Trump Weighs in on the Campus Israeli/Palestinian Protests in the Most Trumpian Way Imaginable

For the past couple of weeks American college campuses have been roiled by student protests over the conflict in Gaza and the overly harsh measures taken by Israel against the Palestinian residents. Most Americans support Israel’s right to defend itself, particularly after the brutal terrorist attack on October 7th. But the nation is united against the massacre of civilians by the Netanyahu regime.

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Donald Trump Insurrection

While it is nearly impossible to get Donald Trump to shut up about any public matter that he thinks he can exploit to his advantage, it took many days of national demonstrations to finally get him to stake out a position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. And not surprisingly, he has adopted one that features himself as the savior and the only person capable of restoring peace. Which is his knee-jerk reaction to nearly every crisis.

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On Tuesday Trump took to his floundering social media scam, Truth Social, to post a couple of comments that said much more than he intended. The first said that…

“Tremendous damage done too, when you look at that building. That’s a landmark and it’s really been damaged badly by these people.”

And the second said that…

“People have to RESPECT LAW AND ORDER in this Country.”

Those are extraordinarily oblivious statements that, for most Americans, will only serve as reminders of the violent insurrection that Trump incited on January 6, 2021. During that riot, that was deliberately designed to obstruct Congress from certifying the 2020 presidential election, there was also a building – the United States Congress – that was a landmark and that was also badly damaged by the domestic terrorists of Trump’s cult. In fact, the StormTrumpers caused millions of dollars in damage to the Capitol, as well as injuries to more than 140 law enforcement officers.

That is Trump’s idea of “RESPECT[ing] LAW AND ORDER.” But he wasn’t finished with his ludicrous ranting about the campus protests. He later posted another comment that revealed just how deeply deranged he is, and by association, how gullible and dangerous his cult disciples are. Trump wrote that…

“Do you think that the Radical Left Lunatics that are causing all of the CHAOS at our Colleges and Universities are doing so in order to take the FOCUS away from our Southern Border, where millions of people, many from prisons and mental institutions, are pouring into our Country? Just askin’…???”

That’s right. Trump is dispensing a crackpot conspiracy theory that the student protesters aren’t really there to express their disapproval of Israel’s hostilities toward Palestinian civilians. According To Trump they are covert immigration activists engaged in a clandestine mission to deflect attention away from refugees seeking safety and freedom in the U.S.

What a devious plot. And one for which Trump has no shred of evidence. So where did Trump get this preposterous theory? Apparently from his asinine and demented imagination that is obsessed with the nether regions of the nation. What’s more, he is joining the MAGA GOP crowd in maligning the protesters as anti-Semitic. But the way that we know that that is utter nonsense is that if these protesters were anti-Semitic, Trump would be calling them “very fine people.”

So Trump’s morning outrage has covered his notion that thousands of American students across the country are secretly fighting to bring foreign convicts and mental patients into America. And it also served as reminder of the horrific physical and property damage caused by his January 6th insurrectionists. All of which means that Trump will regard this as a productive day and take the rest of it off. Which he will surely appreciate because he has another strenuous day of napping in court tomorrow.


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