Murdoch’s World: Book Reveals Fox News Used Fake Blog IDs To Bash Critics

A new book has exposed another nefarious and unethical activity by Fox News. NPR Media reporter David Folkenflik’s “Murdoch’s World” has exposed that Fox has deployed hundreds of fake blog accounts in order to rebut critics on the Internet. This may seem like small game for a news enterprise that has admitted to hacking into thousands of cell phones, emails, and computers, including the phone a murdered schoolgirl, but it is characteristic of the sort of unscrupulous tactics engaged in by the Fox gang of thugs and slanderers.

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This passage from the book tells the story of Fox’s shameless behavior:

“On the blogs, the fight was particularly fierce. Fox PR staffers were expected to counter not just negative and even neutral blog postings but the anti-Fox comments beneath them. One former staffer recalled using twenty different aliases to post pro-Fox rants. Another had one hundred. Several employees had to acquire a cell phone thumb drive to provide a wireless broadband connection that could not be traced back to a Fox News or News Corp account. Another used an AOL dial-up connection, even in the age of widespread broadband access, on the rationale it would be harder to pinpoint its origins. Old laptops were distributed for these cyber operations. Even blogs with minor followings were reviewed to ensure no claim went unchecked.”

This was apparently a sophisticated and complex operation that involved numerous people and endured over time. In fact, there is nothing to indicate that they are not still doing it. However, the part that stands out to me is the bit at the end that says “Even blogs with minor followings were reviewed to ensure no claim went unchecked.”

Might that include News Corpse? This website has made its reputation as a dedicated and effective critic of Fox News. The articles are studiously researched and documented. And it has had its share of arrogant and aggressive commenters over the years. Under the circumstances, it would not be surprising if some of them were Fox News sockpuppets sent to harass, distract, and distort the messages presented here.

Folkenflik’s book specifically mentions the Fox News communications executives who would have overseen this venture. Irena Briganti is a notorious bully who has earned the disrespect of her colleagues. Her boss, Brian Lewis, was just terminated and escorted out of Fox’s headquarters by security. That story is still unfolding. One thing that we can rest assured of is that Fox will come out swinging when they get a whiff of this news. It’s the Fox way.


8 thoughts on “Murdoch’s World: Book Reveals Fox News Used Fake Blog IDs To Bash Critics

  1. Simply stunning. Who the fuck’s ever heard of a paranoid news network?? Nobody, that’s who. Absolutely incredible. I would LOVE to go toe to toe with one of those people….maybe I have….

  2. LOL!!! Oh look, there’s one now. Sorry Steve and Scott. We’re going to need to see your birth certificates. You know, just in case you’re not you. (Hee hee)

    “Might that include News Corpse?”

    I was thinking the same thing. This site and those similar to it are exactly the kinds of places they would visit frequently simply because you expose them for what they are and shed light on what they do. Fox has a Palinesque, petty, high school quality about them. This kind of thing is so “them”.

  3. Faux News probably sells this to their shareholders by telling them that they are a “full service” propaganda outfit for the Republican Party!
    This would only be bad if they were an actual legitimate News outlet with actual legitimate journalistic standards. I don’t hold them to any standard that I wouldn’t hold “The Onion” too!

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