Nuke Iraq And Make Bush President For Life

The wisest course would have been for President Bush to use his nuclear weapons to slaughter Iraqis until they complied with his demands, or until they were all dead.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what Family Security Matters, a organization made up of prominent conservatives, is advocating, along with making Bush President For Life (h/t Digby). Acting as a front group for the Center for Security Policy, a right-wing think tank that promotes American world dominance through military strength, FSM features authors like Phillip Atkinson, a Contributing Editor who has written what is one of the most grotesque dissertations on American Democracy I have ever read.

But it seems that FSM has been busy scrubbing Atkinson, and perhaps other controversial articles, from their web site. Thanks to Google cache, they cannot so easily cover their repulsive tracks.

FSM describes themselves as the National Security Resource for American Families. But I’m not sure how families will benefit from trading in Democracy for tyranny. Grit your teeth and read these excerpts:

Conquering the Drawbacks of Democracy

If President Bush copied Julius Caesar by ordering his army to empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans, he would achieve immediate results: popularity with his military; enrichment of America by converting an Arabian Iraq into an American Iraq

He could then follow Caesar’s example and use his newfound popularity with the military to wield military power to become the first permanent president of America, and end the civil chaos caused by the continually squabbling Congress and the out-of-control Supreme Court.

Then who would be able to stop Bush from emulating Augustus Caesar and becoming ruler of the world? For only an America united under one ruler has the power to save humanity from the threat of a new Dark Age wrought by terrorists armed with nuclear weapons.

The Barbarians Are Coming

The culture of the white Americans is being displaced by their mainly Hispanic invaders; peace and wealth created by the white American culture are being replaced by poverty and crime brought by the invaders.

The very least that must be done to halt the Hispanic invasion is the mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, which must be followed by an American invasion of Mexico to enforce American language and values upon the Mexicans.

The Dangers of the Liberal-Islamist Connection

[T]he Left has contempt for the average American. That is why most of the Left speaks of America as bringing immeasurable misery and sadness to the world and, essentially, as deserving attacks on it.

While it is true that the hedonistic life style of Leftists runs counter to Shariah law, many Leftists are drawn into supporting the Islamist movement. It should also be noted that Bible-believing Christians and Jews do not support Leftists’ hedonistic lifestyle.

This revolting treatise was not penned by some outlandish neo-Nazi militia group holed up in the hills of Kentucky hording guns. No, it was published on the website of an organization asserting family values and run by many of our nations most prominent mainstream conservatives.

FSM’s Board of Advisers is populated by phalanx of former government officials and media professionals. Here are just a few of the notable members:

  • Barbara Comstock, Former Director of Public Affairs for the United States Justice Department, overseeing all communications for the Attorney General, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Prisons, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and the U.S. Marshals Service.
  • Dr. Monica Crowley, WABC Radio Talk Show Host; former Foreign Policy Assistant to President Richard Nixon.
  • Susan Davis, President and CEO, Susan Davis International, a full-service communications and public affairs firm.
  • James T. DeGraffenreid, Pres/COO of The United States Naval Institute; a former President at Phillips Publishing International, supplier to the Defense, Aviation, Telecommunication and Energy industries; Chairman of the Board, The Center for Security Policy.
  • Terrence A. Elkes, Principal, Apollo Partners, LLC, acquirer of media, communications, entertainment and broadcast companies; former member of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Office of Viacom International, Inc.; Chairman of the Board of Regents, Center for Security Policy.
  • Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., Founder and President, Center for Security Policy; former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy; Chairman of the High Level Group, NATO’s senior politico-military committee; representative for the Secretary of Defense in key U.S.-Soviet negotiations.
  • Laura Ingraham, Author, Columnist, Political Commentator, Host of Nationally Syndicated Radio Show.

And if that’s not enough, take a look at the principles of the Center for Security Policy:

  • Elliott Abrams, Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs for Democracy, Human Rights and International Operations
  • Jack D. Crouch II, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy; nominated January 31, 2005, to be Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor
  • Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., former Director of the Office of Management and Budget
  • Douglas J. Feith, former Chairman of the Center’s Board of Directors, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
  • Richard Perle, Chairman of the Defense Policy Board
  • William Bennett, former Secretary of Education.
  • Alan Keyes, former Ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
  • Christopher Cox, Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Kay Bailey Hutchison, Member of the U.S. Senate.
  • James M. Inhofe, Member of the U.S. Senate.
  • James Webb, Member of the U.S. Senate, former Secretary of the Navy. (This needs some explaining)
  • Dick Cheney, Vice President of the U.S. under George W. Bush, was an early member of Center’s Board of Advisors

This should be enough to make anyone a bit more than nervous, and you don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to recognize the threat these people pose. When you hear the likes of Bill O’Reilly or Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh or Laura Ingraham herself, bemoan the state of American Liberalism, remember that they will never turn their venom on the real traitors who want to dilute the Democracy and freedom on which the nation was founded. And that includes the Imperial Mr. Bush and his 4th Branch Patron, Mr. Cheney.


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