Conspiracy Fabulist Glenn Beck On Houston, Nazi’s, And God’s Wrath

Last week Tea-vangelist Glenn Beck spewed some delusional ravings about a Saudi man Beck believed was the mastermind of the Boston marathon bombing. That alarmist and unsupported nonsense fell flat with no one but the most deranged of the right-wing blogosphere paying any attention.

Consequently, Beck has had to come up with more idiotic imaginings from his clearly diseased brain. His newest paranoid hypothesis is that the man who showed up yesterday at the Houston airport firing an AR-15, and later committing suicide, was some sort of setup directed at the NRA’s convention being held in Houston.

Beck explained to his adoring audience that the connections are inescapable and he explicitly stated that any other possibility “is too much to believe.” His evidence for this certainty was apparently still stuck up his ass because he never brought it out for examination. Instead, he made an absurd accusation that some mysterious, unnamed plotters from the “uber-left” were behind the whole affair. And while you are looking for those imaginary connections, also keep in mind that the model for this false flag operation is the Nazi burning of the Reichstag.

Glenn Beck

There seems to be no bottom for Beck’s dementia. His sermonizing on the depths of the human condition, particularly in America, is driving him to conclude that we are an evil, godless nation (video below) that God is now compelled to destroy. No, seriously…

Beck: He has got to destroy us because we are becoming an affront to him, in every step of the way. We are denying his existence. We are denying his power. We are slapping him in the face. […] Boy I don’t think he can trust us at all. Please Lord, remember the faces of those, please, that are trying to do the right thing. Please dear God, please dear Lord forgive us, please forgive us, please, please forgive us. See the faces of the people that are good, because there are millions of them. Give us strength to accept the things that must come.

This is not the first time that Beck has opined on the impending divine obliteration of America. The day before the election last November, Beck announced God’s mandate for destruction due to voters choosing to reelect President Obama:

Beck: If they’re so dead inside that they can no longer see the difference between good and evil, we have to be destroyed because we will be a remarkable evil on this planet.”

Beck is pretty well convinced of America’s demonic nature and God’s duty to eradicate it. It’s surprising, therefore, that he still resides here and even wants to build a mecca to his paranoia where blissful patriopaths can frolic in a world devoid of free-thinking lefties. But if the United States is bound for hell, there is still some land available in Guyana that Beck might look into.


5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Fabulist Glenn Beck On Houston, Nazi’s, And God’s Wrath

  1. God must like morons – after all, She did create so many of them, and I haven’t heard one instance of any of them being smited solely for this reason. They’re taken care of for other reasons, but that’s just natural selection. 🙂

  2. Glenn Beck is a national disgrace!

  3. I think it’s very sad that Beck’s supporters don’t realize that he’s milking them for his own financial benefit. If they’d just stop and think a minute, they’d realize that they have nothing in common with Beck, and that he looks at them the same way he looks at anyone who is not a member of his socioeconomic class.

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