Trump Inadvertently Admits He Caused Hundreds of Thousands of COVID Deaths

Having Donald Trump, a barely articulate. petulant crybaby, as president has produced innumerable instances of cringeworthy comments. Often his wrath caused him to say things that had very different meanings than what he intended. And Trump has continued his vengeance driven malaprops as ex-president. However, he has scaled up the idiocy quotient considerably.

Donald Trump, Coronavirus

On Sunday, CNN aired a special presentation of interviews with several of Trump’s top advisors on his Coronavirus Task Force (which was little more than a propaganda vehicle to promote Trump). On Monday Trump issued a lengthy and rambling response to the program that was rife with the infantile Trumpisms we’ve come to know and dread. It went something like this:

There’s a abundance of aberrant asininity in that tirade. It starts in the first sentence where Trump reveals that he actually does watch “fake news” CNN, if only to keep track of his former pandemic advisors, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx. Trump’s feelings were clearly hurt by the pair who he demeaned as “two self-promoters.” Which is rich coming from someone who famously plasters his name on everything and takes credit in the next paragraph for “saving the entire world.” Trump also accuses the doctors of “reinventing history,” another character defect that is more accurately attributed to Trump.

However, the most jarring part of that first sentence is Trump’s dismissal of what he calls “faulty recommendations,” that he “fortunately almost always overturned.” In other words, Trump is confessing that he rejected the advice of the experts that he hired to mitigate the deadly potential of the COVID pandemic. Therefore, Trump is conceding that the tragic results that took the lives of more half a million Americans are wholly his responsibility.

Trump has entirely absolved the others of blame. And since their recommendations were discarded by Trump personally, he is unselfishly taking all the “credit” for the horror that followed. For the record, the common sense, CDC approved recommendations that he overturned were replaced by his own favorite (albeit fraudulent) therapies that included injecting bleach, hydroxychloroquine, ultraviolet light, and herd “mentality” (sic).

This might be a good time to repeat that all of that was in the first sentence of Trump’s run-on statement. And it affirms the conclusions of a new study by a UCLA economist that “estimates that 400,000 people in this country died of COVID who could have been saved,” but for Trump’s ignorance, negligence, and deliberate malfeasance.

The rest of the statement was littered with lies, insults, and vain, undeserved tributes to himself. He bragged about having “developed American vaccines by an American President,” although he certainly had no role in developing the vaccines, and the first one approved (Pfizer) was developed in Germany without U.S. aid. He seemed to mourn only for those who suffered financial losses, rather than those who lost their health and/or lives.

Trump then went after Dr. Anthony Fauci for participating in a “fake interview” (whatever that means). Then Trump mocked the 80 year old doctor’s baseball throwing skills, as if that has anything to with with his medical expertise. It was just a cheap shot by childish loser. But it does make you wonder why every president since 1910 has thrown out at least one World Series first pitch during their presidency, with the exception of Trump. Trump also criticized Fauci for trying “to take credit for the vaccine,” which Fauci didn’t do. However Trump did take credit in the next sentence saying “I was the one to get it done.” It’s curious that Trump is so anxious to own the vaccine that he won’t promote to his dimwitted, anti-vax disciples, and which he got himself, but secretly.

Then Trump moved on to Dr. Birx, whom he labeled “a proven liar with very little credibility.” Birx has some serious mistakes and misjudgments to account for. However, they mainly involve her reluctance to tell the truth about Trump’s dishonesty and obstruction. Trump, meanwhile, lapsed into the pettiest of gossip about alleged private conversations that he can’t verify. And given his reputation as a pathological liar, nothing he says can believed without proof.

Trump’s whining statement is just further evidence of his bloated ego controlling his vindictive and vexatious outbursts. He has demonstrated his psychotic tendencies to lash out the people that he previously praised profusely when he hired them. They were always among “the best people” that he promised to surround himself with, but who he later disparaged viciously. They included top administration officials like General Jim Mattis, General John Kelly, General H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, Jeff Sessions, Anthony Scaramucci, and Rex Tillerson, to name just a few.

And let’s not forget the shining examples of bootlicking loyalty that Trump latched onto whose sterling reputations were scarred only by their criminal convictions of crimes against the United States. Among that crowd were Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Steve Bannon. Those “best people” all got pardons from Trump. Which only goes to show that the more you put Trump ahead of honesty, ethics, and patriotism, the farther you’ll go in Trump World.

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