Avatar: Another Hollywood Plot To Destroy America?

Obamar: Obama as AvatarThe blockbuster, mega-million dollar, groundbreaking, techo-marvel, spectacle, Avatar is opening tonight. Thank goodness it hasn’t been over-hyped. Nevertheless, there is still a fair amount of anticipation for this cinematic tale of a person of color from another country…er…world.

With regard to the film itself, don’t expect to find me in line for an early screening. In fact, don’t look for me on February’s lines either. Suffice it to say that I don’t plan on rushing out to see this flick. There are two reasons in particular that sap any motivation for me to sit through this two and a half hour plus epic.

First, I’m terminally bored with special effects. Particularly when I am advised beforehand that they will change filmmaking, or my life or, or the rotation of the earth, forever. That’s a promise that has never been kept. I’ve seen enough special effects that I am now fully cognizant that anything that can be imagined can be committed to film. It comes as no surprise that digital artists (of which I am one) can produce wonders both realistic and fantastic. Consequently, to stoke my interest in a movie, I prefer to be moved by storytelling, character development, and the sort of drama or comedy or suspense that registers on an emotional level. To be sure, that can occur in a film that contains special effects, but the effects should compliment the storytelling, not supplant it. I really am not impressed by another realistic looking robot or alien or landscape.

Second, I hated Titanic. To be precise, it was something more than hate. I regard it as one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. The acting, the effects, the script (oh lord), the naked schmaltz – there wasn’t a single thing I can recall that was redeeming about it. And in its time it was the mega-million dollar epic that was going to change everything.

Enough already. You know you have reached a new low when a fawning analysis in the iconic Hollywood Reporter relates this overheard bit of artistic defeatism:

So obviously has the creative bar been raised that I heard one young writer-director at the premiere say to his friends, “What do we do now?”

I would suggest that that young writer-director look for work selling insurance. If watching one movie exhausts his capacity to express himself creatively, he doesn’t have a calling for creative pursuits. He can save us all a lot of money and himself a lot of heartache by quitting now.

However, there is a fun element of the hype machine churning around this marketing extravaganza. Right-wingers have latched onto the notion that the movie is a slap at America and its imperialistic ways. They are hammering director James Cameron as an America-hating leftist. I assume they would like to see this nearly half billion dollar monstrosity suffer a massive box office failure, just as they would like to see President Obama fail. And so far as Avatar is concerned, I eagerly support their desire. After all, Avatar is a production from Rupert Murdoch’s Fox studios and watching Murdoch lose money is always fun.

Here is a collection of some the rightist reviews of Avatar:

BigHollywood: Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Is a Big, Dull, America-Hating, PC Revenge Fantasy
…a sanctimonious thud of a movie so infested with one-dimensional characters and PC clichés that not a single plot turn – small or large – surprises. I call it the “liberal tell,” where the early and obvious politics of the film gives away the entire story before the second act begins, and “Avatar” might be the sorriest example of this yet.

Hot Air: “Avatar” reportedly super mega ultra left-wing
Given the framework of the plot and the obvious allegorical intent – military invades planet to secure valuable commodity in the soil – what other way could this flick have conceivably tilted?

Debbie Schlussel: Don’t Believe the Hype: “Avatar” Stinks (Long, Boring, Unoriginal, Uber-Left)
It’s essentially a remake of “Dances With Wolves” and every other movie where we evil Americans terrorize the indigenous natives, kill them, take their land, and are just all around imperialistically wicked and inhumane. Oh, and we’re destroying the environment, clearing precious giant trees and natural landscapes and killing rare animals and their habitats, in order to invade and harvest valuable substances under the ground. Sound familiar? Yup, just like a million diatribes from Daily Kos, Democratic Underground, and every other far-left outlet about how we invaded Iraq for oil. Yes, “Avatar” is cinema for the hate America crowd.

Newsbusters: Is ‘Avatar’ A Multi-Million Dollar Ad For Global Warming?
With the imminent release of the science fiction blockbuster “Avatar,” some have characterized it as a multi-million dollar public service announcment for global warming.

Telegraph UK: Is Avatar an attack on the Iraq War?
The US public is frankly tired of the anti-war rhetoric of the Left, which has sounded increasingly hollow since the success of the surge in Iraq. James Cameron should leave the political commentary out as he promotes his new film, and acknowledge that the Iraqi people are immensely better off now than they were living under the boot of Saddam Hussein.

RedState: “Avatar” Is a Steaming Pile of Sith
In case you don’t get the analogy, we (the humans) are the Bad Guys who are going to attack the “Tower” that the Noble Savages hold dear. In other words, humans are attacking the environment with technology, and it’s analogous to 9/11. Americanism is terrorism, in other words. […] No one should be surprised that Hollywood liberals hate America and Western Civilization.

