Greetings From Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Misery

Mitt Romney has been running a campaign focused almost entirely on negative attacks against President Obama. He relentlessly misrepresents Obama’s record and public statements in a frantic effort to diminish the President, while avoiding any discussion of his own questionable qualifications for office. And there is good reason for Romney to want to run from his record. His resume contains only two items to persuade the American people to vote for him:

The first item is his tenure as the CEO of Bain Capital, an investment firm that specialized in leveraging struggling companies by downsizing their workforce (he likes firing people), drowning them in debt, and then draining those assets to enrich Bain shareholders prior to shutting the companies down. Not exactly the skill set for a nation that hopes to stick around for a while.

The second item is his reign as governor of Massachusetts. Remember that? He almost never speaks of it. And the reason why is conveniently illustrated in this handy, shareable infographic:

Massachusetts Misery

So a governor who presided over nearly the worst job creation in the nation (here’s an InfoGraphic of The Real Job Creators), raised taxes on the middle class, and left a billion dollar deficit for his successor, now tells the country that his business experience is the backbone of his candidacy. But that experience didn’t do much good for the people of Massachusetts.

The truth is, based on Romney’s experience, the failure of his administration in Massachusetts was entirely predictable. He has pretty good credentials as a corporate raider and an investment manager if you are looking to hire someone who is skilled at extracting profits from companies headed toward bankruptcy. But if you are looking for a leader with expertise in growing the economy with a long-term perspective on creating wealth for a broad range of citizens (not just the 1%), then Romney’s background is not only irrelevant, it is a contra-indicator for success.

Voting for Mitt Romney for president would be like hiring an arsonist to put out a fire.


3 thoughts on “Greetings From Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts Misery

  1. The DNC needs to start running ads that convey this in the swing states where legitimate voters are being purged from voter rolls.

  2. “his own questionable qualifications for office” – what amazingly moronic statement – if Barak Obama was ok to win the presidency in 2008 as a totally unqualified candidate – then a former govenor is certainly qualified. This is not meant to support Mitt Romney – he isn’t who I would prefer, but that comment had to be the dumbest suggestion ever written by you Mark. Of course what you consider good qualificaions for the presidency clearly focuses more on ideology than actual experience – at least be honest.

    • What’s moronic is you calling anyone else moronic. You are simply incapable of forming a substantive argument, so rather than doing so you lash out pathetically. Why don’t you at least TRY to counter any point I make? Obviously the answer is because you can’t.

      Romney’s qualifications for political office (as opposed to private investor) are questionable because they consist of so much failure. His record in MA is clear and even he does not defend it (or talk about it at all). And bringing up Obama’s qualifications doesn’t answer the questions about Romney. That’s a lame tactic employed the intellectually inferior.

      Steve, I am getting so tired of your broken-record rhetoric. You suggest that I should be honest about my ideology, but when have I EVER not been. If you haven’t figured out yet that this site has an opinion, you’re too stupid to live outside a mental institution. And if you don’t like my opinion then either offer an alternative or go away. I’m sure you’d fit in nicely with the dimwits at Fox Nation.

      Comments like yours above are juvenile, immaterial, and worst of all, boring – like almost all of your comments here.

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