Glenn Beck: The Most Frustrated Man On The Planet

Poor Glenn Beck. He simply can’t avoid being victimized by all the forces of evil that surround him. What a burden it must be for him to bear. After all, all he did was liken a few dozen teenagers, who were murdered by an extremist Christian bigot, to the Hitler Youth. And now he is the subject of wrath by a world bent on destroying him.

Glenn Beck

Today Beck took his pity party another step down the path of victimhood:

“I gotta tell ya, I could be the most frustrated man on the planet this week because I have people smearing me in the press likes nobody’s business. The New York Times has a story out today that is such a smear job. Claiming I said things I never said. Never said.”

That’s right. Beck’s frustration runneth over. He’s certainly more frustrated than the parents of those massacred Marxist children. He must be more frustrated than the people of Norway and their law enforcement agencies. Elsewhere on the planet, his frustration probably exceeds that of the Japanese people who live near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, or the Sudanese embroiled in a bloody civil war, or even his fellow Americans who are facing a calamitous default that threatens to throw the world into a financial tailspin and force a credit rating downgrade that is a virtual tax on every American.

The smear job that Beck references is nothing more than people reporting his own words. Notice that he never states specifically what constitutes the smear. He can’t because it would reveal that no smear occurred. Then he wouldn’t be able to whine about what a martyr he is. He wouldn’t be able to whip up his disciples into a feverish mob. He wouldn’t be able to maintain his Messianic charade.

It’s time to take action and really give Beck something to whine about. This page has a list of the radio stations carrying Beck’s program. Please call or write the one nearest you and tell them what Beck said and that you will not listen to the station or patronize their advertisers until Beck is gone. Also, sign this petition from Media Matters.

Beck is also holding an event in Israel next month with the unseemly name of “Restoring Courage.” How can his Israeli hosts permit this to go on as scheduled after he insults the memory of Holocaust victims by throwing around aspersions regarding Hitler’s atrocities aimed at innocent kids? After this, whatever authorization Beck has to produce this event should be rescinded. Feel free to contact the Israeli Embassy and advise them of the sort of person that is heading their way:
Email: / Phone: 202.364.5500


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  1. Mabie whem Beck said that he was the most frustrated man on the planet, he really ment sexually frustrated ?

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