SCANDALOUS: Fox News Is Appalled That Obama Didn’t Jet To Paris For Unity Rally

While more than a million people took to the streets to pay tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on the satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, the miscreants at Fox News were concocting new ways to exploit the tragedy to demean President Obama. A rapidly forming theme at Fox is that Obama snubbed the rally by not dropping everything and boarding Air Force One to Paris.

Fox Nation

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It needs to be noted that most of the world leaders who attended the rally were not more than an hour away from Paris. Obama’s trip from Washington, D.C. would have been more than five hours there, and five more back. The U.S. Ambassador to France was already there, as was Attorney General Eric Holder. They could both ably represent the United States in a rally that had an important symbolic purpose, but would not have any productive impact on diplomacy or other legal matters related to international terrorism.

A presidential visit might have been nice, but it certainly was not required. And the fact that Obama is now taking heat for not attending is irrelevant because he would have been criticized just the same if he had gone. It’s falls into the Fox News editorial mission of being against the President, no matter what he does or says. I can just imagine the headlines that Fox and other right-wing media would have generated if he had chosen to go to Paris:

  • President Obama Spends $12,000,000 To Attend Street Rally In Paris
  • President Obama Jets To Paris While Congress Is Working To Restore Jobs In America
  • President Obama Links Arms With Socialist French President François Hollande, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas
  • President Obama Pays Tribute To Murdered Parisian Cartoonists, But Would Not Attend Funeral of Murdered New York Cops
  • President Obama’s Security Detail Disrupts Paris Unity Rally

See how easy it is when you know how Fox thinks?

The tone of the article on the Fox News community website, Fox Nation, suggests not only that Obama doesn’t care about the victims (note the dismissive wave), but also that he must be pro-terror for not participating in an anti-terror rally (even though it was actually a “unity rally”). But it is hard not to notice that there weren’t any Republicans there either, so they must all be uncaring terrorist supporters too.

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In the final analysis, Fox News has demonstrated that they will take the most trivial things and blow them up into phony scandals that draw attention away from the issues that matter most. And they will exploit any opportunity to malign the President or other Democrats regardless of how it harms individuals, institutions, or the nation.

[Addendum] As Fox doubles and triples down on this alleged story, let the record show that of the 50 leaders reported to have participated in the Paris staged photo-op (they didn’t actually march in the rally), 35 (70%) were from nearby European countries. Most of the remainder were from Africa and the Middle East. There was only one from the Americas (Canada sent their Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney). There were none from Asia.

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17 thoughts on “SCANDALOUS: Fox News Is Appalled That Obama Didn’t Jet To Paris For Unity Rally

  1. link posted to MMFA’s “How the Media treated Muslims” as a related article at 9:30p. CST with your title as the tease.

  2. Wow. You sure can speak Fox News!
    They are a joke.

  3. Oh, since when have you ever been concerned about “unity,” Shlox Snooze? Since, of course, they can use it to demand Obama’s impeachment. Again…

  4. Why not send the VP as that would be in line with The VP’s job description? Why care what Fox News opinion is anyway, what difference does it make? I’m not surprised that BO didn’t allow anyone from his administration to attend since he aligns with Muslins at every opportunity.

    • Um…isn’t Eric Holder part of the Presidents’ administration?

      • Um…..Eric Holder didn’t attend the Unity Rally…… really?

    • Sometimes he aligns with cotton, wool, and even synthetic fabrics, not just Muslins.

      • Then the FoxPods will demand Obama’s impeachment because he didn’t choose polyester. 🙂

        • What difference… this point……what difference would it make?

      • Ahhh…..a man of the cloth…… I thought Bo was Muslim!

  5. If it was called an anti-terror solidarity golf outing, I’m sure he would have attended – but I agree it’s silly to pick at him when others could easily and did attend.

    • Funny how you picked on him even when saying that picking on him is silly. Well at least you were honest enough to admit yourself as being silly in the same line you made yourself look silly.

      Unless of course it wasn’t intentional, in which case, screw the part about you being honest and just keep the part about you being silly.

      • I just can’t help it – too easy on this one. It was silly but that’s the fun – if I can’t make fun of our political leaders, this world would be a lot less interesting. Sometimes I forget who frequents this site though – you’re all so protective when it comes to our dear leader.

  6. My question is why is fox news not asking the 50 leaders where they were when the Boston bombing happened? Why pick a on a few journalist to all of a sudden hold mass protest? And if so, where were all 50 when other journalist were killed in the middle east, or even the beheaded ones?

    If I was Obama I would be asking, You want me in France, but where were you during Boston? Foreign lives are more important than our own American lives? Is that what Fox News is saying. How patriotic of them.

  7. Had ALL participants of this unified peace rally been socialists perhaps our, “leader,BOBO”, would have been more in favor of representing the U.S. there. Still waiting on some acknowledgement from BO on Chris Kyle’s service to our . . . his(?) country. Let’s not fool ourselves, people, BO’s true heart lies elsewhere. Two more years, eh? America will need a huge bandage for the “BOBO” it will have sustained!

    • Could you be a little MORE brainwashed by Fox?

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