No Altercation At

Eric Alterman, author, columnist, blogger, and media reformer, has been fired by MSNBC after 10 years. The website gives no reason for the termination and Alterman himself is typically gracious and respectful of his colleagues. However, he doesn’t ignore what many of us skeptics are thinking anyway:

“Whether my termination is, in fact, a product of a political decision at GE/NBC, which according to reports I read and gossip I hear, has lately taken a much firmer hand in guiding the content of both MSNBC and, I have no way of knowing […] though the natural speculation that arises is a damn good argument against the kind of media concentration that allows a company like GE to own NBC in the first place.”

Altercation will continue as an affiliate of Media Matters and Alterman still writes for The Nation and the Center for American Progress. But there is a sad irony in the author of What Liberal Media? getting axed by precisely the sort of mainstream news outlet that he so effectively exposes in his book.


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