The Art Critics Of The American Taliban

Taliban Art CriticAt the Loveland Museum Gallery in Colorado a controversial work of art was attacked and damaged by a woman offended by the content. The work that incited Montana resident Kathleen Folden to travel to Colorado to deface the art contained a representation of Jesus who appears to be receiving oral sex. What do these extremists want? At least he wasn’t engaging in intercourse, and Christine O’Donnell would be pleased to know that he wasn’t masturbating either.

Stanford University professor Enrique Chagoya created the work entitled “The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals.” He described the piece as a statement about religious and political institutions, not beliefs. But that didn’t assuage Folden who was arrested after she took a crowbar to the piece, shattered the glass frame, and ripped the print, while shouting, “How can you desecrate my Lord?”

Islamic jihadis around the world could be heard celebrating Folden’s act of intolerance. Her behavior was perfectly in sync with Sharia law which forbids the depiction of God. Perhaps she was inspired the Taliban, who destroyed several historic sculptures of Buddha after they assumed power in Afghanistan.

The only people praising Folden more fervently are the American Taliban of the Christian Right, along with the censorious denizens of the Fox Nation and other rightist web bunkers and culture warriors. It’s ironic because these are the same people who are so vocally defensive about the Constitution and the freedom it provides. It is these hardcore conservatives that always pretend to be so concerned about freedom of speech and religion, and the protection of private property. They are the first to condemn the censorship of artists who portray the Islamic prophet Mohammad. They say they want smaller government, but they want it to remain big enough to suppress thought and actions that they disapprove of.

Another irony is that Folden, the art mauler, was wearing a t-shirt that reads: “My Savior is Tougher Than Nails,” with a reference to Revelations 1:18. Apparently nails are no match for her savior, but paper hanging on a wall is a mortal threat.

Folden’s ill-conceived vandalism is not going to further her cause. More likely it will make a media star of Mr. Chagoya, and enhance the demand for his work. (I wish some nutcase would slash up some of my work). Furthermore, her disgraceful intolerance serves as a case study for what we can expect if we allow that brand of fundamentalism to become entwined in our cultural and legal institutions.

So thank you, Ms. Folden, for demonstrating so clearly the sort of repressive, small mindedness our nation seeks to avoid. Thank you for being a repulsive and ignorant jerk whose stupidity will set back the efforts of other neanderthals like yourself. Thank you for helping an obscure artist gain some much needed attention. Your court-ordered compensation to the artist and the gallery will also be welcome, I’m sure. And no doubt society will benefit from your incarceration. Thanks again, goodbye, and good riddance.


7 thoughts on “The Art Critics Of The American Taliban

  1. This is not a justification of the woman’s actions, but an observation. this site is critcizing this woman who attacks something with which she disagrees, which sounds similar to this site as it constantly attacks Glenn Beck because he mercilessly attacks progressives and their ilk. Clearly people don’t like to see their opinions or ideas they consider impotant trashed – what this woman did is no different than what this site is doing on a daily basis. Both would try to silence those with whom they disagree.

    • Reallllyyy! No-one on this site tries too silence free speech.
      But there is a damn good reason too be called out on a lie. And if yor savyor Beck makes himself a target, well get use to it.

      • Although he’s not a savior – That’ ok, he’s been quite successful aiding in turning people away from this awful president and an agenda with which I don’t agree. I’m perfectly ok with it. I’ve never seen GB as a liar – I think he believes what he’s stating so, I wouldn’t call that lying. I hope he continues and is successful!

        • Beck has been shown to be liar over and over again. This isn’t about what he believes, it’s about his disengagement with the facts.

          Van Jones is a convicted felon – LIE
          ACORN receiving billions – LIE
          Eco-terrorists bombed radio tower in Washington – LIE
          1.7 million tea baggers at 9/12 rally – LIE
          UAW workers earn average $154.00 per hour – LIE
          Carbon dioxide not a dangerous pollutant – LIE

          Most recently he asserted that Chris Coons is a self-avowed Marxist. That is also a lie. His friends made the comment and even they were joking.

          Beck is a pathological liar. He knows that none of those statements above are true. He says them to advance his arguments with full knowledge that they are false.

    • Wow. I can’t believe what you wrote.

      First of all, Folden did NOT criticize the artwork, she destroyed it with a crowbar. Do you really think that’s the same thing I do?

      Secondly, how have I EVER tried to silence anyone, including you, who has disagreed with me on my very own web site dozens of times? Have my criticisms of Beck caused him to lose his ability to speak? Do you believe that freedom of speech means freedom from rebuttal? Do regard any objection to what Beck or anyone else says to be an assault on their civil liberties?

      The characterization you posted above is so ridiculously illogical I’m not sure I can I adequately respond. I’m shocked that you actually clicked submit on that nonsense. You’re generally more coherent than that. Do you really consider my written “attacks” to be the same as Folden’s physical attack? Do my words prevent yours from being read? C’mon.

      • yeah, it might have been a bit much – i’ve been pretty pissy lately and sometimes it comes out in ignorant ways. I tore up a contractor working for me yesterday too, so I feeling a bit out of control – too emotional I need to get a grip. I really don’t support the actions this woman took – and her actions are technically criminal so she should be thown in jail, which I assume she was. We’re never going to agree on Glenn Beck, but that’s ok, you can and will keep trying to convince us conservatives he’s a big liar when it comes to progressivism. I don’t think the truly average conservative even espouses inclusion of religous activism in politics, but there are always some that think it’s ok. not sure if you were trying to suggest that.

        • Thanks.

          Re: the truly average conservative espousing religous activism in politics…Tell that to the Christian coalition and all the social conservatives imposing their religious views on everything from homosexuality and abortion to evolution and the “holiday” season.

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