Fox Nation vs. Reality: Hundreds Of Thousands Get Better, Cheaper Insurance

In keeping with their knee-jerk opposition to everything President Obama does, The liars at Fox Nation posted an item sourced to NBC News with a foreboding headline declaring that “Hundreds of Thousands Lose Their Health Insurance.”

Fox Nation
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The first problem with this is that NBC News was not the source of the information Fox was referencing. This misattribution was an attempt by Fox to ding NBC, one of Fox’s favorite punching bags, as well as to pretend that a respected news source was criticizing ObamaCare. The actual source was the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan health policy research and communication organization (not affiliated with Kaiser Permanente).

More to the point, the Fox Nationalists grossly misrepresented the substance of the original article. Contrary to the overtly biased headline, the newsworthiness of the article was not that insurance companies were terminating old, non-ACA compliant plans. It was that the new plans available on the ObamaCare exchanges were both better and cheaper. In fact, the third paragraph down began “By all accounts, the new policies will offer consumers better coverage, in some cases, for comparable cost — especially after the inclusion of federal subsidies for those who qualify.” ThinkProgress did an analysis of the changing plans and found that…

“Many policies currently sold through the individual market do little to help people who actually get sick. These plans come with appealingly low monthly premiums to draw in consumers. But those supposedly ‘affordable’ rates typically mask high deductibles, big gaps in coverage, and large co-pays […] Insurance companies have been able to get away with this because they were largely unregulated before the health reform law’s passage. Now, Obamacare is changing that.”

Fox simply ignored the critical passages in the article to which they linked in favor of advancing their agenda of fear mongering about ObamaCare. They rely on the incurious nature of their audience to fail to read even three paragraphs of the articles they post. It is consistent with their efforts to frighten insurance consumers with poorly researched stories that allege exorbitant price increases, but fail to take into consideration the subsidies and tax credits for which most of the affected people will qualify. So we can chalk this up as just another lie from the folks at Fox Nation.


4 thoughts on “Fox Nation vs. Reality: Hundreds Of Thousands Get Better, Cheaper Insurance

  1. Fox nation would be better off letting the reality of this mess play out. Has there been any positive news actually reported on this? Really? Fox nation must be retarded. Pres. Obama needs another shutdown.

  2. Latest example on how the left is imploding over Obamacare: Ezra Klein, a very solid liberal, has spoken out on what a total pooch-screw this law has become. Reaction? Salon’s Joan Walsh wrote a column ripping Klein a new one, essentially telling him to shut up. Klein is refusing to do so.

    But then again, Walsh’s track record on the truth has been abysmal, so nobody should be surprised.

    • “The Washington Post’s great Ezra Klein then picked up the cudgel, telling the crew at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where every Obama misstep foretells the end of his presidency, that the Health and Human Services Department is covering up a massive “management failure,” because they had enough pre-launch information to know there were going to be massive problems and neither adjusted their rollout plan or prepared the public.”
      (Note where this came from) Failure to be prepared is not reflective of the law.
      Actually a search of ‘Ezra Klein’ through BING comes up with 3 stories about your topic, and all 3 are from right wing partisan sites. I guess that’s the liberal main streal media at work.

    • That’s what you WISH he had said and meant. He isn’t trashing the healthcare law; he is disparaging the website and those responsible for it which is slowing the process of obtaining affordable healthcare.

      Do your own thinking. All you’re doing is spewing republican talking points.

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