Fox News Twitter Account Hacked – Hacker Hired To Replace Glenn Beck

Reports are circulating this morning about an apparent hack of the Fox News Twitter account @FoxNewsPolitics. The hacker, falsely identified as Anthony Weiner in early reports, posted several tweets asserting that President Obama had been assassinated. The report of the hacking was confirmed by Fox News who issued a statement of regret for “any distress the false tweets may have created.”

Immediately after posting their regrets, Fox announced that they had hired the hacker to be the host of a new program to be aired weekdays at 5:00pm, Glenn Beck’s old time slot. Praising the hacker’s ingenuity and initiative, Fox VP Bill Sammon said, “He’s at least as accurate as the rest of our Fox News team.”

This acquisition should insure a steady supply of the sort of delusional conspiracy theories that epitomized the Beck brand. To date Fox News has not issued any regrets for the distress caused by the thousands of other false stories they broadcast on a daily basis.


12 thoughts on “Fox News Twitter Account Hacked – Hacker Hired To Replace Glenn Beck

  1. I am willing to bet that FakeFox News would have loved that twit would have been true. I am willing to bet no one hacked them. These people have no shame.

    • You’re the one who has no shame. And you would lose that “bet”. Some idiot hacks into FNC’s twitter account, and you spew out delusional crap about FNC people hoping that President Obama gets assassinated. I got news for you: If you want to hear death wishes like that, you have to listen to lefty thugs like Bill Maher and Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy. They have all spewed kill-Bush-and-Cheney comments.

        • You pointed to anonymous commenters on a website. I pointed to very public media personalities.

          • Glenn Beck said that you have to shoot progressives in the head to stop them. He said he wanted to choke Michael Moore to death. He had a running bit about people he wanted to kill with a shovel. Fox’s Liz Trotta joked that Obama should be assassinated. Bill O’Reilly has spoken of “whacking” people he disagrees with. He said he wanted to kill journalists. Rush Limbaugh told his listeners to “riot in Denver” during the Democratic National Convention. Shall I go on?

            Please don’t be obtuse. If you really don’t believe that both the right and left have engaged in inappropriate hostile rhetoric you’re a moron.

            • Mark people like Scott only see what the left does or says so called. I never heard anyone wish Bush death never. The problem with Scott and his buddies he projects himself on liberals. I still say False Network wishes Obama dead. You can’t say I’m wrong because there is proof on your side. Sorry scotty you need to be beamed up and get a fresh look at your party. Or should we say Cult.

      • Scott, I got news for you. I never listen to talk radio especially in my area where they are afraid to play left wing radio. We get crackers like Limpythedumpy. So I don’t ever listen to anyone. If Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy was ever in front of me I wouldn’t know them. I also don’t watch Maher because I don’t get HBO. Once in awhile someone post a clip and I will watch it. Love his truth telling. Sorry you don’t. But then again you teapublicans don’t get the humor of liberals. They are way to smart for you.

        • “…Bill Maher…love his truth telling…”

          Bill Maher spews hatred and sheer evil. He stated twice on his show that the world would be better off if Dick Cheney had been assassinated while he was in Afghanistan.

          “I still say (Fox) News wishes Obama dead…You can’t say I’m wrong…”

          Oh yes I can. In fact, I say you are lying.

          “…you don’t get the humor of liberals…”

          Bill Maher has also “joked” about how the police should have shot Glenn Beck. Kathy Griffin said she wants to “push Sarah Palin down the stairs”. Sandra Bernhart said that Sarah Palin just might get “gang-raped by my big black brothers”. Joy Behar chuckled as Gore Vidal fantasized about murdering President Bush.

          And the left-wing hate goes on. Need a shower yet?

          • What a pointless argument…..

          • Bill Maher is a comedian who hosts a talk show that regularly (as in almost every fucking week) conservatives on his panel. And when he doesn’t have conservatives, he apologizes and says his staff tried. He’s welcomed Breitbart and Steele twice this year alone. Bernhardt is an aging comedienne who has little modern relevance. Do some homework, Scotty.

            • “…regularly has conservatives on his panel…”

              Big, fat, hairy deal. That doesn’t excuse his disgusting comments.

  2. Hahahahahaha!!!!

    Good times..hehe…

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