Fox News Anchor Arrested In Airport Bar (By Obama’s Thugs?)

Reports about an intoxicated and belligerent man brought police to a Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport bar Wednesday afternoon. There they found Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett who allegedly refused to follow orders and was subsequently taken into custody. He posted a $300.00 bond and was released Thursday morning with a court date set for June 6, the Washington Post reported.

Last week Jarrett had requested a leave from his Fox News duties for unspecified “personal reasons.” And while requests for comment by Fox News went unanswered, we can speculate as to how the network will eventually report this event.

Fox News Jarrett

In another show of tyrannical overreach, the Obama administration has once again applied its boot to the neck of Fox News. Anchor Gregg Jarrett was harassed and arrested by police in Minneapolis while investigating Obama’s plot to ship incriminating documents from the Veterans Administration to Benghazi where they would be disposed of along with Tea Party applications for IRS tax exemptions. Some say that Jarrett was subjected to police brutality and later refused medical attention because the ObamaCare Death Panel declined to approve his claim.

Unfortunately, this isn’t too far off from how Fox actually constructs their news stories. Just yesterday, after Nancy Pelosi told the press that she was reluctantly assigning Democratic members to the GOP’s Select Committee on Politicizing Benghazi, which she regards as unfair and unnecessary, Fox News reported that she was recognizing the seriousness of the committee. In other words, Fox reported the complete opposite of what Pelosi had just said, seconds after she said it.

So don’t be surprised to see the mock report above become reality on Fox News, complete with impassioned defenses from the likes of Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly. That’s if they ever bother to report on Jarrett’s arrest at all, which is highly unlikely.

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[Update:] Fox News released the following statement:

“We were made aware late last night that Gregg Jarrett was arrested in Minneapolis yesterday and charged with a misdemeanor. He is dealing with serious personal issues at this time. A date for which Gregg might return to air has yet to be determined.”

Also, the police report says that Jarrett was recently released from an alcohol or drug treatment facility. All kidding aside, hopefully he will get the help he needs.


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  1. Classy… Funny that fox news in independant polls of course is PROVEN to be more accurate and over the course of the years fox prints more NEWS and not opinion than CNN MSNBC and this joke of a site combined. Nice try though you little obama minions.

    • Independent polls? I’m guessing they were unskewed.

    • I’m Completely Shwiptified about your Comment?

  2. Your wit seems to be lost on me. In fact, today was the first time I’d ever heard of your little blog site. I try to avoid site that slam the opposition at every turn; instead, I look for real insight, not jabs and parody. If I wanted that, I’d go to the Onion or some such blog.
    But, you keep up the fight here and be just as low brow as you can be. Perhaps someday you’ll get to run with the big dogs at The Daily Beast!

    • “Little” blog site. No dismissiveness in tht word.

  3. Laughable to say the least. You get a couple thousand hits on FB because your story is linked with the arrest of a Fox news anchor and suddenly you have all the answers? Your POTUS is a joke. You’re a joke and you are a joke!

  4. Everyone knows the Minnesota State Police are in Obama’s pocket!

  5. Holy shit, must have hit a nerve with this one. The mushrooms are out in force.

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