The Fox Nation Wants President Obama Dead

Fox Nation is at it again. Today they featured a story about President Obama’s determination to see health care reform implemented. But in their inimitable way, they twisted the message to reflect negatively on the President. Even worse, they aroused the natural inclinations of their readers to bask in a frenzy of assassination fantasies.

Fox Nation Wants Obama Dead

The Fox Nationalists ran with a headline that read: “Obama Invokes His Death in Health Care Talks.” Of course, Obama did no such thing. The article that Fox Nation linked to was an Associated Press piece on Yahoo! News. The sound bite that Fox latches onto was nothing more than a humorous aside:

“Obama joked that the political battle has contributed to the recent rise in his cholesterol…and the president noted how ironic it would be if health care drove him to his grave.”

So Obama did not “invoke” his death as a substantive part of the ongoing talks. But Fox Nation did. And the result was a rush of comments by Fox Nationalists who were only too happy to see the President dead.

“ironic it would be if health care drove him to his grave”.
This would be the best thing that could happen to the USA.

wow that’s something that we can only dream about


Promise?! Whatever it takes. I’m running out of pins for my nobama chia pet.

Many Americans wish we could grant you your wish

The progressives are so desperate to shove down our throats that which we DO NOT WANT.
They think they are so close, yet IF they pass it, it very well could be the literal de.ath of Obama, for TREASON.
He KNOWS there is NO Constitutional authority for this take-over of healthcare.
Go ahead, Obama, make America’s day.


So go ahead – do America a favor

Frankly I would call it irony if he went to his grave because of health care! Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

So it is not Obama who invoked his own death, but Fox Nation and its clan. And it isn’t only the bloodthirsty, racist, hate mongering, denizens of Fox’s blogosphere who are expressing their opinions in terms that imply Obama’s demise, it is also members of Congress and rightist pundits:

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee said the president and House Democratic leaders are asking their colleagues to “hold hands, jump off a cliff and hope Harry Reid catches them.”

In a post on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism website, Frank Ross wrote: “Mark Steyn is always right, whether he’s writing about Andrew Lloyd Webber or, in this case, the suicide-bomber-in-chief, Barack Obama.

Is it any wonder that the FBI has reported more threats against this president than any before him?

Flashback: May 2008:

Ha ha hah. That was a good laugh, wasn’t it?


13 thoughts on “The Fox Nation Wants President Obama Dead

  1. I refuse to be bipartisan with fascists. I refuse to take part in the effort to divide our nation. I do not share the hatred many on the right have for the current president. I will not share my home with the enemy. I will not attempt to persuade, discuss, or question the motivations of the corporate lawyers corrupting the rule of law. Their excuses do not matter.

    How easy it is for some to forget the nightmare that was the Bush years. A serious problem is that some people do not believe the policies, callousness, disrespectfulness, and larceny of those years are of concern. As long as they are foolish enough to believe that everything that went on during the Bush years was acceptable, smart, prudent, slick, wise whatever, because it was “their” boy doing it, do not understand the meaning of “their”.

  2. Republicans and Conservatives have embraced Terrorism. They are hoping the use of violence or the threat of violence will destabilize America and lead to election victories.

  3. to which Rush Limbaugh responded, “huh. Maybe I wouldn’t leave the country after all.” and it wouldn’t be the nastiest remark he’s ever made – by a longshot. my question: I notice the article paraphrases Obama’s comment. do you have the direct quote? and was it along the lines of “the health care DEBATE could kill me”? ’cause if it was, that’s one *() of a word to omit.

    • The AP reported only their description of the remarks, not the direct quote. But it was enough to know that Obama was joking around, not introducing his demise into the debate.

      • right. there goes the liberal media spinning against Obama again.

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