Glenn Beck Quivers In Fear Of One Nation Working Together

Last week Glenn Beck offered his best wishes the organizers of the One Nation Working Together rally. He supported their right to assemble and hoped that they would have a successful event. He expressed the same sentiment toward the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies. At the time it was clear that he was only trying to get on record as appearing to be unconcerned with them. Obviously he doesn’t really want them to succeed.

This week his true feeling have come to the surface. He has spent the past couple of days, both on radio and TV, bashing the One Nation rally as a collection of traitorous degenerates with ties to Stalin or Satan or something:

“All of these groups, and the President of the United States, want nothing short of fundamental transformation of America. It is not about cleaning up corruption. It is only a beginning. A beginning of a radical, revolutionary Marxist land.

“Do not allow them to get away with the lies. Do not allow them to say that we are just one nation working together. We’re just trying to put America back to work and put America back together. These people, a lot of them, have fought their entire life to destroy America.”

So now Beck demands that his disciples not allow these deceivers to get away with their plot. It makes me wonder why he previously was so supportive of it. Is he perhaps in on it and these new comments are just a ruse to draw suspicion away from himself? He has associated the President with the rally as well, although there has been no White House involvement of any kind.

Beck has been yammering about some of the groups listed amongst those who have endorsed the One Nation rally. While, by far, the most populous factions are connected to unions and civil rights advocates, the list does include far-left organizations like the Communist Party USA. But there needs to be a distinction made here that is critical to understanding these relationships. The groups in the list have endorsed the rally. The rally is not endorsing the groups in the list. If Beck wants to disparage the rally because a few groups he considers to be evil have endorsed it, then he should condemn his own “Restoring Honor” rally last month because it was endorsed Birchers and racist, white nationalists like Stormfront.

It’s hard to understand how anyone can take Beck’s criticisms seriously. In the middle of his communists-are-everywhere rant he went to the absurd extreme of displaying an old communist tract with the phrase “Yes we can,” on the cover. To Beck that was irrefutable evidence that Obama, who used the same phrase during his campaign, is himself a communist. That will come as disturbing news to Bob the Builder:

The real purpose of Beck’s attack on One Nation is to try to preemptively discredit the event before it occurs. I think he underestimated the potential success of the event at first, but now he is beginning to worry that it might just surpass his Fundamentalist Revival Meeting in attendance and make him appear weaker and impotent by comparison. So now it has become imperative for him to take steps to suppress turnout and to build an argument to dismiss it after the fact.

You don’t flip from being patronizingly supportive to asserting a partnership with Lucifer overnight without some sort of catalyst. The catalyst here is that Beck is afraid. He fears the One Nation rally will eclipse his Holy Rollover Acute Paranoia Revue and find him facing the thing he fears most of all: irrelevance.


10 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Quivers In Fear Of One Nation Working Together

  1. Why does change equal destruction for this guy? He would have us all live and die in an eternal extension of the 1950’s while the rest of the planet enters the next age.

  2. An easy way to make Beck irrelevant is to encourage people to turn him off, ignore him, watch something else. Ensuring that One Nation is a success is a good way to start. If you can’t go, you can watch it live on or on DISH Network ch. 9415 and DIRECTV ch. 348. Blog and tweet about the rally as you watch it…let’s make make a lot of noise this weekend!


  3. Are you guys kidding me? The Whitehouse has it on their website to go to this event. There is a huge list of Communist and Socialist that are supporting this group. It is not hidden look at who supports it. Look at the other groups track record. You all who do not read more than one side are being blindly lead.

    • 1) Are YOU kidding me? I defy you to show me where the White House has it on their website to go to this event. Did you even bother to check?

      2) There is an even bigger list of patriotic citizens, workers, teachers, parishioners, families, students, etc., who are supporting this event. Why are you so afraid of a few socialists who, by the way, have contributed much to our nation (i.e. Social Security, public schools, minimum wage, national defense, etc.)?

      3) Do you realize that you are accusing me of not reading more than one side even though you are responding to my reaction to having watched Glenn Beck? Obviously I take in more than one side. You, however, are brainwashed by Beck to the point where you pass along falsehoods like the one in #1 above without verifying anything for yourself. Pathetic.

  4. Assuming that groups like Stormfront and Birch ectually endorsed the “Restoring Honor” rally – they did that completely separate from the operation of the rally. That is not true with this upcomg “one nation” rally. These communist/socialist groups (and other dishonorable groups like Code Pink) have actually signed on as part of the umbrella organization of this rally. You can find them on the rally’s website.

    • First of all, I do not accept your premise of disreputability.

      Secondly, the only distinction you are making is that the One Nation rally is truly unifying, inclusive, and transparent, but Beck’s rally was still endorsed by racists and hate groups but it was kept quiet. Is that really better?

      As I said above, I’m not afraid of any of the groups endorsing One Nation. I may agree with some and not with others, but they are all welcome if they support the broader goals articulated by the rally sponsors: more jobs, fair taxation, responsible regulatory oversight, and open government.

  5. “…truly unifying and inclusive…”

    Why on earth would you want to be unified and included with the Communist Party? That is the governement philosphy that hell-spawned “dear leaders” like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, and Castro. At last figure, these Communist leaders murdered between 30 million and 100 million of their own people.

    Code Pink is the group that has shut down limitary recruiting centers, got into the faces of Republican officials and screamed “war criminal” at the top of their lungs, and praised the Iraqi insurgents (homicide bombers).

    You want to be unified and included with these groups? Step away from the crack pipe.

    Nothing about the “Restoring Honor” rally was racist or hate-filled. If people from Stormfront and other groups were too stupid to realize that they were not kindred spirits with this rally – well, I’m not surprised.

    • At last figure, these Communist leaders murdered between 30 million and 100 million of their own people.

      Do people like you ever stop and think that maybe, just maybe, communism is not the same exact thing as it was when all those dictators and crazy leaders supported it? We’re in 2010, not 1950. Times have changed, and people change. It’s a part of life. Just because those leaders supported the killing of millions of people doesn’t mean the communists of today do. That’s what incredibly dense people like you fail to understand. Everything is cut and dry and only comes to one simple conclusion. Try and open your eyes, for once.

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