included the federal prohibition on soliciting campaign aid from a foreign government, and bribery. He also explained that these acts are crimes whether or not they are consummated by the exchange of money or services. It is the solicitation that triggers the offense.

And that’s not all. Napolitano also noted the criminal obstruction of justice by Trump for having “directed his subordinates to disregard congressional subpoenas, lawfully issued and validly served.” And he was troubled by Trump’s apparent belief that he is above the law. Napolitano made clear that this was dangerous, and that there is something that the Founders had in mind for just such a problem:

“Everyone who believes in the rule of law should be terrified of a president who thinks and behaves as if it does not apply to him. As the DOJ has stated repeatedly, impeachment is the proper constitutional remedy for that.”

Trump has been frantically trying to dodge accountability for his clearly impeachable activities. But his legal basis is virtually nonexistent, and he has refused to even defend himself before the committees of jurisdiction in Congress. Instead, he relies on bootlicking Fox News hacks like Gregg Jarrett and Alan Dershowitz (each of which he retweeted six times on Wednesday) for legal advice. Even worse, his idea of “legal scholars.” is Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Former federal judge Napolitano, on the other hand, says that “the remedy of impeachment is acutely needed.” But you can rest assured that Trump will dismiss that as fake news and malign Napolitano (who was a close friend of Trump’s for decades) as a Never-Trumper. That’s just how the mind of a paranoid narcissist works.

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Trump’s Unabomber Manifesto-Like Letter to Pelosi is Just a Regurgitation of His Deranged Twitter Rants

Merry Impeachmas. It seemed like it took forever, but on Wednesday morning the House of Representatives finally took up the Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump. The debate is expected to last throughout the day with fairly predictable speeches by both Democrats and Republicans, culminating with a vote to impeach Trump that will forever mark him in disgrace as only the third president ever to be impeached.

Donald Trump

Trump is displaying a false bravado, saying that he isn’t worried about being impeached. But his behavior belies that facade. His Twitter feed is drowning in panicky outbursts and dozens of retweets by his glassy-eyed sycophants in Congress and the press. But the most harebrained commentary on this historic affair is a letter Trump wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It’s contents are beyond bizarre, and bear little resemblance to reality.

Trump believes that this letter will serve as a “permanent and indelible record” for those looking back on these times a hundred years from now. And it will, but not in the way he hopes. It’s going to go down in history as his version of the Unabomber Manifesto that reveals his madness, anger, paranoia, victimhood, and manic dissociation from the real world. Historians and psychologists will both be busy for decades.

The most striking thing about this letter is that doesn’t introduce a single new thought or argument in Trump’s defense. It is nothing more than a verbose rehashing of every tweet that Trump has posted for the past several months. In fact, you could almost have written the whole letter using only Trump’s tweets.

So I did. You can follow along with his actual letter here.

And there you have it. Needless to say, nearly everything Trump tweeted was riddled with lies. That accounts for how he just won – for the third time – the PolitiFact Lie of the Year award.

No one is likely to find any value in this frenzied correspondence. It’s intended recipient was asked what she thought and Pelosi said that “It’s ridiculous. I mean, I haven’t fully read it. We’ve been working. I’ve seen the essence of it. It’s really sick.” And with that excellent and concise summation, everyone else can save themselves the time and trouble of reading it also. The bottom line is that, if you’ve seen Trump’s tweets there is no reason to bother with his crackpot manifesto. It’s just Trump retweeting in long-form.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
Available now at Amazon.