EXCLUSIVE: Photo Of Private Debt Ceiling Talks In John Boehner’s Office

The political pugilism over the debt ceiling debate is raging on in Congress and the media as John Boehner’s rightwardly-revised legislation passed in the House on a party-line vote but failed in a more bipartisan fashion in the Senate. This leaves the nation right where it was before these votes took place – on the precipice of a fiscal calamity.

Many observers were perplexed that Boehner, upon failing to hold the GOP caucus in line, added a provision to the bill calling for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. That provision may have swayed a few intransigent House members, but it doomed the bill in the Senate.

In pursuit of some insight as to why the Speaker would deliberately make the bill less likely to ever become law, an intrepid reporter infiltrated the secret negotiations that took place in the Speaker’s chambers prior to the vote. Here is what was discovered:

John Boehner Tea Party

Amongst other things, this revealing photo is evidence that Speaker Boehner is not really in charge of House legislative activities. His leadership is subservient to the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party, or the TeaPublicans. This explains why, after admonishing his caucus to “Get your ass in line,” he was still unable to schedule a vote for fear that it would fail. It further explains why he was forced to make revisions that pushed the bill farther to the right and weakened it’s prospects for passage.

Now that we know who’s in charge of the GOP, perhaps Democrats will fashion a strategy to resolve these issues that takes this reality into account. The extreme right of the Republican Party is fixated on an agenda based on ignorance, faith, and Randian fiction. The only path to resolution is to ignore the TeaPublicans, shame any GOP members who still retain some measure of reason, and alert the public to the dilemma created by the delusional wing of the GOP and Fox’s phony version of “news.”

[Editor’s Note:] In view of recent incidents involving journalists acquiring scandalous information improperly, rest assured that no cell phones were hacked in the development of this story.


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