After all that I’m beginning to get more interested. I may yet decide to see Avatar if enough reviews like those keep coming out. Or if enough people I respect have good things to say about it. I haven’t seen a review of the film from Fox News. I wonder if that’s because they hated it and are hesitant to publish that, or because they loved it but don’t want to promote a treasonous piece of Marxist propaganda.

But I’m still waiting for the preeminent curator of culture to weigh in. After Glenn Beck’s revelations about the secret socialist art that is hidden in plain sight throughout Manhattan, I couldn’t really draw a conclusion on this without his insight. I’m sure he will find demonic horrors in the film that even Cameron didn’t know were there. And only Beck can decipher the coded signals to ACORN operatives and radical environmentalists that are surely cloaked in between the frames.

Sleep with one eye open, children. The lefties are now invading your thoughts in 3D.


15 thoughts on “Avatar: Another Hollywood Plot To Destroy America?

  1. Mark, i have seen the trailers for Avatar, and in one of them there was a girl with really long blue hair with a neck as long as a turkeys…you sure that Ann Coulter isn’t starring in that movie??

    • Was she the blue girl wearing a black cocktail dress and spitting at blue liberals? If not it wasn’t Coulter.

  2. Murdoch’s New York Post has it both ways: The movie is left-leaning AND absorbing.

    “Part eco-fable, part ‘Dances With Wolves’ in intergalactic drag and part kick-ass action flick (a la ‘Aliens’) with a decidedly left-leaning political agenda, Cameron’s first movie since ‘Titanic’ may sometimes speak in Velveeta, but it’s rarely less than absorbing and never boring over its nearly three-hour length.”

  3. I’m bored to tears by escapism and special effects (much more absorbed by character-oriented movies), but must say it is tempting to see this movie as a vote against these knee-jerk critics.(maybe I could buy a ticket and skip the film.) also had no idea the British conservative press was more obnoxious and outright wrong about “the US public” than our homegrown rightwingers until I read the Guardian blurb. “immensely better off” indeed – at least I haven’t heard that lately from American cons.

    • I know you meant the Telegraph, not the Guardian (which is a pretty good paper). And yes, there is a strain of wingnuttery in the British press, including Murdoch’s Times of London and the Sun.

      I would suggest you save your money. Most of the legit reviews I’ve seen say the movie has great FX but a lame, cliche plot and cheesy dialogue. If you’re not into that don’t give Rupert your $$$.

  4. Do you consider The Office to be Un-American then?

    Think about it, they make fun of big business and management, I’m sure that has to get you riled up.

  5. Sorry, I thought I was posting on Breitbart. Hope that last comment didn’t offend you! Love the site!

    • I was wondering for minute. ;-)

      But I’m sure Breitbart DOES think The Office is un-American. First of all because it is the product of socialists in Hollywood. And worse it was adapted from Marxists in Britain. Only after that does Breitbart’s scorn get to the anti-business content of the show. And finally, Steve Carell is an alum of the America-hating Daily Show.

      So much to hate.

  6. just saw avatar last night…it was a very good movie. the special effects were amazing. the plot, while somewhat cliche, was very exciting and unpredictable at times. i wasnt too into seeing it at first, but its totally worth it for the overall story and action. and im not a sci-fi fan at all.

    highly recommended.

  7. this is just pathetic. Can’t right wingers even enjoy a movie now without making sure it is compatible with right wing fanaticism? I guess all the Disney films are no longer acceptable if you are a dittohead? Bambi is anti-gun, snow white anti-government..

    How sad it is that a few people making millions have taken over a portion of our population’s minds. Reminds me of the politically correct nonsense of years ago that was over hyped by the right wing, it really was never a lefty requirement.

    Avatar is a great film, fun, incredible effects, etc. But by all means skip it because it is not about letting children die from lack of healthcare. I guess these are the same people that look for messages in Star Trek. I guess they call them trekkies. We used to just call the mentally unbalanced.


  8. My first problem with this film is the notion that dumb grunts like Dickless Cheney and corporate scum like Ribisi’s character (Ribisi is such a versatile and incredible actor) can be made to see and come around to be thinking, feeling caring human-beings. These people are barely able to form coherent sentences. All they do is eat and produce waste (oh, and take up our oxygen and pop out fat stupid brats in breeder boxes). My second problem is the peaceful, liberal notion (and I am a liberal) that this is an awareness-raising campaign. That is so spineless and stupid. What we need, are liberals with the balls to really put up a fight. The enemy is stupider than most of the animals they eat. (Actually, pigs are quite smart.) And, I am not sure if there is a way out of this global catastrophe called the “corporation” and the governments that protect them have got to go. How are we going to do this? What is the point of sitting in front of these machines talking to one another about how bad things have gotten if we are just going to drown in our self-righteous glibness?

  9. Well, I just think that it is a war.

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