Fox News Worse Than Cuomo: Promoted ‘No Liberals Allowed’ Community

NOT BREAKING NEWS: No one is going to have to interrupt regular programming to announce that Fox News is overflowing with hypocrisy, but their latest example of it is a delicious foray into obliviousness on a grand scale.

This week New York governor Andrew Cuomo told a radio interviewer that “extreme” conservatives have “no place in the state of New York.” The statement was immediately picked up by every right-wing media outlet and reported with the typical context-extracted zeal for which the wingnut media is so well known. Cuomo’s full remarks reveal that he was referring only to politicians and candidates who embrace far-right fringe opinions, not mainstream Republican citizens of New York. Here is what he said:

“Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

The gist of his commentary is plainly true. New York is not, in general, a state that will welcome politicos who advocate assault weapons and hate homosexuals. And with regard to reproductive choice, even conservative New Yorkers do not sway so far left that they would favor indicting doctors and mothers for murder.

Nevertheless, conservatives nationwide took Cuomo’s words to heart and feverishly sought to imply that he was referring to, and insulting, all Republicans. It’s interesting that they would all classify themselves as extremists in order to be included in Cuomo’s criticism. This includes Sean Hannity who threatened to leave New York. Of course, most New Yorkers would volunteer to help him pack. Glenn Beck also chimed in with his standard Nazi-inflected rhetoric, saying that Cuomo’s remarks were similar to those that led to the Holocaust. Then he went further than Hannity, who merely threatened to leave the state. Beck actually threatened to renounce his American citizenship (video below).

Not surprisingly, Fox News was all over this phony controversy. The have run numerous segments portraying Cuomo as intolerant of diversity and berating him for offending his conservative constituents, about whom he was not talking. Beck himself made a rare appearance on Fox with Megyn Kelly where the two of them joined to misinterpret Cuomo’s remarks. But it was only one year ago that Fox News promoted a right-wing group’s plan to build a conservative utopia somewhere in Idaho that explicitly forbade liberals. The Fox Nation headline blared “No Liberals Allowed.”

Fox Nation

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It’s almost too easy to mock this. Notice that on the same graphic as their prohibition against liberals they say “Live And Let Live.” I guess they mean unless you’re a liberal. And contrary to Cuomo, this cult conclave was specifically referring to ordinary citizens with progressive views. The graphic also has icons indicating that there will be no anarchy or peace tolerated in their Randian haven. The website formally discourages prospective liberal applicants saying that they “will likely find that life in our community is incompatible with their existing ideology and preferred lifestyles.”

Glenn Beck, by the way, is also in the utopia business. His Armageddon getaway will be called Independence, USA. Always the entertainer, he is positioning it as a hybrid conservative village/theme park with shops, rides, media studios, and residential tracts. However, like most projects initiated by Beck, this one will also never see the light of day.

The rampant public displays of outrage that emanate from Fox News always have at least a hint of hypocrisy. But when they venture this far into the hypocritical swamp it becomes more comic relief than anything else. The acrimony they hope to incite by deliberately misrepresenting Cuomo’s comments is only made more absurd by the fact that their own advocacy of intolerance is even worse. Lucky for them, their audience is populated by imbeciles who will never put this all together. Their business model works because it requires low-intellect consumers and Fox just keeps making more of them everyday.


16 thoughts on “Fox News Worse Than Cuomo: Promoted ‘No Liberals Allowed’ Community

  1. Well, my delicate TeaParrot flowers, You KNOW I feel your pain, since you called for the commie-muslim president of the United States to be dragged out of the White House and hanged, and went on to suggest that all liberals be shipped to an island and be nuked. Come over here, so I can hug you with a fucking rock upside the head.

    • Violence-filled comment. Go ahead, Mark, do the right thing and delete that last sentence. The rest of his screed is just plain lies, but the part about braining conservatives with a rock needs to go.

      • The part about dragging the “commie muslim President” out of the whitehouse and hanging him isn’t a lie, it was actually what a number of extremist conservatives (you know, the ones that Cuomo is referring to?) actually wanted.

        But yeah, ignore that and only focus on the “liberal violence” as you always do.

  2. When it comes right down to it right-wingers like Beck and Hannity are the biggest cowards on the planet. They are terrified of everything and it shows with the extreme paranoia they demonstrate daily. They are some of the most incurious people as well.

  3. Conservatives will always be in the minority and will always be pushed aside in the end by the majority. The majority will never accept being held back by the minority. Tactics to stall and disrupt only doom their causes and erodes their political position. Why do liberals always inherit economic disasters from previous conservative admin and yet always deliver a stable economic situation to the next admin. We need to reign GOP monster and cut the beast down. In my 50 years, I have seen the cycle repeat to many times to believe it is coincidence. The GOP consistently wrecks the stability of this country and artificially creates wars, while crying over and fighting every bit of social and economic progress made when they get booted. Beck is just a talking head that can’t remember what he said. It’s the grass roots conservative that are the real danger to this country. The idiots get big$ from corp. america to create negative policy and they don’t even know it. Wake the F up sheeple.

  4. Can someone create a “No Morons Allowed” community?

    I’d like to see Beckie go through with his threat to renounce his American citizenship. Right after he learns how to spell. And think. But he won’t have the will to do it even if he did.

    Hannity still needs to keep his promise to be waterboarded for charity. That never happened either. Idiot probably forgot about it already. We won’t.

  5. Michelle Malkin’s latest column absolutely destroys this pitiful little Andrew-Cuomo-is-wonderful thread. Nobody does it better than Michelle.

  6. “Lucky for them, their audience is populated by imbeciles who will never put this all together. Their business model works because it requires low-intellect consumers and Fox just keeps making more of them everyday.”

    Regardless of whether you believe these carnival barkers actually believe what they say or not (I, for one, do not), what they all have in common is they prey on the mush-brained masses who just somehow are unable to think for themselves. The Becks/Hannitys/Limbaughs, et al all count on the fact there is always going to be an intellectually lazy contingent they can manipulate.

    They are con men, pure and simple and they’ve found a way to make money at it. They should also be afraid for what they wish in that they would be miserable if they didn’t have some sort of liberal boogeyman to rant about. They make their best money when a republican is not in the whitehouse or has a predominantly democratic congress.

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