Glenn Beck Has Another Attack Of Nazi Tourettes Syndrome

Today on his radio show, Glenn Beck discussed Barack Obama’s campaign video, “The Road We’ve Traveled,” with his Kindergarten Krew (did you know that Beck still has a radio show?). It will surprise no one that Beck & Company didn’t think much of it. But it is sad to learn that he is still suffering from a severe case of Nazi Tourettes Syndrome.

It seems that Beck can’t go for more than a few minutes without accusing someone of being a Nazi. The unfortunate victim today was that inscrutable villain, Tom Hanks. Most Americans are already familiar with the evil character of Hanks, a man who is known widely as a philanthropist and supporter of military families. What a brilliant cover for his ghastly abominations.

Beck singled out Hanks for his work as the narrator of the Obama film (posted below). Apparently that act alone has earned Hanks the enmity of Beck who now regards Hanks as the moral equivalent of Nazi propagandist, Leni Riefenstahl.

Beck: Tom Hanks, you should be proud of the work you’ve done in this propaganda film. What was the name of that propaganda artist for Hitler? […] Her name is Leni Riefenstahl. Tom…seriously, you made a great movie and it will go down in history much like Riefenstahl’s work did, and I think that’s great, and congratulations on that and best of luck to you in the future. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

That’s all it takes for Beck to associate someone with a regime of genocidal murderers. Just because Hanks supports a Democratic president for reelection, he is now, in Beck’s view, in league with Hitler’s generals. And if merely doing the voice-over for a campaign video earns this sort of condemnation, just imagine what Beck must think of the hundreds of campaign staffers who are actually working everyday to advance the electoral prospects of the President. And of course the millions of Americans who are planning on voting for Obama are no better than the violently brainwashed Germans of the 1930’s and 1940’s. As for Obama himself, is Anti-Christ too strong a word?

We don’t hear too much about Beck since he was unceremoniously dumped by Fox News because no advertiser would permit their ads to be shown during his program. Apparently he hasn’t changed a bit. It’s good to know that his repulsive ramblings are now being heard by only a fraction of his previous television audience, and only by those who are deluded enough to pay for it. Although he still has a sizable radio audience, his influence has shrunk to near invisibility. Yet he thinks that Tom Hanks is on the way out.

It just goes to show you what a good case of hallucinatory psychosis will do for the ego of a former morning zoo DJ that nobody pays attention to anymore.