Glenn Beck Says Glenn Beck Devalues Humankind

In an epic rant about how progressives are plotting to engage in all manner of mischief if they don’t get what they want, Glenn Beck revealed something about himself that is far more enlightening than his routine delusional obsession with left-wing radicals.

Beck was rolling along in his customary panic-addled fashion, disinforming his viewers about environmentalists, whom he portrayed as so desperate to enact their planet-saving agenda that they would do anything, no matter how grotesque, to protect the Earth. The end justifies the means…Saul Alinsky…collapse the system…kill babies. Beck employed every scare tactic he has used in the past year for this one subject in order to imply that these treehuggers would stop at nothing.

Climate Change has been affirmed by hundreds of reputable scientists around the world. The evidence is voluminous. And the only opponents are those with political or business affiliations and other conflicts of interest. It is imperative that we alter our relationship with this planet if we hope to continue living on it. The reality of that perspective resulted in the production of some hard-hitting public service announcements in England that have sparked Beck’s outrage.

Whether or not these ads exceed the bounds of good taste is something people can decide for themselves. But Beck seems to be convinced that they represent a literal method of dealing with Climate Change deniers. He thinks the eco-terrorists are actually coming to blow you up. His fear of this leads him to castigate all environmentalists as murderous thugs whose extremism will necessarily result in atrocities.

BECK: If you literally believe the world is doomed unless we act, then you’ve devalued humankind.

Really? You mean like…..

“I don’t need to convince you that there are people intentionally destroying our country.”

“The rain is coming. I think you feel it in your gut. It is time to build an Ark. It is time to prepare yourself for some tough times.”

“You’re gonna see a black and white world, man, that is nothing but destruction and ugly.”

“Please, please America, don’t debate, don’t compromise on these things. […] They’re building a machine and they’re about to turn the darn thing on. You don’t compromise on your destruction.”

“Find the exit closest to you and prepare for a crash landing, because this plane is coming down, because the pilot is intentionally steering it into the trees. […] They are taking you to a place to be slaughtered.”

“It is the eve of destruction in America.”

“If we don’t face the truth right now, we’ll be dead in five years; this country can’t survive.”

“This is about man’s freedom. This is it, gang. If we fail here the world is plunged into global darkness.”

These are just a few examples of Glenn Beck expressing his demented view that the world is doomed unless we act. He very specifically declares that destruction is on the horizon and that we must not only act, but we must do so without compromise. Therefore, by his own definition, he is devaluing humankind. And it should also be noted that the video above is an allegorical tale, while Beck’s admonitions of doom are delivered with utter seriousness.

The absurdity of Beck accusing others of fear mongering exposes a severe malfunction in his psychological profile. But to specifically criticize them for inventing doomsday scenarios of the very sort he has been mass producing for years goes beyond the scope of modern psychiatry to understand.


6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Says Glenn Beck Devalues Humankind

  1. The evidence is nice but wholly unnecessary.

  2. Odd that google would choose to post an ad by Goldline for this post! 😉

  3. Beck is a strange character, to be sure. But he’s correct when he questions the “evidence” for “global warming” – especially the anthropocentric version of this popular social theme. There are other more likely causes than human beings. The polar ice cap on Mars is melting, and it’s hard to believe that it’s because of human activity on Earth. But even if Earth’s climate change is caused by consumers, the first place to look would be to the giant petrochemical companies and governments who’ve laid waste to vast expanses of precious resources. Islam’s rise and current Jihad fever is fueled by oil. Get them to shut down their operations if you want to stop “global warming” and its ideological counterpart “global Jihad”.

    • Beck is NUTS, and you are not doing yourself any favors by saying you agree with him.

      The polar ice caps are not melting. They recede seasonally in the Martian spring. There is no net loss of mass on an annual basis. That is not, however, the case for Earth. You really need to get your facts straight. Particularly if you intend to side with Beck against hundreds of scientists.

      However, you are quite right that reducing our dependence on fossil fuels which are produced in the Middle East is both an environmental and national security matter. It always amazes me that rightists who deny Climate Change won’t even concede that oil dependency is hurting us from a security standpoint. How can these people hate Muslims so much yet still want to enrich them with American dollars?

      • cause it gets them rich too. isn’t it funny that American oil companies are helping damage America’s security? it’s almost like American oil (or oil in general) is un-American.

        You going to the mall on the 30th Mark?

        • I couldn’t decide whether to go to the Rally for Sanity or the March to Keep Fear Alive, so I’m staying home instead.

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