Glenn Beck’s “Most Important Story In History” Just Another Epic Dud

Last week Glenn Beck was salivating over easily debunked rumors that he was convinced were proof of a scandalous cover up by the Obama administration. He spun a tale of a Saudi man who was near the scene of the Boston marathon bombing and was, according to Beck, connected to the Tsarneav brothers. And with the slimy veneer of the great snake oil salesman he is, Beck promised his glassy-eyed listeners that if they could just hold out for the weekend he would reveal unambiguous evidence that the Saudi was a terrorist and that President Obama was personally covering up for him.

Glenn Beck

And now our patience has been rewarded with Beck’s radio broadcast this morning. Completely oblivious to the fact that the man Beck is slandering as a terrorist was found to be a student with no ties to anything unsavory, Beck is clinging to his delusional conspiracy and reiterating his allegations from last week. And despite having threatened the President with the disclosure of the shocking truth, Beck has no further proof of wrongdoing or suspicious connection than he pretended to have previously.

The entirety of Beck’s expose consisted of unsupported allegations that a Saudi man was scheduled for deportation under “section 212, 3B” (security and related grounds). However, the Department of Homeland Security has already confirmed that the person in question was not a security risk and that he was not being investigated or deported. That, of course, hasn’t stopped Beck from persisting in his ramblings and calling for Obama to be impeached. He still has not speculated as to why Obama, and his entire national security apparatus, would be protecting a terrorist. Unless, of course, they themselves are behind the Global Jihad that Beck and his minions have been warning us about.

Beck failed to offer any substance to confirm his charges, other than unsourced “reports” and conjecture. So the weekend-long cliffhanger turned out to be bust. Now, as we all know, Beck having hallucinatory episodes marked by feverish fear mongering is not particularly newsworthy. What’s really troubling about this is that there are four Republican congressmen who are now demanding answers from DHS based on what they call “media reports,” but are really just Beck’s psychotic discharges.

It is always somewhat sad when Beck displays the severe mental deterioration that has become the hallmark of his broadcast career. But it’s downright nauseating that members of congress rely on such bull excrement and cite it in official communications. The American experiment in democracy sometimes comes frighteningly close to failing when people in government act like escapees from an asylum. And it isn’t just the obvious nutcases like Michelle Bachmann anymore.


9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s “Most Important Story In History” Just Another Epic Dud

  1. Glenn Beck has clearly demonstrated that he has gone of the road of sanity and is therefore a very possible threat to himself and others. It is the responsibility of those close to him to get him the help he so desperately needs.

    • Glenn Beck was too far right for the Fox Network. He is obviously insane, spouting stuff that only his subscribers believe. So many people who identify with this guy are Tea Party Members, the least educated and most fervent of all political animals, the Tea Baggers will swear to ANYTHING as long as they think it will go against the Obama Administration. Freaking Right Wing-Nuts are trying to tear this country apart.

  2. there is a amount of salesmanship in glenn but over all he is very informative as for you two mindless droids victor and randy well I would not be afraid to bet beck does more good for people in one day than both of you have done or will do for the rest of your sorry pitiful lives,

    • Cletus, Cletus, Cletus! Do you not understand? You know NOTHING about the people here you are attacking. How do you know what they have done to help others in life? Nothing. You know nothing about that Cledtus. And that just makes you sound really, really, stupid.

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