James O’Keefe Produces Another Embarrassing Flop

James O'KeefeThe Borat of right-wing pseudo-journalism has just released the latest in his attempts to so thoroughly discredit himself that his mother would be ashamed to take his calls. James O’Keefe, a convicted criminal, has been trying to prove that voter fraud in America is at crisis proportions. But the only thing he has succeeded in proving is that he himself is a recidivist perpetrator of attempted fraud that ultimately fails. And he has never rebutted the studies that show that voter fraud is almost non-existent in this country.

O’Keefe’s latest insipidness is a video that purports to show that non-citizens are voting in North Carolina elections. His evidence is a non-citizen named Zbigniew Gorzkowski. The only problem, as ThinkProgess discovered, is that Gorzkowski is, in fact, a citizen and has been for about thirty years. When O’Keefe’s henchman tried to ambush Gorzkowski, he immediately smelled the deceit and repeatedly asked the henchman who he was representing. O’Keefe’s henchman not only evaded the question, at one point he blatantly lied, misrepresenting himself as being associated with an “agency” that implies some official authority.

James O'Keefe

This is the sort of willful dishonesty that is the hallmark of O’Keefe’s dubious career. His videos, this one included, are a jumble of deliberately deceptive scenes that have been edited to give false and negative impressions of O’Keefe’s victims. That’s why he pleaded guilty to crimes committed in Louisiana. It’s why he is being sued by former ACORN employees. And if that’s not enough, he has also been implicated in sexual harassment and potentially kidnapping and drugging a former female associate.

Any news enterprise that gives O’Keefe any attention to his ludicrous videos is demonstrating their own lack of credibility. That’s why the only place you can expect to see this garbage is on Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller and the late Andrew Breitbart’s sites. But it is still curious that there have no prosecutions of O’Keefe for the crimes he has committed in various jurisdictions while attempting to prove voter fraud. Investigations are progressing, but there is ample evidence to proceed at this point. And his probation officer should be looking into whether he is in violation of the terms of his probation by continuing to commit illegal acts.

James O’Keefe is behaving like a criminal and belongs in jail – the sooner the better.

[Update] ThinkProgress has confirmed that the other person identified as a non-citizen in O’Keefe’s video is also a citizen. So that’s two citizens about whom O’Keefe lied and perhaps libeled.


3 thoughts on “James O’Keefe Produces Another Embarrassing Flop

  1. If I’m not mistaken, one of the terms of O’Keefe’s probation is residing with his parents. I wonder how soon after it expires his mom will feel she has no choice but to kick him out.

  2. Maybe these Keystone journalists can work on finding out who all of Mitt Romney’s political donors are if they really want to do something that would inform and educate the public. They are a joke and obviously are not capable of feeling any shame but we need to try and shame them none the less, for their asinine attempts at what they think is some sort of journalism.

  3. I am still amazed at why he is not in jail.

    If I did anything remotely close to what he does I would end up in jail.

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