TRIGGERED II: Trump is Clearly Losing It – Fear of Impeachment Has Fried His ‘Brain’

On Wednesday Donald Trump displayed an astonishing capacity for hysterics by posting 77 tweets in one day. His twittering was done mostly in the morning while Congress was holding hearings on his impeachment. It was a horrifying spectacle that exposed Trump as a whining coward who is incapable of controlling his frayed emotions.

Donald Trump, Toilet, Bathrobe

Now on Thursday, Trump has surpassed his all-time record for daily tweets. Once again, he accomplished this feat before lunchtime by posting 108 tweets, 86 of which were retweets of primarily GOP members of Congress and bootlicking media sycophants. This brings a total of 437 tweets in the past week.

Trump is apparently trying to flood the zone with inanity, because there was almost nothing of substance in this avalanche of social media ego-stroking. You have to wonder who he thinks is reading this bullcrap, other than weary media analysts. And he seems to have quit the presidency, because his OCT (Obsessive-Compulsive Tweetery) is a full time job.

The vast majority of Trump’s tweets were tiresome clips of Republicans evading the facts that so compelling affirm Trump’s guilt. Their talking points were so tightly aligned that you could hardly tell one from another. However, there were a few tweets that merit attention, primarily due to their utter assholiness. And leading the list would have to be Trump’s attack on 16 year old climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg:

So Trump took some time out of his tweetstorming to bully a girl who is showing real courage in the fight for her future and that of the Earth. No doubt Trump is perturbed that Greta was named Time Magazine Person of the Year instead of him. And his complaint that she has an anger management problem is pure projection considering his near constant state of frothing rage.

Also notable is Trump’s brazen self-promotion of his own private business, the Mar-a-Lago golf club in Palm Beach, Florida.

It takes some real cojones to violate the Constitution while you are being impeached. But that’s exactly what Trump is doing here. It violates the Constitution’s emoluments clause to exploit the office of the presidency for personal profit. And by using his official Twitter page to announce that the resort’s season is open, Trump can’t wave this off as just posting his itinerary.

And what Trump tweetfest would be complete with his attack on the free press:

Not only is Trump disparaging – and lying about – the media, he is wrapping his assault in a blanket of narcissism. He is crediting the ratings of Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, for good or ill, to himself. What’s more, he believes that by reporting positively about him, any network would enjoy greater success. Which of course is absurd considering the fact that MSNBC frequently beats Fox.

A couple of other tweets merit some note. In one he says that he is “Getting VERY close to a BIG DEAL with China.” But he’s said this many times before and it has never been true. What’s he’s really doing is manipulating the stock market that reacts feverishly to any remarks from the White House. In the other tweet of note, Trump complained “Why aren’t Germany, France and other European countries helping Ukraine more?” The only thing wrong with that is everything. Those countries are helping Ukraine with over $16 billion in aid. So Trump is, as usual, lying.

UPDATE: Trump finished the day with a grand total of 123 tweets!

The sheer volume of tweets by Trump is indicative of his crippling anxiety. To post that many tweets requires hours of scrolling, reading and watching videos. So it’s safe to say that Trump isn’t doing anything else but tweeting. It’s also safe to say that he is not just concerned about the impending impeachment, he is profoundly disturbed and suffering from a severe mental infirmity. This puts the nation at grave risk. and it makes it all the more urgent that he quickly be impeached and removed from office.

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7 thoughts on “TRIGGERED II: Trump is Clearly Losing It – Fear of Impeachment Has Fried His ‘Brain’

  1. Not only is the impeachment getting to the 45th dotard it is affecting him mentally as well. Not to wish the 45th occupant any ill will but some divine intervention would be a welcome like a severe stroke.

    As far as the tariffs go and his getting close to a deal with China, just last week he stated that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t care if he makes a deal with China until after the election. Of course Trumpelstitskin has mouthed so much word salad that we can’t count on a thing.

  2. Fox’s Mark Levin: “The next Democrat president of the United States must be impeached”

    This is terrifying. I said it before, I say it again. We no longer have a functional government because the Reichwing will always demand a Democratic president be impeached, no matter WHAT he does, and the Reichwingers — who don’t give a DAMN about our country, our principles, our laws, and our sacred honor — will inevitably prove they SHOULD be impeached, and Reichwingers will say it is unconstitutional (or pull more of this shyt) to impeach a sitting president — when he is Reichwing.

    The “rules” are always twisted to condemn Democrats, but the Reichwingers will always invent a reason why the rules cannot apply to Reichwingers.

    Oh, and Lyin’ Levin is a hypocritical, Tyrant Worshiping a$$whole who called His Beloved God the first Jewish President of the United States just because he lit a Menorah.

    Damn the Tyrant Worshipers! Damn them all to HELL!

  3. 123 tweets in one day?! But there are only 24 hours in a day. This means that approximately every 12 minutes for 24 hours traitortrump was sending out another tweet OR he didn’t eat or sleep for 24 hours straight because he needed to be on twitter- SICK!! What kind of drugs are they giving #45 to make him unable to sleep? I know he’s NOT missing meals by just looking at his gut. And why is traitortrump trippin? The repubs are going to acquit him; we already know this. He seems to have his ducks lined up in a row. The guy is really ILL.

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