Bill O’Reilly On Al Qaeda Death List

Bill O’Reilly will be interviewed french kissed by Barbara Walters on Friday’s episode of 20/20. In the course of the cooing, O’Reilly reveals that al Qaeda has issued a death threat against him.

Personally, I think al Qaeda is just using this as a fundraising ploy. They may be evil, but they know a profitable appeal when they see one. I predict their receipts will skyrocket, and they will tap donors from the west that previously would have nothing to do with them.

If true, al Qaeda is merely replicating the stategery of the Bush administration: conflating unrelated emotionally charged issues. Bush is doing it with 9/11 and Iraq; bin Laden with infidels and douchebag TV bloviators. Bin Laden comes a little closer to articulating a plausible relationship. Douchebag TV bloviators are statistically more likely to be infidels than Iraqis are to be terrorists.

The disclosure of this threat might just possibly be promotional for O’Reilly, too. He has just releast his book, “Culture Warrior.” He’s in a very hostile state of mind these days. In the interview, O’Reilly also refers to himself as a “T-Warrior,” short for “traditional warrior.” What he apparently means is that he is a warrior for traditional values, opposing the forces of the dreaded Secular-Progressives. Obviously, this chickenhawk has never been what is traditionally referred to as a traditional warrior.

He also believes that were it not for the media, there would be no ongoing debates over gay marriage or references to God in the Pledge of Allegiance. He intends that to be criticism of the media. He is therefore arguing against open and democratic discourse and is incensed should the media happen to facilitate it once in a while.

He refuses to criticize Don Rumsfeld even though he says that:

“war is a performance business. And Iraq is a mess. Now, I think he is a patriot. And I think he did the best he could. It’s not working.”

Right. Tell that to the families of the 2,600 American casualties; or to the thousands more who were injured and maimed; or to the tens of thousands more Iraqi civilians. Sorry, it’s not working.

I’m glad I saw this preview of the 20/20 program so that I don’t accidently tune in thinking something worthwhile would be on.

Update: Radar Magazine is reporting that the FBI has denied that any notification of an al Qaeda threat was given to O’Reilly or anyone else at Fox. Could O’Reilly lying? And Fox’ Media relations director, Leah Yoon, made this astonishing comment:

“We shouldn’t be shouldering the burden of something he said on someone else’s network.”

You know rock-bottom is near when the Fox PR department won’t even back up its most-watched personality.