The Making Of A Fox News Headline: State Of The Union Edition

President Obama’s State of the Union address was generally well received by a majority of Americans with polling showing high approval for the speech (CNN, PPP). But oddly enough, Fox News managed to put a negative spin on the public reaction.

What makes this particularly odd is that the article that Fox posted on their web site had mostly positive things to say about the speech. However, the headline could not have been more downcast: “Obama’s State of the Union speech a well-crafted, hollow recitation of nothing more than words.”

Fox News

A hollow recitation of words? As opposed to a recitation of shoes, or bees? How about a recitation of pie? It is pretty much a given that, by definition, all recitations are of words. This may be a detail that escapes the linguistic geniuses at Fox who can’t seem to even get through the second paragraph of the article with making numerous grammatical errors.

Fox News Grammer

More to the point, the headline Fox composed was utterly detached from the content of the article. At no point did the author, fake Democrat Doug Schoen, write that the speech was “a hollow recitation of nothing more than words.” That was an invention of the headline writer. Schoen did, however, write that the speech was “well-written, well-crafted” and “hit all the right notes.” He also said that it “was a great speech.” None of that made it into the headline.

Had Fox wanted to disparage Obama without resorting to fiction, there was plenty in Schoen’s screed from which to choose. Schoen used much of his space to blame Obama for the obstructionism on the part of congressional Republicans. But the headline writer must have thought that angle would be too steep for the Fox audience. All things considered, that was probably the right call.


4 thoughts on “The Making Of A Fox News Headline: State Of The Union Edition

  1. There was a poll out before the speech that asked, “What do you want to hear the President say tonight?” Predictably, my Fox-fed sister replied, “I quit.” Bunch of stupid angry gun nuts. Oh, and sis, who hasn’t set foot in a church since her wedding 30 years ago (which ended in two, because that’s the GOP way) writes In God We Trust on all her bills. Really? God cares about her electric bill? God cares about someone who uses FB to denigrate our President, his lovely family, and her OWN family members who disagree with her bitter view of life in America? I do wish Fox would go away and maybe we could recover our pride in country, diversity and the strength of working together. Instead, they divide and try to conquer for ALEC and the oil barons. Sickening, really. I’m betting the FoxNation readers never got past the headline, which was the point.

  2. What did they say about Rubio’s disastrous response? Have we seen that yet or will they just ignore it? Since they live in an alternate universe this might be some of their responses: Rubio lays out visionary plan in SoTU response to Obama. How about, Rubio fills the shoes of the greatest communicator and President of all time Ronald Reagan with his outstanding mind-blowing response to SoTU speech! Just a couple of suggestions that the geniuses at Fox Nation, based on their history, would not be the least embarrassed posting.

    • “Rubio Demonstrates Firm Grip on, Mastery of Water Bottle”

      • What a classic illustration of how insipid left-wingers can be. No attempt to analyze the substance of Sen. Rubio’s response, just focus on the fact that he was thirsty and got a drink of water. MSLSD made themselves look foolish with this water bottle obsession. Even CNN fell prey to this – now that was surprising.

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