Alberto Gonzales Forgets Not To Resign

For immediate Release:

Fox News, the most powerful name in lies, is preparing it’s most exciting roster of new programming ever. And kicking off the new season will be the premier of Alberto Gonzales’ unforgettable nightly expose into … um … wait, don’t tell me … it’s on the tip of my tongue …

Oh, never mind. It was probably privileged anyway.

Just be sure not to miss it. Seriously. Anyone who misses it will be placed on the no-fly list, their phone will be tapped, and they may be subject to water boarding at Gitmo.

Last March, the forgettable Alberto Gonzales told reporters that…

“I’m not going to resign – I’m going to stay focused on protecting our kids.”

Apparently, the kids have slipped his memory. But I remember that this embarrassment to justice had no problem recalling some unnamed statutes that would allow him to prosecute journalists for doing their jobs:

“There are some statutes on the book which, if you read the language carefully, would seem to indicate that that [prosecution] is a possibility.”

Goodbye, and good riddance.


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  1. I think Faux should get Ginko to sponsor this show.

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