What You’re Missing On Breitbart’s BigJournalism.com

For those of you lacking the hardy constitution to stomach Andrew Breitbart’s BigJournalism, I have compiled the current list of stories featured on the uber-rightist web site that launched last week. This is what you’re missing by not visiting the site that aspires to fix everything that’s worng with the media:

A Fox News intern complaining that people responded negatively when they heard she worked at Fox.
That’s actually pretty good news. Obviously people know about Fox and are responding appropriately. The sad thing is that after her internship she still thinks that “Fox actually does investigative journalism.”

A criticism of public officials who have relationships reporters – particularly if they are Democrats and are nerdy looking.
This story seeks to expose the bias of reporters who are in bed with partisan political operatives. Somehow they left out Howard Kurtz and Sheri Annis; Campbell Brown and Dan Senor; and Elaine Chao and Sen. Mitch McConnell. But I can’t argue with the author’s (Ben Shapiro) credentials on nerdiness.

A defensive screed by Breitbart who didn’t like the interview with him published on another web site.
This one is a pathetic attempt by Breitbart to puff himself up. He is quite obviously too thin-skinned for this business.

A polemic on why we shouldn’t worry about Global Warming because thirty years ago we worried about nuclear war and that hasn’t happened – yet.
The case being made here is that the arms race was once looked on as a potentially catastrophic endeavor, but has waned in urgency over the years. The problem with the author’s logic is that the reason nuclear annihilation is no longer viewed as an imminent threat is that we did worry about it back then and took steps to alleviate the danger. But this author opposes such common sense actions today.

An attack on Media Matters for correctly criticizing shoddy journalism at the New York Times.
If you want to read a substanceless diatribe that mocks George Soros and trivializes responsible media analysis, this is the article for you. But don’t expect any meaningful revelations or maturity.

An argument in favor of respecting the opinions of bloggers over scientists with regard to Climate Change.
This may be my favorite. The author, Patrick Courrielche (who helped Breitbart and Glenn Beck attack the National Endowment for the Arts), actually celebrates what he calls…

“…the death of unconditional trust in the scientific peer review process, and the maturing of a new movement – that of peer-to-peer review.”

By this he means that biased blogs disseminating stolen emails (that proved nothing with regard to Global Warming) are more trustworthy than climatologists whose work has been validated through rigorous research and testing. He’s advocating peer-to-peer (i.e. partisan bloggers) over academically sound and objective scientific modeling. In other words, he’s advocating ignorance over knowledge. I can only suppose that it’s because he has more personal experience with the former.

A lament that the media has given short shrift to the bogus ClimateGate story.
BigJ is going after the environment in a big way. This is the third story on the subject and they still fail to grasp the reason that some in the media haven’t covered it: There is no story. The deceptively edited clippings from the stolen emails were mischaracterized and out of context. And none of it disputes the voluminous findings compiled by thousands of researchers over dozens of years.

A critique of the Los Angeles Times (owned by the notoriously right-wing Tribune Company) as being too liberal.
When the Times endorsed Barack Obama last year, it was the first time it had EVER endorsed a Democrat for president. This is their idea of a liberal paper?

Another defensive screed by Breitbart.
He just can’t stop thinking about himself.

A review of the allegedly friendly treatment of Obama by the media
This is one I still can’t figure out. After a campaign that obsessed over Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, flag lapel pins, and birth certificates, Obama took office facing criticism for being a socialist indoctrinator of children who bowed too much. If the media has been friendly over the past year, I’d hate to see them turn nasty.

So now you’re caught up on what BigJournalism thinks is news and you can go enjoy your Saturday. Rest assured that BigJ will continue to misinform their readers and contribute to the general decline in intellectual discourse in America. But don’t expect me to continue bringing you these reports. I think I can find more productive uses for my time. Well, that’s a pretty low bar that would include separating M&Ms by color or counting the hairs on my forearm.


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  1. myself, I’d find teaching my cats to read more productive than exposing myself to just one of those Breitbart articles directly off his blog. now, the summary of them from the liberal perspective and in the comic styling of a tireless media analyst (which would be you) – that’s another matter entirely.

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