Adventures In Right-Wing Gotcha Journalism Starring Faux Bono

Jason Mattera is the editor of the uber-conservative magazine Human Events. He is also the most ambitious aspirant to replace James O’Keefe as America’s most comically pathetic pseudo-journalist.

Yesterday Mattera posted another in his series of childish ambush videos, this one featuring the lead singer of U2, Bono. The video was quickly picked up by conservative web sites like and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. Mattera was convinced that he had the goods on a hypocritical rock star who talked a lot about charity while padding his own nest.

There was just one problem. The person Mattera ambushed was not Bono.

The video was promoted by Fox News for the Sean Hannity show, but it will probably not be making its premiere as scheduled. It has also been pulled from Breitbart and the Blaze.

Watching the video it is clear that the gentleman that Mattera was harassing was not Bono. In fact, he was being pretty obvious about that in the manner in which he was answering the questions. He could hardly be more explicit than to say that he had no control over anything the band did, which he said in an accent that didn’t have a hint of Irish. The faux Bono was later interviewed later by the Washinton Post.

For a little background on Mattera, take a look at some of his previous antics: Harassing Sen. Bernie Sanders and demonstrating his (Mattera’s) puerile ignorance; Badgering Sen. Al Franken and opposing child health and safety programs; and stalking Rep. Alan Grayson who immediately realized that Mattera was a kook, and put him in his place. In each case Mattera’s M.O. is same. He approaches his victim pretending to be a fan or supporter (a blatant violation of journalistic ethics), then launches incoherent attacks that misstate whatever issue he is trying to raise.

This guy is a serial screw up who seems to have a pretty high threshold for embarrassment. With an ability to endure such massive levels of shame, he would be an excellent partner for O’Keefe & Co.